Assistant Jobs For Felons

Committing a felonious crime can have serious consequences. The most immediate being arrested and sentenced to prison.

After release, the next challenge is in trying to get back to normal life. Sadly, many people do not respond well to those with criminal records. When employers are this way it means difficulty trying to find jobs.

Felons are rarely able to get high paying and senior positions. They often have to settle for lower-level jobs to make ends meet or start a business. This is why we will look at assistant jobs for felons

Assistant Jobs For Felons

There are various fields where felons are barred from joining. More so when it involves getting a license. The boards that make licensing decisions often have ethical and moral guidelines to follow.

These rules can make it hard for felons. This is because many crimes demonstrate a lack of moral fortitude. Some rules can make it outrightly impossible for those convicted of felonies to earn licenses or certificates.

Besides licensing issues, there is also the matter of background checks. Even where jobs do not require a license, hiring managers will need to carry out this check. it has become mandatory in most types of employment.

Once done, it typically reveals people’s criminal past. Only in states that have time limits on this can one evade this problem.

But even so, the limits are often around the 7 and 10-year mark. This is a long time to wait to get a good job.

The only other solution would be to have the record expunged or be pardoned. This is however very difficult to accomplish, especially with violent offenses.

Let’s now look at why assistant jobs are worth considering.

Why Seek Assistant Jobs?

As said, many professional jobs require licenses. Given the difficulty in acquiring them, felons may fare better when it comes to assistant positions. You can work in a variety of professional fields including law, medicine, and accounting as an assistant.

Because the jobs are of a lower level, they also come with lower qualifications. This means you need not spend as much to earn a worthwhile qualification.

When it comes to education, it may vary anywhere from learning on the job to an associate’s degree. Some form of relevant certificate or diploma is often enough. These can be earned faster and at a lower cost.

Because some positions allow for on the job training, you may not even need additional qualifications. You can immediately get started working and earning money.

This is especially beneficial to felons. When coming from prison, it is difficult to find a job without qualifications and work experience. Assistant jobs that set the bar lower make for a good way to rejoin the workforce quickly.

Furthermore, assistant jobs do not need to be the end of the line. They can rather be a stepping stone to something better. You can use these jobs as a way to earn money and gain work experience.

You can study part-time or online to earn better qualifications. This will add good highlights to your resume and make it possible for later promotion. Or a chance to apply for a better job elsewhere.

Now that we have reasons to pursue these jobs, what jobs are available to felons?

Assistant Jobs for Felons

Virtual Assistant

Assistant Jobs For Felon

This is one of the best options for felons for several reasons. The first is that this is a work-from-home position.

Most employers and their hires meet through online work sites like Upwork, WoodBows, and Virtalent. The upside to this is that background checks are not typically required for this position.

Because it is a work-from-home job, you can be employed from just about anywhere. You simply need computer skills and a good computer. Depending on the duties you may also need a webcam and headset.

Being an online job means you have greater freedom when it comes to scheduling. If you are studying, you can more easily plan your day around your classes.

Some of the duties involved include:

  • Responding to emails and social media comments
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Keeping online records
  • Conduct research

Most VA positions require just a high school diploma or GED. Working knowledge of certain software like MS Word and Excel is also desirable. Communication skills are also vital where you will be responding to customer queries.

Retailer and Warehouse Assistants

Assistant Jobs For the Felon

Many major retailers offer entry-level assistant jobs. These are the staff you often see working the simplest but labor-intensive jobs.

While these are lower-paying, the work is often plentiful. Major companies like Walmart, Costco, and Kroger have much need for these workers. This makes them more relaxed when it comes to felony history.

Some of the positions offered include:

  • Maintenance assistant
  • Stocker
  • Bagger produce clerk
  • Food service assistant
  • Meat cutter
  • Cashier assistant
  • Customer service assistant

You can tell what kind of duties are involved by the job titles alone. Some jobs involving serving customers, while others will be in the warehouse, transporting merchandise back and forth.

Background checks will still be conducted. But what matters more is the impression you make on the hiring manager. Those that require driving will require a driver’s license.

As entry-level jobs, most positions will only require a high school diploma or GED. Because the tasks are often simple to grasp, training is often on the job.

Administrative Office Assistant

Assistant Jobs For Felon guide

This job involves providing administrative support to a variety of functions in the office. It is a position that often exists in a variety of settings. From law offices to hospital departments.

The role involves offering support to managers, other employees, and customers. The idea is to help in the faster completion of tasks and to a high quality. Some duties include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Answering phone calls
  • Maintaining and updating the filing system
  • Secretarial duties like typing, filing, scanning, and binding
  • Ordering office supplies
  • Distribute correspondence
  • Take dictation and minutes
  • Generate reports
  • Prepare presentations
  • Work the reception desk when needed

Many of the tasks are fairly easy to learn on the job. But it takes a keen mind to keep track of the many responsibilities and perform them well.

Smaller offices may make do with someone with just a high school diploma or GED. Busier environments may however demand someone with a college degree.

Knowledge of office management systems and word processing software is often required. You may also need to have several years’ experience working in busy offices. The busier the workplace, the less time they will want to devote to training you up.

Medical Assistant

This is a more specialized occupation. The work involved can range from administrative duties at a doctor’s office to patient support at home. You can also find this job offered at medical facilities.

Some of the duties involved include:

  • Collect medical history of new patients
  • Keeping patient medical and financial records
  • Monitoring and administering prescription medications
  • Carrying out administrative duties like scheduling appointments
  • Sanitizing treatment rooms and medical instruments
  • Assist doctors during medical exams

Candidates for this job do require some level of medical assistant training. There are certificates, diplomas, and degrees offered through various institutions. They train on many of the duties outlined and medical terminology.

You may also need to undergo some period of internship. This is to gain the often required year or two of work experience in a medical setting.

Working knowledge of patient management systems and other medical office systems is also needed. Good communication skills, time management skills, and devotion to service are desired traits.

This job is however more difficult to secure. The healthcare industry is more stringent due to the vulnerable nature of its clientele. From patient records to access to prescription meds, there are many high-risk areas.

Some medical certifications will involve a background check. Many medical facilities also need to carry out this check as due diligence. Most violent felons, drug cases, and those involved in financial crimes may not qualify.

Before embarking on any training or job application, do consult potential employers like hospitals. Also, check if there any state laws that may be a barrier.


The reality is that many felons leave prison shorthanded. They have a huge gap in their resumes. If imprisoned young, they may even have no resume to speak of.

To land a job often means having to compromise. Set aside high ambitions of your youth and focus on what you can do now to pay the bills.

This however does not mean you should give up on your aspirations entirely. Destiny delayed does not have to be denied.

Work on acquiring work experience. Also, look at what academic or vocational training you can pursue to achieve your goals. Whether you choose to pursue a degree or start a business, also look at saving up money for this.

As said, consider this a stepping stone. First secure that income you can depend on before strategizing on what career you want to build.

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