Can a Felon Be Drafted?

Looking for a job can be difficult for a felon. There are many options out there for those who do obtain a felony.

Military may be on one’s mind when looking for a new path. The Selective Service System is the technical name for the draft. It is essential to the military.

Though it is not likely to happen soon, a draft is always possible. This may leave those who do have a felony wondering, do felons get drafted?

can a felon be drafted

In this piece, we will go over what the draft is, who would a part of the draft, and if felons would be a part of the draft.

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What is the Draft?

can felon be drafted

First, let’s explain what the draft even is. It is the mandatory enlistment of individuals into the armed forces.

The first United States draft took place in 1940. President Roosevelt passed the Selective Training and Service Act in 1940 and the draft went on through 1973, including war and peacetime.

If the country was in need of a draft again, there are a few steps that would have to take place. First, Congress must pass the legislation to begin the process. Next, the president would then need to sign the legislation.

If reinstatement of the draft were to happen, draftees will be chosen at random. First a person becomes a part of the draft. Then, Induction follows the initial contact. The process of induction is thorough and extensive.

There are certain qualities that would potentially make a draftee deemed as unfit and you’re about to learn all about that.

Who Can Be a Part of the Draft?

can the felon be drafted

Though it is extremely unlikely, it is possible for there to be another draft. Consequently, this may leave some wondering- what qualities would someone have to possess to be a part of the draft?

The official term for the draft is the Selective Service System. Men between the ages 18-25 are required to register for the Selective Service. Currently, women are exempt from being a part of the draft.

Much like enlisting into the army, draftees would go through extensive checks as well as examinations. For instance, certain physical, or mental conditions would keep someone from serving. As a result, just because someone is a part of the draft does not mean they will serve.

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Do Felons Get Drafted?

can felon be the drafted

Those who are a part of the draft would undergo the same process as those who voluntarily enlist. An assessment of an individual’s criminal history takes place. The checks are very extensive. Sealed and expunged records become open for review.

The draft process would be similar to that of the enlistment process. As a felon, the severity of the crime would be taken into consideration. Behavior after the conviction is important too.

Though every instance is on a case by case basis, there are crimes that can receive a waiver. More on what a waiver is later.

On the contrary, there are some instances that the military cannot waive. A few examples are as follows- If someone has been charged with multiple felonies, is currently on probation or parole or incarcerated they will not be able to serve. A dishonorable discharge or bad conduct in prior military service will also result in a draftee not being able to serve.

What is a Waiver?

A waiver in the military is when an exception is made to one’s particular case. It is a requirement for those who are ineligible to be a part of the military. There are certain instances that will receive a waiver more easily than others.

As a felon, it can feel as if your crime is stuck on your forehead. It doesn’t have to feel like this though, it is important to stay positive.

For an example of a crime that may receive a waiver more easily would be a mild non-traffic related offense. Another example would be certain misdemeanors or civil offenses.


The draft, also known as the Selective Service System, is mandatory enlistment of individuals into the armed forces.

Felons would not be exempt from the draft. The same guidelines that stand for those who voluntarily apply for the military would stand for those who get drafted. A waiver would be required for a felon to serve. There are various factors that come into consideration when a felon applies for a waiver.

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