Can a Felon Travel to London?

A convicted felon may not know where to begin once they are back out in the world. A fresh start may seem unattainable. It may feel like all of the things that once were possible are no longer an option.

Travelling abroad may have been a dream at one point. As a convicted felon, you may wonder  can a felon travel to London? Keep reading to find out!

can a felon travel to london


London is not only the largest city in England, it is also the capital! Among its many other attractions, it is most commonly known for The Buckingham Palace. The palace is the home of the queen.

It is easy to see why many would choose to travel to London. Globally, it is one of the most important cities. It is very powerful, influential, and most visited.

London continuously influences other parts of the world. This is true in all things but especially when it comes to art, fashion, and tourism.

can felon travel to london

The culture in London is very diverse when it comes to the people and culture. This makes it a great place to visit.

The culture is modern as well as historic. This provides for a great tourism experience because there are many museums and galleries that can fill up a trip.

There are obvious reasons why someone would want to travel to London. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to get there.

Entering England

You have to get through all of the travel restrictions in England in order to travel to London. Many places abroad have multiple requirements for US citizens to enter their country.

There are several requirements you will have to meet when it comes to entering England. This is not just regarding felons, this is true for those who are not felons as well.

A person cannot be on the no-fly list to enter England. This list is kept by the TSA, which is short for the Transportation Security Administration. Not only would you not be allowed to gain entry to England, you would not be able to fly anywhere.

A person cannot have an existing warrant.. This will result in someone not being able to travel to London.

One requirement is that a person must have a passport. The passport must have at least six valid  months remaining on their passport. This is to ensure there are no struggles when the person tries to leaves the country


Once your sentence is completed traveling outside the country is possible. You have to have the proper identification to do so.

Your sentence must be completed in full. This includes successfully completing probation. Typically, when on probation it is difficult to even go to a different state.

Just because you have completed your sentence and gotten through your probation does not automatically mean you can get a passport.

If your felony was related to drugs trafficking, a passport may be hard to obtain. There are a few other restrictions as well. These are things like unpaid child support. If you have not paid child support in full you will not be able to get your passport.

What is a Passport?

can the felon travel to london

Getting a passport is important for anyone traveling outside the country. It’s a requirement.

As a felon, you might be afraid that you cannot obtain a passport. It is luckily not impossible to get a passport.

A passport is like a driver’s license in the fact that it is a form of identification. Unlike a driver’s license, a passport allows you to travel internationally! It proves your citizenship in the United States!

The application process is easy. You must complete a form as well as present proper proof of your citizenship. Proof of citizenship for most is just your birth certificate.

A felon could also seek the route of obtaining a Visa to travel to different countries.

Again, having a passport or a visa is a requirement when it comes to travelling to London.

Can a Felon Travel to London?

can felons travel to london

Your criminal history does not have to define your future. You can still do the things you wanted to do prior to incarceration.

There are no restrictions that outright ban felons from entering into England. As previously mentioned, an existing warrant for arrest would ban entry. In addition, If the felon is on the no-fly list they would not be able to enter.

Once access is granted, the travelling may begin! When travelling anywhere, an ex-convict must present themself in a proper manner. Avoiding any legal difficulties is crucial. It is important to obey all laws and stay out of any potential trouble.

If someone, let alone a felon, got in legal trouble in another country the outcome could be bad. If incarcerated in another country, it could be very difficult to be released.

When you travel you should fully educate yourself on anything that may come into concern.


London is not only the largest city in England it is also the capital. London continuously influences other parts of the world. This is true in all things but especially when it comes to art, fashion, and tourism. It’s easy to see why many people choose to travel there.

Luckily, as a felon, you are still able to travel to London!

As a felon, when travelling anywhere, it is important to conduct yourself in a proper manner. Any legal issues could result in problems. If incarcerated in another country, you may not be able to return to The United States.

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