Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Can You Hide Orders On Amazon?

Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular online retailers worldwide, and it has made shopping for different products like clothes, electronics, home appliances, and many other items, more accessible to people all over the world. Over the years, Amazon has made shopping easier with its different features, including subscriptions, and personalized recommendations. Among these features, one question that commonly arises is how to hide orders on Amazon.

Amazon allows you to manage your account and account activities to a great extent. While you can’t hide your order history entirely, you can keep it from showing up to everyone who has access to your account. Depending on your reasons for wanting to hide your orders, there are different ways to do it. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions people have about hiding orders on Amazon.

What is the reason for hiding orders on Amazon?

People have different reasons for wanting to hide their Amazon orders. Some may be buying a gift for someone, which they don’t want to be discovered until the time is right, while others may be purchasing an item they deem private, and they don’t want anyone else to know about it. Whatever the reason, Amazon has made provisions for its customers to maintain privacy and control over their account activities.

Is it possible to hide individual orders on Amazon?

Unfortunately, there is no way to entirely hide an order once it’s been placed on Amazon. Even if you delete an item from your order history or archive orders, some traces of it will still show in other places. Amazon uses advanced tracking technology to ensure that all transactions and activities on its platform are traceable, so there is little to no chance of hiding an order entirely.

Can I hide my Amazon order history?

Technically, you can’t hide your Amazon order history as it is an important part of your account activity on the platform. However, you can keep it from showing up on your account by either archiving orders or turning off personalization in the setting section. Archiving orders allows you to move the order from your default order homepage to an archive folder, thereby keeping it separate from your account’s primary view.

Can I order from Amazon without it showing on my order history?

No. All orders placed on Amazon will show on your account’s order history. However, you can create a separate Amazon account, which you can use to make purchases anonymously. This account can be created under an alias with a different email address and payment methods. Amazon allows multiple accounts, so this method will help maintain privacy over your purchases.

How can I delete Amazon orders?

Deleting Amazon orders from your order history can be challenging. However, you can remove an item from your order history by archiving the item, which is essentially like keeping it in a separate folder. To archive an item, visit your orders page, click on the item you want to archive, then click the Archive link beside it.

Can I hide Amazon Prime video orders?

If you’re worried about someone viewing your Amazon Prime video order history, Amazon offers a simple solution. You can remove specific titles from your video watch history by visiting your Prime Video settings page, where you can also turn off auto-play for the next episode, disable viewing restrictions, change language settings, and manage your device for streaming.

Can you hide your Amazon gift orders?

Yes, Amazon allows you to keep your gift order from showing on your account’s homepage. However, this will require you to use the Gift option available at checkout, which will give you the option to choose whether the gift order will be sent with a gift note or gift wrapped. The gift order will not show on the receiver’s order history, but the order history of the purchaser will still show the gift note, recipient’s name and the amount paid for the gift.

Can I hide one-click orders on Amazon?

Amazon allows 1-click ordering, which makes it easy to buy an item quickly without having to go through the usual checkout process. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to hide one-click orders, as they’re placed and recorded almost immediately. You can, however, use one-click ordering to ship the order to a different address, separate from your account’s primary address.

Can I prevent Amazon from sharing my order history with other people?

Amazon automatically shares your order history with people who have access to your account, including your household members if you have enabled Amazon Household features. However, you can turn off this feature by visiting your account settings, opening the Amazon Household and Family Library, then clicking Manage Your Household. In the Manage Amazon Household Screen, you will have the option to turn off Archive Purchases for individual account holders or for your entire Amazon household.

Can I view my order history without seeing the items purchased?

Yes, Amazon allows you to selectively see different orders with or without item details by using its order filter options. To view your past orders without the item details, you’ll have to visit your Amazon account, click on the Orders tab, then click on Order History Reports. You can then choose the order detail that you want to view.

Do Amazon orders show up on bank statements?

Yes, Amazon orders will show up on bank statements, and the transfer descriptor will show “” The amount paid will also be displayed on the bank statement.

Can family members see your Amazon orders?

Yes, if you’re sharing your Amazon account with your family members, they would have access to your order history, including what you ordered, the item’s value, and other details associated with the transaction. However, you can restrict their access to your account activity by turning off personalization or using Amazon Household.

Can an Amazon household account see my orders?

Yes, members of Amazon Household accounts will have access to the order history and activity of the main account holder, including the name of the recipient, the items ordered, and other details. However, they won’t have access to the actual order’s price, payment method or other sensitive information.

Can hide orders if I’m using Amazon Business?

Amazon Business is a feature that allows companies to manage and track their purchases on Amazon. While you can’t completely hide your order history, you can use the accounting section to segregate personal purchases from company ones. Additionally, employees in charge of ordering with the Amazon Business Account can request that their individual orders be hidden or consolidated with other orders.

Can I remove Amazon from an order history for tax purposes?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove Amazon from your order history, as it is a vital part of your account activity on the platform. However, you can use Amazon’s order filter options to select and view the order history that’s relevant for your tax purposes.

How do I stop Amazon displaying my orders?

If you want to stop Amazon from displaying your orders, you have two options. The first is to turn off personalization, which removes your order activity from your account’s main page. The second option is to archive your orders manually, which separates them from your primary order’s homepage view. This option is useful if you want to quickly reference a particular purchase or need the order item history for tax purposes while keeping the order activity private.

Can I hide my Amazon wish list?

Amazon Wish List is a feature that lets you select the products you want to buy and share them with your friends and family. You can keep your Amazon wishlist private, hiding it from everyone on the platform, including people you have shared it with. To do this, go to your wishlist’s privacy settings and change it to private.

Can Amazon customers see order history?

Yes, Amazon customers can view their order history by logging into their account and selecting the “orders” option from the main menu. This will show all the orders placed, including the items ordered, date of purchase, and the shipping status. However, Amazon customers won’t be able to see another user’s order history without their account’s login details.

Can I get rid of Amazon recommendations based on previous order history?

If you want to stop Amazon from recommending products to you based on your previous order history, you can choose to turn off personalization in the settings section. This will stop Amazon’s algorithm from using your previous order activity to suggest new products or personalized recommendations. Alternatively, Amazon allows users to manually hide or remove recommendations by clicking the “Don’t use for recommendations” option under the product’s profile.


While there is no foolproof way to hide your order history on Amazon, there are ways to maintain privacy and control over your account activity. You can use the Archive Orders feature, create a separate Amazon account, or turn off personalization to keep your orders hidden from others, albeit not entirely. Ultimately, whether or not you decide to hide your order history on Amazon, one thing is certain, Amazon’s primary goal is to help you achieve a better shopping experience by making it easy to find and purchase products that suit your needs.

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