Can a Felon Get a Concealed Carry Permit

Can a Felon Get a Concealed Carry Permit?

Prison enforces all manner of limits on a person. Many freedoms we take for granted on the outside are lost here. From where to sleep to deciding when to shower, all is controlled. When one is released, some freedoms remain lost. Firearm rights amongst these. Felons know they should not ever be seen with a … Read More

Can A Felon Go On A Cruise

Can A Felon Go On A Cruise?

Prison is a highly stressful environment. From the threat of assault to enclosed spaces, people have every reason to want to avoid it. It can, however, be impossible if convicted of a felony. Felony offenses attract a penalty of over a year in prison. This prolonged incarceration naturally causes many to crave their freedom. Once … Read More

Government Grants for Felons

Government Grants for Felons

Being released from prison is a good thing. But it also means starting over, often with few resources. All the years you could have been building wealth will have gone to prison. Your family may also have spent a good sum on lawyers’ fees. That often means they would have much less money to help … Read More

Can a Felon Get on a Military Base?

Can a Felon Get on a Military Base?

Once out of prison, a felon will likely want to visit some places and people. A return to freedom of movement is reason for joy. There are roughly over 2 million active and reserve military personnel in the US military. There is a good chance many have family and friends that have been in prison. … Read More

Can A Felon Go To A Shooting Range?

Can A Felon Go To A Shooting Range?

One of the biggest downsides of a felony conviction is the loss of certain rights. Many felons will find that being released from prison is not the end of their problems. Amongst the lasting effects of these convictions is the revocation of gun rights. That means a felon cannot buy, possess, transport, or use a … Read More

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony

Can You Get A CDL With A Felony?

Having a felony conviction on your record can have far-reaching consequences. One of the toughest challenges is that of finding gainful employment. In reality, many felons can get a job. However, most are low paying and often temporary. Jobs at temp agencies and seasonal work from retailers make up the bulk. For those that are … Read More

What Does Felony Indictment Mean?

What Does Felony Indictment Mean?

Estimates indicate that there are as many as 24 million U.S. citizens with felony records. That is a substantial number who have suffered adversely. Even after exiting the prison system. A sizable number of those arrested found themselves confused by judicial jargon. Many would end up asking questions like ‘what does felony indictment mean?’ Being … Read More

Can A Felon Work For The Government

Can A Felon Work For The Government?

When most felons leave prison, they hope to never again have dealings with the authorities. So it may come as a surprise to find that some actually consider finding jobs in government. Finding gainful employment is one of the biggest challenges felons experience upon release. Many employers are reluctant to trust someone who has engaged … Read More

Can Felons Own a Pellet Gun

Can Felons Own a Pellet Gun?

Felons are very aware of how easily crime can occur. One of the ways Americans opt to feel safe is by owning a gun. This mainly provides a sense of security. The right to bear arms is widely known but is easily lost when committing felonious acts. Once you are convicted of a felony, some … Read More