Construction Jobs for Felons

Finding a job can be a difficult challenge for anyone. This is especially true for those with a criminal history. There are some industries that will be easier as a felon to enter into.

The construction industry is one that will be easier for a felon to enter into. You may find yourself wondering- what construction jobs are available for felons.

construction jobs for felons

Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to work in the industry as well as jobs that are available for you!

Necessary Qualifications

In all construction jobs, they are looking for an employee that can get the job done properly and promptly.

Many construction jobs will not require schooling. They may require certain certifications though. You may also have to take courses that will teach you more about the skills that are needed.

When working in construction there are a few matters that are important.

You must be physically able. Most construction jobs will require a great deal of manual labor. This means long hours on your feet as well as an extensive amount of moving objects. You should also be able to do an extensive amount of time on a site. This goes along with being on your feet.

construction jobs for a felon

You should be able to work with others. This is because most construction jobs will require a team. If you can effectively deal with other employees then the job can get done better.

It is also important that you master your skill set. This can be by actively learning new methods or by seeking advice from others.

Let’s take a look at some of the construction jobs you may be able to get if you are a felon.


Roofing companies are not corporations or franchises. They are small businesses that are owner operated. Therefore, you are typically hired by the same person you will be working side by side with. When it comes to roofing jobs, there are a few different positions you can get hired on as.

There are more simplistic positions that just require a basic skill level. Being in this position would just require manual labor and the ability to assist the person who is actually doing the roofing. This position would pay the lowest.

If you know how to install shingles and are able to perform other various roofing tasks, you can take on the position of the actual roofer! This will pay much more than just a manual labor position.

construction jobs for felon

You can also be a roofing salesman. This position consists of selling the service by getting people to redo their roof. In this position, you can receive commission on your sales.

Other than a skill set, there aren’t many other requirements to become a roofer. Most roofing companies may not even have an application or an official hiring process.

Aside from having the proper skill set, it is important to have a reliable form of transportation. This can even be by the help of others.

You can find a job in roofing by contacting local roofing companies.


Being a painter can be a very rewarding job. Working for a painting company could be just residential or beyond that.

As a painter, your job is much more than just painting itself. You will prepare walls and other surfaces to begin with. This is by using sandpaper to prepare the surface and also removing any old paint. You must also fill cracks and holes with appropriate material like plaster.

You have to be diligent when getting the paint prepared. Painters blend paints to achieve the proper color for the job. You have to ensure that the paint color is correct to avoid any mishap.

construction job for felon

Depending on the job that it is, some concerns and questions may arise due to your criminal history. For instance, this is due to being on other’s private property for some jobs.

If your criminal history involves theft, there may be a concern for certain jobs. This does not mean that you would not keep the job as a painter, you may just not be involved in the certain job.

In order to become a painter you can contact your local painting companies. Most often, these companies will have to run a background check on you. This will not deter you from getting the job but it may keep you from working on sites.


There are plenty of just general construction jobs. These jobs can involve building things like homes or building larger scale buildings.

When applying, this can be to companies or to small businesses.

Whether this be to a company that is small scale or on a large scale, a background check may not take place. You will apply to the position though.

construction job for felon 2021

The application won’t consist of much. The requirements don’t usually go beyond simple requirements. What is the most important is that you master the skills.

The skills will be the most beneficial to the job. You don’t necessarily need to have qualifications beyond your skill level. If you can successfully get the job done, this is the most efficient aspect.

Let’s go over what it is like to be a good employee.

When Applying?

You can find out about construction positions available to you by contacting various companies. It is best to stay local when you are looking. This will help because it will be easier to get to the job sites.

When you contact these local companies there are a few things you can do in order to help your chance at getting hired.

You should highlight your best attributes. For example, it can help if you use any past jobs that you have completed for a reference. This can show the quality of your work.

Another beneficial thing you can do is to offer work for free on a few sites. This would help you to learn more about the skills that may be needed. Obviously, this is not ideal but shows your dedication to the position.

If you do get hired on. It is crucial that you be the best employee you can possibly be.

Keep reading to learn about some of the ways you can be the best employee possible.

How to Be a Good Construction Employee?

In order to ensure that you will keep your job, it is crucial that you be the best possible employee.

Work Hard

In order to create the best possible value, you must work hard. Your hard work will pay off. This is especially true in construction jobs.

You can quite literally see your hard work in front of you. This is why construction jobs can be extremely rewarding. Your hard work will be seen and you can see the value in what you have done.

construction jobs for a felon 2021

Be Diligent

You have to be diligent to ensure that each and every job is done properly. Of course not every job can be done perfectly. If there is a mistake made, you need to know how to fix your mistake.

When fixing your mistake it is best that you go through someone who is higher up than you. If you double check your plan through someone else it can ensure that another mistake will not be made.

Be Punctual

Appropriately managing your time is crucial. This is so that every job is finished in a timely manner.

This is why most of these jobs require that you will have a form of transportation. If you do not have a form of transportation, you must show that you can get to the job site on time.

For instance, if you have to depend on another person to drive you, it is important to arrive ahead of schedule in order to not risk being late.

Above all though, you should remain positive and honest always!


In all construction jobs, they are looking for an employee that can get the job done properly and promptly.

Many construction jobs will not require schooling. They may require certain certifications though. You may also have to take courses that will teach you more about the skills that are needed.

Construction work is an easier industry for felons to enter into.

If you are looking for a construction job- it is best to look local. This can help to ensure that you are the best possible employee you can be.

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