Do Casinos Run Background Checks?

Whenever we have enough time and money to spare, many of us will take a trip. It does not have to be a long vacation to some tropical paradise.

Sometimes a day to two at the casino can be a fun way to let off steam. And possibly earn some winnings.

Felons quickly learn is that there are often restrictions on what they can do. You are never quite as free as before you were convicted.

For those considering looking for work in Vegas or Atlantic City, there is one question that comes to mind. Do casinos run background checks?

Casinos have earned a reputation for being tough on crime. From counting cards to rigging slot machines, they do not take lightly to offenders.

do casinos run background checks

So what about felons looking for jobs? Are they another prohibited group? Or can they be considered for inside jobs?

Firstly, it is vital to note that casinos are only legal state-wide in Nevada and Louisiana. Other states either do not have casinos or have them restricted to certain zones. For those looking for such work, Nevada and Louisiana offer more plentiful opportunities.

Secondly, the nature of work makes integrity a big issue. Gambling is a cash business and casinos need to trust their employees will not be underhanded. Therefore, multiple background checks are done to help ascertain this.

To start a casino, or work as a dealer in one, a gaming license is required. This also involves background checks. They are carried out by gaming control boards.

Background Checks for Casino Employees

do casino run background check

Not all casino employees will need to have a gaming license. In most states, however, dealers do require this authorization.

When applying for a license, you will need to submit a variety of personal details. This can include work history, criminal records, and financial information. This will also be looked into by the hiring casino.

Work history will delve into the places you have been previously employed and any incidents of note. Improprieties like theft may cost you the license.

Criminal background checks are also mandatory. Depending on state regulations, they may go back indefinitely, or up to 7 or 10 years.

Just like casinos themselves, each licensing board has its own rules on what felonies are permissible. Or if there is a time limit that can be applied.

This check is particularly important as casinos often have a reputation for links to the crime world. Background checks ensure staff have a clean background and integrity.

Personal character is important in this industry. You need to cultivate an image of someone honest and trustworthy.

A credit background check will look into a candidate’s financial standing. Having a huge debt burden can indicate a likelihood to commit financial crimes. Having a good credit score and healthy financial standing is best.

A check into your educational background may also be done. some jobs will require a higher level of education than others. while dealers may not necessarily need a college degree, they should have special training.

These courses can take between 60-100 hours of training. They focus on the skills needed to properly manage a table. This includes mathematical skills, hand-eye coordination, and the rules that apply to different games.

So given the number of hoops you have to jump through, why work at a casino.

Why Consider a Casino Job?

do casinos run background check

One of the best aspects of casinos is that they tend to operate 24 hours a day. That means there is plenty of work with many shifts available. The more you are willing to work, the more money you will have the opportunity to make.

This schedule also means flexibility. If you have other commitments like family or school, this work can help. You can choose shifts that work around your other obligations.

The work is also highly sociable. If you are a person that thrives on interaction, then this is a great career move. Whether you are running a table or serving drinks, there will be plenty of people to hang around.

The lifestyle can also be highly active. Much time will be spent on your feet. So less worry about the negative effects of sedentary work life.

Many casino jobs also come with great benefits. This can include health cover, tuition assistance, and retirement plans.

Because casinos are often large organizations, there is plenty of room for growth. You can seek to climb up the career ladder or move on to other gambling operations. You can even choose to start your own business.

The income of many dealers can easily reach over $50,000 a year. More so when you factor in both salary and tips.

The minimal training and plentiful opportunities make this a great career choice for anyone with ambition.

Can A Felon Work At A Casino?

do casino run background checks

As said, criminal background checks are mandatory. The casino will conduct this investigation. If the job requires a license, the gaming control board will do the same.

That means that for felons, there is nothing to hide. Their criminal past will be revealed.

As a rule of thumb, most casinos are not inclined to hire those with a history of financial crimes. Offenses like embezzlement and fraud are problematic. Coupled with a bad credit check, this can suggest a likelihood to re-offend.

Given how cash-rich this business is, casinos need to trust you will deal honestly with their money. And that of their clients.

The work is also very customer-oriented. The majority of employees will have some kind of interaction with clients.

This makes it a high risk for casinos to have violent felons on staff. With drinking and gambling often going together, they need people with calm demeanors.

Violent offenders may end up in altercations that would be bad for business. In terms of reputation and as a liability.

While non-violent felons stand a good chance, there are no assurances. Each casino and state will have its own policies they must abide by.

For those whose convictions are old, time limits on reporting may help to support their job applications. Do check with state regulations on background check reporting to know where you stand. Better yet, pull your own background check report to discover what potential employers will find.


When seeking a job at a casino, honesty is the best policy. There is no need in hiding your criminal past. Being forthcoming may work in your favor.

The casino industry is no stranger to those with a criminal history. They do often give people second chances, but only if their policies allow.

Many casinos will not hire those convicted of financial or violent crimes. These people are deemed high risk given the nature of the business.

This does not however mean that all is lost. Felons can find high paying jobs in a variety of great fields.

You simply need to be more flexible in your choices and make the right investment in training. Targeting felon-friendly industries is a smart way to get into a good career. Also, apply to companies known to give second chances.

Cultivate a positive image that shows your willingness to stay on the straight on narrow. Volunteer work and steady work history can help boost your resume. And no matter what, do not give up.

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