Do Hotels Hire Felons?

As a felon on the job search, you can feel unsure where to begin. You might decide to look into industries that will always be needed.

For instance, at one point in your life you may have found yourself staying overnight in a hotel. This is an industry in which there will always be a need for.

This may leave you wondering, do hotels hire felons?

Keep reading to learn more.

Do Hotels Hire Felons

Hotel Industry

It is likely at least once in your life you have found yourself staying overnight in a hotel. By definition a hotel is an establishment that provides short term lodging that a guest will pay for. Hotels range vastly in what they offer when it comes to accommodations for travelers.

There are large and extravagant hotels. These hotels will often offer amenities such as a gym and a pool. High end hotels will often offer many room versions. This means one room may only offer a basic hotel set up such as a bed, television, and bathroom.

While other rooms at their establishment will be known as a suite and offer things such as a kitchenette or a separate “living” area. In Japan, there are actually hotels known as capsule hotels. This type of hotel offers enough room for sleeping as well as shared bathroom facilities.

As of 2023, there are 79,807 Hotels and Motels businesses in the United States alone. This means there are plenty of job opportunities available at hotels. As a hotel, in order to thrive in the industry, you must strive in excellence in all areas.

Let’s take a closer at the positions that are offered at a standard hotel

Job Positions

At a standard hotel such as, a Marriott or a Holiday Inn, there are many entry level positions that are available. There is often room to advance as well.

Oftentimes most of these jobs offer flexible hours. Meaning there are often morning shifts, mid-day shifts, and the night shift.


Do Hotels Hire Felon

Bellhops, otherwise known as hotel porters, play a strategic role in the hotel industry.

In this position you would be heavily dealing with hotel guests. You may have to assist guests in finding their room. You are required to successfully and promptly get the guest’s luggage to their room. You also may need to answer any questions a guest has.

You must have strong knowledge regarding the hotel.

You need to have good communication skills. This is in regard to communicating with customers but it is also important when communicating with coworkers. This will ensure that everything is running smoothly throughout the hotel.

Front Desk

Do Hotel Hire Felon

As a front desk worker, you are the face of the hotel. You will be the first employee that a guest will seek.

In this position you will check guests in. You must ensure that all of the information and accommodations are correct. You will be responsible for processing the guests form of payment in addition to collecting copies of any other important information.

As a front desk worker your job is to make sure that the guests are happy. The job will require dealing with any guest complaints or needs. Guests call the lobby whenever they are in need of assistance.

Your communication and problem solving skills must be top notch in this position. These hours will typically be long shifts.

In addition, it can be beneficial to have great organizational skills. For instance, you are in charge of the guest’s room keys. This means making sure the key is the correct match to the room as well as keeping track of how many room keys a guest has received.


Do the Hotel Hire Felon

As a housekeeper, you are in charge of maintaining the cleanliness of the hotel’s shared spaces as well as the private rooms.

Responsibilities during a guest’s stay would include restocking any items that are provided from the hotel, changing the linens, and cleaning surfaces such as the sink and toilet.

After a guest has checked out you are responsible for flipping the room. This means removing all linens, any half-used products, as well as any items left behind by the guest. You must then properly stage the room for the next guests.

In this position you must be trustworthy due to the fact that you will often be in the guest’s room with their belongings.

You must also have a good sense of time management. This is crucial to ensure that the rooms are flipped and set for each guest checking in.


Just because you begin in an entry-level position does not mean that you don’t have room to move up.

There are many management positions available at hotels.

As a general manager you oversee everything going on in the hotel. You take on the responsibility of ensuring guest’s satisfaction overall.

As a housekeeping manager you are in charge of all housekeeper employers. This means you need to keep a strict schedule to make sure all areas of the hotel are up to standard.

Management positions typically do not have flexible hours. These management positions require a large amount of responsibility.

Opportunity for Felons?

Hotels have been known for hiring felons. It does come down to each hotel chain. Certain standards and criteria vary.

It does come across as positive though! Hotels often have a high turnover rate, this means there will often be positions that need to be filled.

It can help to start by applying for an entry-level position. There after you can potentially move up and become a part of management.

Application Process

Do the Hotel Hire the Felon

The application process is quite standard.

Initial requirements will vary depending on the hotel you are applying at. Every hotel will be sure to run a background check for potential employees.

A background check should not discourage a felon from applying. Again, most hotels will be felon friendly. This of course comes down to the crime committed. Some felonies may disqualify you from certain positions.

It is important to be honest on your application. This is especially true in regard to your criminal history.

Your past does not have to define who you have become. Be sure to list any qualities that you obtain in which you believe are beneficial to the position that you are applying for.


You have likely stayed at a hotel once in your life. The hotel industry is a very large one. In the United States alone there are thousands of hotels.

Hotels have been known to hire felons. All hotels have their own standards though. You can do a bit of research to find which hotels are more ample to grant you with a position.

It is important to be honest throughout your application and always stay positive.

If working at a hotel is not something that interests you there are plenty of other options out there for felons regarding work.

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