Does ADP Run Background Checks?

Some businesses exist to serve other businesses. They offer services that make the mundane aspects of business easier. This outsourcing help take care of critical functions without needing to add staff.

ADP is one such company that specializes in payroll, human resource, tax, and administration solutions. It caters to over 860,000 businesses of varied sizes from across the world.

Headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey, ADP has about 58,000 employees. As such a thriving company it is not surprising that many people would want to work here. But does ADP run background checks?

does adp run background checks

This is a chiefly valid question for those with criminal records. Hence the need for background checks that independently verify this info. Many companies are concerned about hiring those convicted of felonies and misdemeanors.

This is partly due to the issue of risk. They wish to safeguard their employees, customers, and business property. Especially from those convicted of violent crimes, theft, and fraud offenses.

Another reason is to ascertain the integrity of job candidates. Many will lie in their applications and resumes. Background checks allow employers to find out if there is anything hidden and how serious it is.

As part of their human resources services, ADP does offer support to businesses looking to conduct background checks. But do they perform the same on their own staff? Let’s discuss this.

Hiring Process at ADP

does adp run background check guide

ADP offers many services to its client businesses. They, therefore, need employees competent in a variety of fields to support this.

Because their services are so highly sought after, they also need people that can work under pressure. Being flexible about location and working hours helps.

As a management solution provider, it makes sense that ADP processes job applications online. The company has a careers page where applicants can register a profile.

One can peruse all jobs available or focus on specific categories. Some categories listed include administration, finance, legal, marketing, sales, and technology.

You can also narrow down to work-from-home positions, or specific locations.

Each job listed indicates the responsibilities and qualifications required. If you feel you meet the requirements, you can apply online.

As part of the application process, candidates will be required to undertake several tests. This may include reading comprehension, aptitude, and listening skills tests.

A phone pre-screening interview is then conducted shortly thereafter by a recruiter. Depending on the position you may undergo an interview with a hiring manager or department head. You may also move on to another panel interview.

The more senior the position, the more rounds of interviews you can expect. This may take several weeks to complete. Many entry-level positions can complete the process within a day.

As to the issue of background checks, yes, ADP does run them. They are just as keen as when doing recruitment for client businesses. They conduct a thorough investigation that covers multiple aspects.

How Does ADP Conduct Background Checks?

does the adp run background check

Like most other employers, a criminal background check is mandatory. They do however adhere to state guidelines on reporting limits. So in states where there is a seven or ten-year limit on background checks, they do not go further.

If you have however moved around a bit, expect your criminal history to be delved into across state lines. Going back at least ten years.

Candidates’ details are run through public criminal databases and registries. They also check DMV records. Credit checks may be performed if it relates to the job.

To ensure no identity theft issues, they will verify social security details. Academic records are also confirmed and work history is verified. Any personal or work references will also be contacted.

Any history of worker’s compensation will also be probed. The nature of the incidents, injuries, and any compensation will be verified.

Any gaps in your history should be explained in the application. Any omission can be considered a form of deception. So even if you have been incarcerated, do reveal it.

A qualified third party company will be used to conduct these background checks.

Felons are not barred from joining ADP. Every candidate is considered on a case to case basis. So factors such as the severity of the crime and how long since a conviction will also be analyzed.

So do not leave it up to them to uncover your past. Be forthcoming with your history, no matter the outcome.

How to Counter a Bad Background Check?

does the adp run background checks

Once you have a criminal record there is little you can do to escape it. Outside of a pardon or expungement, your potential employers will likely find out.

So the first thing you should do is be honest. If the job application does not ask about this history, bring it up during the interview.

Rehearse what you will say. Always take responsibility and highlight the ways you have turned your life around. Being forthcoming during the interview stage will help mitigate some of the doubts.

Consider running your own background check from a qualified reporting agency. This report will ensure you know what to expect and prepare for it.

Also, try to include strong references in your resume and application. You will need people that are upstanding in the community. They should be able to attest to the positive changes you have made.

They should be able to speak as to your character and work ethic. Make sure their contact details are current and let them know they may be contacted.

Think about the kind of person you are outside of work. Volunteering and other social work can demonstrate your desire to give back. Showing this kind of dedication can help emphasize the positive values you have adopted.

When interviewing, try to speak calmly, politely, and confidently. The better an impression you make, the more it will counter a background report.

If there is an in-person interview, be sure to arrive early and dress accordingly. Also, dress well if you are doing a video conferencing call. Make sure the background is neat and presentable.


ADP has been frequently ranked as amongst the world’s most admired companies by Fortune. Working here is not only good for your resume but also provides great benefits.

Because the firm deals with so many other businesses, working here can also mean great networking opportunities. The challenging work, diversity, and drive for service excellence is another reason many choose to work here.

For many felons, securing a job here would be a dream come true. And is a real possibility.

Rather than disqualify such candidates, they consider the nature and severity of the offense, they also factor in how long it has been since the conviction.

Putting your best foot forward, taking responsibility, and demonstrating positive changes made can help. But it all starts with you being honest.

ADP specializes in human resources so conducting thorough investigations is what they do. It would be difficult to hide the truth of a criminal past from them.

As a felon, finding gainful work can be tough. People are not always ready to give second chances. However, large companies like ADP often do.

Focus on jobs that you can meet the requirements. Take a chance and make the application. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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