Does Aerotek Hire Felons?

Looking for a job is hard work, especially as a felon. How are you supposed to know what job is right for you? It can feel frustrating and overwhelming when figuring out where to begin.

Luckily, there are companies out there like Aerotek that work to help you. But, does Aerotek hire felons?

Continue reading to learn more about what Aerotek is and if they are felon friendly.

does aerotek hire felons


Steve Bisciotti and Jim Davis started the company for engineers that work in aerospace and defense industries. They founded the company in Baltimore, Maryland. Within the first year that the company was up and running, the revenue was over $1 million.

The company made a name for itself in other industries as well. For instance in 1989, the company created a division for the engineer staffing needs in the automotive industry. In 1992, the company focused on a division of staffing for environmental and energy service industries.

does aerotek hire felon

In 2011 Aerotek took place as Inavero’s Best of Staffing Client List. Inavero is the largest client satisfaction survey in the staffing industry. Staffing organizations work for the employer as well as the applicant. More on this later though.

Diversion and inclusion are two of Aerotek’s core values. As a company, they believe that this is what makes success. At Aerotek, every employee is noticed and valued. Their diversity in the workplace reflects the surrounding communities. The company believes it is an absolute catalyst in achieving their goals.

The company is committed to standing by their goals and values. They have strong leaders when it comes to each and every part of the company.

Does the idea of Aerotek sound interesting and beneficial to you? If so, keep reading to learn more about the company. If you are not precisely interested in working through Aerotek, there are other companies out there that may be able to assist you in your job search.

The Process

So, how exactly does this process work?

Companies in the staffing industry, such as Aerotek, work for both the employer as well as for the person that is job seeking.

You will start the process by searching jobs through their website. On the website you will be able to determine what jobs are available in your location.

You will want to have an honest and qualified resume for the job or jobs in which you decide on. After submitting an application for a job, a recruiter will contact you.


does aerotek hire the felon

If your application deems as qualified for a client of Aerotek’s, a recruiter will be in touch with you for more information.

Once a recruiter is in touch with you is when the process begins! The recruiter will do some more in depth questioning. These questions will be in regard to your skill set, your goals, and your interests. This is to ensure that you are a proper fit for the job.

If the recruiter believes that you are the best fit for the job you will receive placement. Your recruiter will take you through every step of this process.

Recruiters also stick by your side throughout placement. Recruiters will have open connection. They can help you to resolve any issues that may arise throughout your work. They can also help provide you with performance feedback. With your recruiter being by your side for every step of the way, Aerotek sets you up for complete success.

Most of the positions available are contract positions. Aerotek also offers direct placement positions.


Depending on the position you take, you may be eligible for benefits through Aerotek. Benefits may include medical, dental and vision insurance.

Some positions offer paid vacation days. You can enjoy employee discounts from all of the company’s retail partnerships.


does aerotek hire the felons

Being the largest staffing company in the United States, Aerotek is involved in various industries.

One industry that Aerotek makes placements is in the aerospace, aviation and defense industry. This is of course, where Aerotek all began. Some positions that are available through Aerotek are as follows:

  • Fixed Wing Mechanics
  • Rotary Wing Mechanics
  • Military Aerospace Engineers
  • Commercial Aerospace Engineers

There are other positions available in the aerospace, aviation and defense industry.  Your recruiter will be sure to put you in a position that you are qualified for.

They have numerous other industries in which they are involved in. Architect and design, healthcare, and construction are just a few other industries that Aerospace works for.

Opportunities for Felons

Aerotek is felon friendly.

The company is not a part of the Ban The Box Movement or The Fair Business Pledge. These are both programs that are designed to help give felons a boost into the workforce. Do not be discouraged though. Many companies that are not a part of either of the programs are still felon friendly.

Aerotek will only run a criminal history background check if an employer requires it. This does not mean that you should not be honest throughout the process though. It is important to be upfront about your existing criminal history if the records are publicly accessible. If you have had your record expunged, you legally can say that you do not have a criminal history.

Aerotek is an equal opportunity employer. Their two main core values are diversity and inclusion. The company cannot discriminate against any applicant for any reason. Every applicant will be considered equally. This means the company has no problem pairing an applicant who has a record with the correct employer.

Tips to Get a Job

Being honest is the foremost thing someone can do while applying for a job. When you converse with your recruiter you should be honest and cover all of your bases. This is true regarding everything from your skill set to your criminal history.

Be professional and show how far you have come since your conviction. The fact that you are even applying for jobs shows just how far you have come. Be confident with this fact.

Staying positive is also a crucial fact. Do not get discouraged if the recruiter is not able to immediately find the right job for you. Aerotek will do everything that they can to try and find the perfect job for you.


Within the first year that Aerotek was a company, the revenue was over $1 million. The company is the nation’s largest staffing company.

Aerotek works to ensure that employers and applicants are the proper fit. A recruiter from Aerotek will be by your side throughout the whole application process. They will assist during the time that you spend in your position.

The company is felon friendly! Aerotek is an equal opportunity employer. The company will not discard your application just because you have a criminal record.

Aerotek is a company that can help you get back into the workforce.

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