Does American Airlines Hire Felons?

When beginning a job search it can feel difficult to know what you are looking for. There are so many jobs out there and it is important to find a job that you are happy with.

You may be looking to find a job that goes beyond just a 9 to 5. You may have considered working for an airline. One of the largest in the United States is American Airlines.

does american airlines hire felons

Does American Airlines hire felons? Keep reading to find out!

American Airlines

American Airlines flew its first flight on April 15th in 1926. Charles Lindbergh was the pilot carrying U.S. mail on a route. The mail routes ran for 8 years and then the airline began to take shape of what it is today. Now, on average there are 6,700 flights daily going to almost 400 destinations in 50 countries. They are one of the largest airlines in The United States.

does american airlines hire felon

The company doesn’t only work for those who are travelling. They have supported close to 1,400 nonprofit organizations. Their focus is in three main areas. The areas are as follows; Social Good, Global Health/ Well Being, and Heros. They place importance in giving back to the communities.

The company has created over 900,000 jobs worldwide. If working for American Airlines sounds like a perspective for you, keep reading. We will go over benefits and perks of working for the airlines, a position that may interest you, and more.

Positions Offered

There are numerous positions that American Airlines has to offer.

Let’s take a look at one position in specific. A flight attendant may be a position that intrigues your interest. Keep reading to learn more.

Flight Attendant

At American, as a flight attendant, your job is truly rewarding and exciting. Every shift you can experience working with new walks of life. Alongside your coworkers you can share your energy and high standards every day. Your views from your “office” will honestly never get boring.

In order to become a flight attendant there are many requirements that must be met. They are as follows:

First, you must be at least 20 years old. This is because they want their employees to have a bit of experience working. Experience working with the public like having a position in customer service for a few years in particular. Prior airline experience is not a requirement.

does american airlines hire felons tips

To become a flight attendant you must also have at least a high school diploma or a GED. A college degree or some college courses is favorable but not a requirement.

You must have a valid US or Foreign Passport. This is a requirement in order to travel to the various destinations.

The last main requirement is that there are physical requirements that must be met. For instance, you must be between 5 and 5’11. This is because you must be able to properly reach the overhead bins. You also must have vision that can be corrected to at least 20/40.

If you meet all of the requirements you can begin the application online.

Application Process

When you are ready, you can begin the application online! The application will be quite straightforward. It is important to answer and fill out all questions and information on the application honestly.

Once you have completed the application you must complete an online assessment. This is a behavioral assessment. The purpose of this step is to let the airline understand how you would behave in certain circumstances. For example, you would be asked questions regarding how you would act in various acts of communication.

does american airlines hire felons guide

If you are determined to be a successful candidate you will get moved along further in the process. The next part of the process would be a video interview! Though it is done over video, it is the real interview. It is crucial to show up for the interview with your best intentions of receiving the job.

Your criminal history will come into question. When you are asked questions regarding your past, you must be honest. This will help to avoid any potential mishaps when the background check takes place.

Background Check

For all airlines, a background check is absolutely essential. Airlines run background checks in order to ensure that the person they are hiring is actually who they claim to be.

The background checks for airlines are quite extensive. These background checks will go back a minimum of 10 years. These checks will also include your entire record.

Just because a background check will take place should not discourage you from applying. American Airlines is willing to consider a person with a criminal history for a position.

does american airlines hire felon guide

Not every felony is the same. As a result, the extent and severity of the crime will need to go under evaluation.

There are certain crimes that will not go under consideration. There is a list of disqualifying crimes presented from the National Air Transportation Association.

A few disqualifying crimes are as follows:

  • Various forms of forgery
  • Unlawful possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of a weapon
  • Extortion
  • Murder
  • Assault with intent to murder
  • Aircraft piracy

The list goes on further than this. You can find all disqualifying crimes on the National Air Transportation Association website.

If your crime was not one that would automatically disqualify you, you may get considered for a position as a flight attendant.

If you do get the job, the training will begin!


The training to become a flight attendant is extensive but very rewarding.

American Airlines requires a six week training course for all those attempting to become a flight attendant. During the six week course you will learn everything you need to know before getting your wings.

does american airlines hire a felon

The training is fast paced but extremely hands on. You become fully immersed in all of the teachings.

The training is unpaid but American Airlines happily provides food and lodging to their trainees.

Now that you know that American Airlines does hire felons, let’s discuss some of the benefits and perks that the company has to offer.

Benefits and Perks

One major and obvious perk of working for the airline is travel privileges. The best part is that the privileges are not only for you, but they are also available for your specified family members and friends.

There are also wonderful health benefits available to employees. For instance, the health benefits such as medical, dental, and vision benefits are available to you on day one.The wellness benefits that are offered have the purpose of keeping all employees feeling and looking their best.


American Airlines flew its first flight on April 15th in 1926. The airline is one of the largest airlines in The United States and has created over 900,000 jobs worldwide.

There are numerous positions that may be available to you. You can find more information on available jobs offered through the company directly on their website.

American Airlines willingly consider those with a criminal history. Not all offenses will be taken into consideration though. There are some crimes that will automatically disqualify an applicant.

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