Does Apple Run Background Checks?

The technology sector has become one of the biggest contributors to the economy. It supports many other industries and has a growing need for technical and professional staff. It offers a promising field in which to build a career.

Felons have often had difficulty finding good jobs upon release. For those that however prove talented, this is a good place to focus.

As one of the biggest companies in this sector, does Apple run background checks? This is a worthy question for those with criminal pasts. This is due to such history often making it easy for employers to deny people jobs.

does apple run background checks

Jobs are a critical issue for those with criminal pasts. A failure to secure a decent job can mean an increased risk of re-offending.

This is often driven by a desperation to make ends meet. The problem is often compounded when you have other obligations like child support.

Background checks make this difficult because they divulge such history. They are an investigation into various criminal databases and registries. When searched for, a report is generated to confirm if the person has been convicted of any crimes.

Before we discuss more on background checks Apple may conduct, let’s learn more about the company.

What Apple Does?

does the apple run the background checks

Apple is best known for its line of high-end smartphone devices. They are so distinct as to be considered a separate category from android devices.

Based out of California, the company’s products are well known for being of the highest quality. This is in terms of design, construction, and innovation.

They also produce computers, laptops, tablets, and other accessories. Their products are often sold through their brand stores located worldwide.

Many entry-level jobs are at these stores that cater to the retail market. They however also have other positions and departments. These include finance, marketing, distribution, and research and development.

Working for such a prestigious company is the ambition of many. They offer highly competitive salaries and benefits. Benefits include paid time off, health cover, and student loan refinancing.

For a felon, securing a job here would be a dream come true. So besides having the necessary skills, what else do you need to worry about. Does Apple run background checks?

Does Apple Run Background Checks?

does the apple run background check

The main concern for employers is safety. By hiring someone who has proven violent, they risk endangering customers and other staff.

Someone convicted of theft-related crimes can also not be trusted. Especially around high-value merchandise. Apple products tend to be on the higher end of the market.

So to protect its customers, staff, and property, Apple would need background checks. While not all felons will re-offend, recidivism is real.

Having a criminal past does not however condemn you to never working for the company. Fortunately, Apple has signed on for Ban-the-Box.

This initiative has seen companies support efforts to help felons find jobs. This is by giving them a decent chance of being hired. This is done by eliminating questions about criminal past in job applications.

The issue only comes up after a candidate has passed the interview stages. In many instances, as long as they are a strong candidate, they stand a good chance of being hired.

However, the nature of the crime and how long since completion of sentencing will matter. Employers also consider rehabilitation efforts. Acts like volunteering and pursuing higher education can work in your favor.

The information given by the applicant and a background check will determine the outcome.

So, yes. Apple does run background checks. But only at the end of the hiring process.

This gives felons a chance to make a favorable impression before a final decision is made. They also need to give consent for such a check.

The report will cover any criminal past over the last 7 years. This is in all counties a candidate has lived in during this period.

Applying for A Job at Apple

does the apple run the background check

Job applications to Apple are processed online. You will need to visit the company’s job opportunities page. You will need to create an account to start the process.

Peruse the jobs available in the area you are interested in. If you fit the requirements and responsibilities, complete the online application. You will be asked for resume information.

The next step will be a phone interview. Questions will vary. They can include detailing past accomplishments to problem-solving questions.

If you pass, you will be invited to an assessment center for further evaluation. Here you will get to interact with Apple employees. You will also be taken through various exercises that will be observed.

They will gauge your ability to work in teams, communicate effectively, and solve problems.

Thereafter is the final interview. Conducted in-person by a member of management, it is a chance to share your passion for the company.

You will also likely be encouraged to ask your own questions. Think of a few issues to query about in preparation.

If you pass this stage, you will be asked to consent to a background check in writing.

Besides a criminal background check, they will also confirm work history and academic records. Some jobs may also warrant a credit check. Those operating machineries or vehicles may expect DMV records to be checked.

This process can take just a few weeks to complete and get a final decision.


Securing a job at Apple comes with great benefits. It is a Fortune 500 company and doing well here can lead to even better opportunities.

But if you are a felon, you need to temper your expectations. Apple does support second chances, but it still depends.

If your offenses are severe or would have a strong impact on the job, you may not be hired. Not to mention there is plenty of competition for even entry-level jobs.

Do apply if there is a job you qualify for. There is certainly no harm in making a trial. However, even if you do not succeed, keep trying.

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