Does Aramark Hire Felons?

When entering back into the workforce, you may not know where to begin. There are so many options out there. You can make it a bit easier by looking at a company that is widespread.

Aramak is an example of a company that is widespread. This is because the company itself owns and operates various parks, restaurants, conference centers and more!

does aramark hire felons

You may find yourself wondering- does Aramark hire felons? Keep reading to learn more about the company itself and also if there is a chance for felons.


The company began in a different way than one would expect. A man named Davre Davidson was selling peanuts out of his car in Los Angeles. This laid the foundation for what would eventually become Aramark!

Aramark is now involved in various different things. As a whole, there are over 250,000 team members delivering experiences to customers across the United States.

does aramark hire felon

Beginning more geared in serving food as well as vending food to others. Now the company employs people at parks, at hotels, and many other places.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s like to be an employee at one of the various places.

Being an Employee

Aramark has been noticed as a top rated employer consistently for many years. It is easy to see why there are many who want to work for this company.

Let’s take a closer look at what it is like to be an employer for Aramark.

Training and Development

Their training and development opportunities go beyond the normal. This lets employees excel in every area of their career.

The company believes this is crucial in order to keep employees feeling engaged. They strive to make every position reach its fullest potential. They provide hours of training to all employees regardless of how long they have held the position.

does the aramark hire felon

The development courses can help you to move up in the industry. You can go from a standard position and move up in the industry to positions such as management.


The company has designed benefits to promote a culture of health and well-being. This provides employees with the plans and resources they need to live their best life.

With the proper benefits, each employee can feel a part of something. This helps each employee to live the best life they can possibly live.

Their benefits are similar to most common benefits. They do go beyond and some are important to be recognized! The company separates their benefits by going beyond the health benefits. They also offer well-being benefits which are more in depth than just plans for retirement.

For instance, Aramark offers parental leave. This is important to be noted because it is not just maternity leave.


The company makes safety a priority in everything that they do. This means not only for their employees but ensuring that each customer is also safe in regard to the actions of the company.

From the food that is served, to each day-to-day operation, Aramark makes sure safety is involved in every way.

The company does this by placing certain procedures and safety guidelines. These must be followed by each and every person to make sure each part of the process is handled appropriately.


If you have any sort of interest in hospitality in various forms, a career at Aramark may be a good fit for you.

The company offers both hourly positions as well as salary pay positions. Let’s explore some of the positions that may be available through Aramark for you!

Tourism and Recreation

Aramark has numerous parks across the United States. At each of these parks there is a need for upkeep and tour guides. If you love the beauty and simplicity of nature- this position may be for you.

does the aramark hire a felon tips

In these positions, housing may even be available. At some park locations, they have on site housing to offer to their employees. This would be a great help to make your living situation even easier. Not all locations offer housing.

These positions will be hourly and offer a competitive pay. Some of the positions are even only seasonal. This depends on the position though.

Marina Services

As a Marina Service Worker you would be responsible for ensuring guest satisfaction at a marina location. You would assist guests with any questions or concerns they may have. It is helpful to have a past in which you have had to work with others.

You will also need to maintain the marina area. This is to make sure safety and satisfaction is guaranteed. You would also maintain the area by cleaning and maintaining the boats. It is best to stay on top of these things to avoid anything getting out of hand.

does the aramark hire felon tip

For this position there are a few qualifications you would need to meet.

  • Experience working for a marina is preferred but not crucial
  • Customer service skills
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Physically able to move up to 50 pounds
  • Working as a marina employee is a great option if you are able to be diligent and properly deal with customers.

Serving & Bartending

There are restaurants as well as event spaces that are employed by Aramark.

In the positions as a server you must maintain the proper appearance at the location. This is in terms of etiquette as well as the cleanliness of the space.

You must take the guests order and ensure you deliver what they have asked for. You will also replenish food and beverage products promptly and properly!

does the aramark hire a felon

You would deal with the guests form of payment and make sure that the guest was fully satisfied before leaving!

There are some requirements for this position.

  • Experience in the food industry is preferred
  • You must show an excellent customer service and personal skills
  • If serving alcohol you must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be able to stay on your feet for long hours

If this sounds like a position that you can qualify for and would enjoy, it can be very rewarding. You can also make great money in this position because it is tip based. When you work at your best, your wage will reflect this!

Chances for Felons?

Aramark is known as the Best Place to Work by a few different organizations. For instance, it is known as the best by the Human Rights Campaign (LGBTQ), DiversityInc and the Disability Equality Index!

You may be wondering how you can be a part of such an awesome company. As a felon, you may be worried that there is not a chance for you. Fear not, because Aramak will not turn you away initially because of a criminal history!

does aramark hire the felons

What it comes down to is the hiring manager for the position you are applying for. It has to do with their preference. It also has to do with the severity and the crime itself. For instance, if you were convicted of a crime involving theft, you may not be able to have a position that equipment could be stolen.

It is important to be truthful about your criminal history because Aramark will run a background check on you.

Background Checks

Employers run background checks to ensure that the company is making a sound hire. This means avoiding someone who may pose a possible threat to the establishment.

Once a background check has been done the hiring manager will gain access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

Some may feel intimidated by a background check.  This is especially true if they have bettered themselves from their past mistakes; or have been denied by other establishments based on being an ex-convict.

Some establishments have more extensive checks than others. It also depends on the state in which you are receiving the background check for what will be revealed.

You can do research to find out how far back the check will go. Again, it is crucial that you are honest about any information that will be revealed.


Aramark has been noticed as a top rated employer consistently for many years. It is easy to see why there are many who want to work for this company.

The company offers various training throughout employment to help all employees be the best they can be. Aramak also offers various benefits that go beyond just the typical health and retirement plans.

There are both hourly and salary positions available through the company. Luckily, Aramak will not turn you away initially because of a criminal history!

It is just important to be honest regarding your criminal history to the hiring manager.

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