Does AT&T Hire Felons?

AT&T is a firm best known for its telecom services. Its operations span the entire world. It is also a major employer with well over 240,000 staff on its payroll.

Many people aspire to work for this business for a variety of reasons. Felons are no different in this regard. But does AT&T hire felons?

does att hire felons

As such a big firm, it is no surprise that they would want to preserve their reputation. Felons are mostly not considered good hires. This category of offenders is viewed as the worst.

Their criminal history works against them. And is discoverable through background checks. These are reports generated by reviewing various criminal databases.

Employers will have these reports done as part of their vetting of potential hires. Many will be biased against those with criminal histories. Felonies are considered worse offenses than misdemeanors.

This is a concern for felons as once these reports are generated, a potential job is often lost. Without gainful work, recidivism becomes a risk. Many offenders end up committing crimes to make ends meet. And this often leads them to end up back in prison.

Securing a job with a great employer like AT&T is a sure way to avoid this. Before we discuss AT&T’s hiring policies, let’s consider why they are a dream employer.

Why Work at AT&T?

does att hire the felons

AT&T is a top employer that offers highly competitive salaries. As a big telecom, they take technology very seriously. They invest well in the latest gear and training staff to use them.

Their broad presence also means plenty of work in many departments. It also means a diverse work setting where one can gain much exposure.

Many staff have generous chances to travel widely for work. This can be very beneficial in helping them see more of the world and gain experience.

By interacting with other industry professionals, staff also gain a chance to network. This can be quite helpful should they decide to move on from the firm.

Another upside is the good employee benefits. This package includes comprehensive life insurance, health and disability cover, and welfare benefits. They also offer employer-sponsored retirement savings plans and matching 401(k) plans.

AT&T also offers other unique support and benefits. This applies to those undergoing adoption, fertility treatments, senior care, gender reassignment, and more.

Mothers and fathers both benefit from paid parental leave. Employees also gain access to discounts on a range of products and services handled by the firm.

AT&T is an equal opportunity employer. They do not discriminate based on such factors as gender, sexual orientation, race, age, disability, or religion.

The firm is also devoted to helping employees learn and develop skills. They offer a wide variety of direct employee training programs. Besides this continuous learning, they also offer tuition reimbursement for certain programs at stated colleges.

AT&T is a great place to work if you can secure a job. So what is involved in getting hired?

The AT&T Hiring Process

does the att hire the felons

As a tech company, it is not surprising they only accept online applications. They have a careers page where you can check out open positions.

AT&T has various departments to apply to. These include corporate, call center, retail, sales, technician, technology, and government support. You should choose a position that best fits your interests, training, and experience.

For those with little training and experience, entry-level positions are available. Jobs like being a sales technician and customer service representative are easy to get trained up on.

They are highly detailed when it comes to what is required of each job. They indicate the location and qualifications required. This can include weight limits one has to carry, schedule availability, and ability to climb up ladders.

AT&T also lists the benefits that come with the job and what level of training they offer.

They also indicate what kind of personality traits are expected of the candidate. They have a rating range of 1-10 against parameters. These can include being helpful, tech-savvy, adaptable, and a communicator.

If you feel a job is a good fit, you need only click on the apply button. You will need to set up an account if you do not already have one. Then fill the application.

Next is a waiting game. You can be checking back on your profile to see the status of your application. Also, check your email as they will likely send a notice this way.

Depending on the job, you may be asked to complete an assessment test. If you pass this, a phone interview will be arranged. It could be done on video chat so be prepared accordingly.

Extra interviews may be required. If successful, a conditional job offer is made. This is subject to drug screening and a background check.

Does AT&T Hire Felons?

does the att hire felons

AT&T has stated they comply with federal, state, and local laws when it comes to hiring. This means that when it comes to background checks, they adhere to reporting limits. In most states, this is seven years.

This is good news for felons that may have much older convictions. They may not appear at all when the check is done.

The company is however not considered a felony friendly employer. They seem to generally hire the best candidate for the job. They like to hire talented individuals so you have to stand out from the crowd.

Unless that person has a criminal past that clashes with the job they are being hired for. For instance, someone convicted of fraud would not be put in a finance position.

Violent offenders also seem to be unlikely to be hired. The nature of their offenses would make them risky to expose to clients and other employees.

The company and its subsidiaries may at times hire felons with low-level offenses. This is to gain tax breaks.

Referred to as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), it encourages the hiring of targeted groups. Ex-felons are among these groups. Employers that take advantage of the program by hiring felons enjoy a federal tax credit.

So for felons looking to join AT&T, it is a real possibility. But you need to prove yourself the ideal candidate. Also, having a less serious offense on your record can help.


AT&T is a viable employer for felons. there have been testimonials from felons that have secured jobs there.

However, as said, it depends on the severity of your offense and how old it is. It may be worthwhile to investigate the possibility of expungement or pardon. This can allow you to legally state that you have not criminal record when making applications.

Some states also offer relief in the form of a reduction. This means you can have your felony record knocked down to a misdemeanor. This can be a help in finding work.

Another good strategy is to be honest about your history. A background check will be done so lying will work against you. Be sincere and seek to explain yourself without giving excuses.

Also, take time to draft a good resume with solid citizens for references. Keep it updated and carefully complete your online application.

Use whatever resources you can to prepare for assessment tests. They will have a strong impact on your candidacy. Practice your interview skills and learn how to communicate effectively, politely, and confidently.

Be flexible about such issues as work schedules to improve your chances. Make yourself the best candidate for the job.

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