Does AutoZone Hire Felons?

Finding a job is more difficult when you commit acts that lead to a felony conviction. However, even with this challenge, employment should be a priority. It will help meet your needs and get you back to normal living.

If on parole, the stability of a job means an easier relationship with your parole officer. Sadly, many potential employers are biased against felons. This means having to find those that are more sympathetic and willing to give a second chance.

This brings us to our question of the day: Does AutoZone hire felons?

Does AutoZone Hire Felons

Once a felon is released they almost immediately start applying for jobs. Big brand companies, like AutoZone, are often appealing. They offer a wider selection of job opportunities. They also have more room for career growth.

Also, they tend to have more benefits like medical cover and tuition reimbursement. These can make for a better quality of life.

Without access to gainful employment, many felons will end up returning to prison. As much as half that are released end up rearrested within a year.

This recidivism can be greatly reduced by reasonable work conditions. It reduces the temptation to indulge in criminal activity just to resolve financial pressures.

Thankfully, many major companies are making efforts to address this societal problem. They support initiatives to ban the box. They also institute internal measures that give felon job candidates a better chance of securing vacancies.

Let us look at whether AutoZone falls within this category and how, if possible, a felon can join.

Does Autozone Hire Felons?

AutoZone is a highly popular and well-established multinational company that originates from Forrest, Arkansas. It deals in the distribution and retail sale of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories.

The company has over 6,000 stores across the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and China. They have over 95,000 employees and make billions of dollars in sales annually.

They also offer an abundance of variety when it comes to types of jobs. AutoZone has a healthy mix of blue and white-collar jobs. They range from entry-level to corporate positions.

This means that whatever level of education and work experience, you can likely find a suitable job here.

The company takes a considerate approach to employee diversity and career growth. They also offer generous benefits, which may vary a bit based on location.

Now that you know what you stand to gain, you may be wondering if you have a chance.

While they have not come out clearly on this issue, the odds may still be good. Anecdotal evidence from many felons indicates that one can be hired, even with a felony conviction.

According to the company’s corporate social responsibility report, they do not discriminate on employment decisions. They focus on job-related requirements. They also follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidelines on hiring those with criminal pasts.

Given efforts to foster a conducive and safe work environment, they may not want to hire violent felons. The reality is that most employers will choose a candidate with no record. This is over one who is a felon with similar qualifications.

That said, the company is ever-expanding and in need of new employees. Depending on the job, certain offenses may not make for a good fit. Those with theft, sexual assault, and violent convictions seem most likely to be least successful.

What Type of Job can a Felon do at Autozone?

Entry-level jobs are a good way to start your climb on the career ladder. Many of the retail stores need sales associates and drivers. The distribution centers also need warehouse associates, drivers and maintenance technicians.

There is a good chance of securing night-shift positions that are less popular. With some training and experience, you can work your way up to lower management positions.

What Type of Job can a Felon do at Autozone?

Generally speaking, the salaries at AutoZone are fairly good when compared to the rest of the industry. Coupled with benefits like medical and dental cover, it can make for a lucrative job.

This should however not discourage even the more experienced and better trained to aspire higher. If you feel you have the right qualifications matching a higher-level job, go for it.

Just be sure to consider the nature of the offense committed and duration since release. If the offense may conflict with the particular job, it may not work out. Also having a long gap since release can help, especially with the background check. More on this later.

Now we know that there is a chance of being hired by this great company. Let’s see how to start the process.

How to Apply

AutoZone is as advanced as other big companies with their careers website. To make an application, you need only create your account on the website.

This just requires an email, which should be easy enough to set up. You will also need to create a password.

How to Apply

Even before you create an account, you can peruse the work opportunities currently available. The initial categories include:

  • Stores
  • Corporate
  • Distribution Centers/Warehouse
  • Field Management/Sales
  • Mexico

Once you click on any of these tabs, the positions will be further broken down. It may bring up sub-categories like overnight shifts and management.

Take time to explore the site and identify jobs that may be a good fit. The information provided under individual jobs will give you the chance to discover the location, responsibilities, and requirements.

Creating a profile and applying for a job is all free of charge. Besides perusing, you can also use the site search bar to find relevant work vacancies. You can refine your search according to job title and location.

Once you find a likely opportunity, click on the apply button. From this point, you will need to provide additional information like social security, references, and work history.

You will also fill a section on why you feel qualified for the position. There is also a further assessment of your suitability to fit the work culture of AutoZone. It involves completing a lengthy questionnaire that covers various workplace scenarios and how you would respond.

Once you complete the online application, you simply need to wait for feedback.

As you do this, be sure to consider these helpful tips. They may give you a leg up in trying to secure a job.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at Autozone

As said, finding work can be difficult for a felon. That means you have to apply certain tips and tricks to enhance your chances. Here are some guidelines that may help give you an edge over other candidates.

1. Be Honest

It is natural to want to hide your bad past, but full disclosure is best when seeking employment. You do not need to advertise the fact. However, if it comes up, keep your explanation simple.

Be truthful in your account and accept responsibility. Emphasize what positive things you have done to turn your life around. Be straight without getting emotional.

This is a must not just because the interviewer may appreciate your honesty. Also because there is a strong chance a background check will be carried out.

2. Aim for The Reachable

If you lack a driving license, how then would you apply to be a driver? You need to match your skills to the job you are applying for. A mismatch means you failed to do enough research or are just taking a shot in the dark.

Take time to go over the responsibilities and requirements of the jobs you are considering. If you have what it takes in terms of experience and education, go forward.

Otherwise, stick to entry-level positions that are more attainable. They typically have lower requirements.

However, do try to highlight whatever skills and abilities you have. Give them a reason to view you as a good addition to the organization.

3. Practice Your Interview Skills

Coming from incarceration can stunt a person’s social and communication skills. Especially if you were in prison for a long time. You may not be familiar with how to behave during an interview.

Practice Your Interview Skills

Get the help of a family member or friend who is working in an office environment. Practice with them how you will respond to interview questions. They can likely offer some helpful tips on things like posture and phrasing.

Be sure to master common etiquette and dress formally for the interview. Even if you may end up working for years in a polo shirt, formal wear indicates respect.

4. Be Flexible

If you are not getting the job you want with the skills you have, be ready to aim lower. Once you are in, even in a job you are overqualified for, you still stand to gain.

Also, be flexible in terms of work schedule. Night shift jobs are not very popular. This means fewer candidates to compete against.

Because the company uses a single careers site, you can see jobs you qualify for even in other states. Apply widely and be willing to move if necessary. Make sure if on parole to notify your PO.

5. Find Reputable References

These people are an important aspect of character checks. Try to get people with a good reputation in the community and positions of authority.

The more reputable a reference you have, the more trusting the interviewer will be of their opinion. If you are undergoing therapy or on parole, check here. Many therapists and parole officers have connections with employers and can be useful in a job search.

Make sure that you also notify your references when using them for a job application. Do not let them be caught off-guard when someone calls about you.

You also have to confirm that they are willing to act as a reference, even if they are family. Listing them without notifying them may turn out bad for you.

Does Autozone run a Background Check?

This issue may be of particular importance for those asking: does AutoZone hire sex offenders. Sexual offenses are amongst the most frowned upon and face the most discrimination.

Does Autozone run a Background Check?

Whatever the felony, you should know that AutoZone does indeed carry our full background checks on new hires. But as mentioned before, they have a policy of non-discrimination in their hiring practices.

However, this may depend on the type of crime committed and how it relates to the job under consideration.

Depending on the state law, there may also be restrictions as to how far back these checks can go. Check your state to find out if this may work in your favor.

For anyone curious and questioning does AutoZone drug test, the answer is no. An employee may, however, be tested in the event of a workplace or road accident.


Getting hired at AutoZone is a real possibility. If you are interested in joining this industry and have suitable skills, it is worth a try.

But be sure to consider the nature of the offenses you have committed. Also how they may be viewed in relation to the job.

The firm has not come out clear on the question ‘Does AutoZone hire felons?’. However, some felons have confirmed they have been hired. And their policies seem to disallow discrimination.

Locations may be given greater autonomy when it comes to making hiring decisions. So some managers may be more willing than others to accept hiring a felon.

Since it is not possible to list the most felon friendly locations, do try to apply widely.  Take heed of our guidelines above and put your best foot forward.

Even if you luck out here, many other big companies are inclined to hire and train felons. Apply to as many as you can and be willing to start at a lower level. In the meantime, work on your skills and positive social activities.

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