Does AutoZone Run Background Checks?

Based out of Memphis, Tennessee, AutoZone is a top auto retailer. Specializing in aftermarket parts, it is a major employer with over 87,000 staff.

Its locations are also many. They currently have over 6,000 outlets.

Their job opportunities vary greatly. They can include entry-level retail, delivery, and corporate positions.

For those with criminal backgrounds looking for work, there may be one major concern. Does AutoZone run background checks?

does autozone run background checks

Background checks are reports generated from research into criminal databases. The purpose of these reports is to discover if a person has any criminal arrests or convictions.

These reports are often sought by employers and landlords. The reason is to find out what kind of risk a person is.

If they have a criminal history, it may be found unsafe to employ them. Or have them reside on the premises. The idea is that past behavior is an indicator of the future.

For retailers like AutoZone, there may be more concern about specific offenses. Those convicted of violent acts may be risky to have around customers and other staff. Those convicted of theft may also be a danger to stock.

Background checks allow the employer to weed out bad characters. However, once one has repaid his debt to society, it can be unfair to continue this way. To keep punishing a person beyond this point makes them more like to re-offend.

Hence the need of such initiatives as Ban-the-Box. They help encourage employers to focus more on a person’s potential and capability. Before considering any criminal past.

Many companies that support this will only ask about criminal history at the end. After making a conditional offer of employment.

For those looking to be hired by AutoZone let’s consider the benefits.

Why Work at AutoZone?

does autozone run background check

AutoZone is a great place to start in the auto industry. The entry-level pay is reasonable but may diminish as you gain experience. However, they do offer other perks that make this company a worthy employer.

Working at AutoZone entitles employees to a competitive benefits package. Under medical cover, beneficiaries can enjoy full medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans.

The company also offers assistance with retirement plans. They have an employee 401 (k) plan, stock purchase plan, and health savings accounts.

AutoZone permits employees paid time off for vacation and

Those looking to further their education may also be entitled to tuition reimbursement. They also offer good training programs for entry-level employees and those going into management.

Aside from selling merchandise, employees also get to enjoy a 20% discount on their own purchases. This is besides other discount programs from other major brands like Apple and Ford, and Dell.

As a stable major company, AutoZone also gives employees the comfort of job security. They can be rest assured that even in a recession, the company will remain running and profitable. Its size also offers ample opportunity for career advancement.

If you already have some experience in sales and management, then there are other opportunities. The company has job offers at all levels. You can start higher up, if qualified, and with good work be promoted.

The flexible hours offered are another upside. It easily allows those going to college to accommodate their classes. Work-life balance is more easily achieved when you have better control over working hours. ‘

With all these benefits, your next query might be how does one join.

Hiring Procedure at AutoZone

does the autozone run background check

AutoZone has a dedicated careers page with plenty of helpful information. It is also where they list job opportunities across all their locations.

There are multiple job categories to consider. They include sales, transportation, loss prevention, finance, and eCommerce. You can search for jobs according to the category, location, or job title.

When you click on a job you are interested in, it will list responsibilities and requirements. They will also indicate the location and job title.

If you think you fit the requirements, then you can tap on the apply button. Onward you will need to register an online account. You will need to provide a valid email and create a password.

Besides completing the application form, you will also need to undertake an online assessment test.

After submission of your application, you will soon be contacted to arrange an interview. This is typically done by the store manager. There are typically two rounds of interviews to go through.

If accepted, you will receive a conditional offer of employment. This means your final hiring will be subject to a review of a background check.

Besides the careers website, there is another way to join AutoZone. The company frequently participates in college job fairs.

If you have access to these events, you can take advantage to speak to recruiters directly. They often conduct interviews on the spot and can make conditional offers of employment.

Does AutoZone Run Background Checks?

does autozone run the background checks

As mentioned above, background checks are done by AutoZone. They are a condition before one is confirmed as a hire.

This is standard practice for most major employers. Particularly those that support second chance initiatives.

The goal is to give a job candidate a fair crack at a job. However, their criminal past will still be considered in the end.

This is due to liability issues companies have to ensure a safe work environment for other employees and customers. not to mention the need to protect merchandise from potential theft.

It is worth noting that though AutoZone does conduct background checks, it does not necessarily discriminate. There have been reports that indicate that even felons have been hired by the company.

Felony offenses are considered the worst kind. Offenders typically receive prison sentences of over a year. If they can secure jobs here, then even those with misdemeanors stand a reasonable chance.

As with most employers, it tends to come done to the best candidate for the job. It is very much up to the offender to try and make a case for themselves.

Many positions attract offender and non-offender applicants. You will have to make a good enough impression. One that makes you appear the best of the bunch.


AutoZone is a great employer for those that have an interest in working in the auto industry. You can learn much about the business, enjoy great benefits, and even move on to greener pastures.

The work experience here can prove invaluable whether you want to work elsewhere later or be promoted within.

But if you have a criminal past, you are working with a handicap. To boost your chances, it can help to be forthcoming. Divulge your past to the interviewing manager.

Being honest helps to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Be sure to explain the circumstances and take responsibility. Do emphasize how you have changed.

Also, be enthusiastic about the company and your desire to join in. It helps to study up on the company and its values.

Where possible, find out if you can have your offenses expunged, or charges reduced. This can make you appear less of a risk and a more desirable hire.

To be sure of what AutoZone will discover about you, do run your own background report. Depending on the state, you may find old offenses no longer appear. This may allow you to not admit to any criminal history without consequence.

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