Does Burger King Hire Felons?

In the fast-food industry, certain brands are dominant. Burger King is one such brand best known for its offerings of hamburgers and fries.

Burger King has over 7,000 locations in the U.S. alone. For felons looking to join the fast-food business, this company offers ample opportunity for work. But does Burger King hire felons?

does burger king hire felons

This query is vital given the problems felons experience when trying to find work. Felons are considered the worst type of criminals. Their offenses tend to be the most severe and attract the harshest punishment.

Many employers tend to be biased against them. They will often automatically disqualify them from jobs. This can be done long before one has even had a chance to interview.

This is why second chance initiatives like Ban-the-Box matter so much. They help felons secure jobs by encouraging employers to give them a fairer chance.

This is done by having the potential employer take all job candidates through the same evaluation. Only after narrowing down to the top candidates do they conduct background checks.

By then they will know who has the best capabilities for the job. If the offenses are not in conflict with the job, many employers will choose the felon. As long as he or she was the best candidate.

Thus the interest in whether Burger King offers such leeway. Let’s begin by considering why Burger King is a worthwhile employer.

Why Work at Burger King?

does burger king hire felon

One of the key benefits of working at Burger King is the flexible work schedule. Many employees appreciate having some freedom in setting their work hours.

This allows them to accommodate other responsibilities such as school and caring for kids and seniors. This in turn aids in creating a better work-life balance.

Another upside is the generous benefits. This includes health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. There is also an occupational accident cover.

Employees are also entitled to paid vacation time and sick leave. Burger King also offers health plan incentives. Staff get to benefit from regular checkups on such parameters as blood sugar, BMI, and more.

To aid in preparation for retirement, there is also access to multiple financial plans. These include 401 (k) plans, defined pension plans, and performance-based bonuses. Some eligible staff may also qualify for commuter benefits.

Those expecting a baby or adopting also get to enjoy parental leave. Employee assistance programs help to provide emotional support for any incidents related to the workplace.

The company also offers exemplary career planning benefits. there are multiple mentoring programs one can participate in.

Those pursuing their GED may also qualify for some partial reimbursement. For those that qualify for management, there are also leadership programs to take advantage of.

It is worth noting that mot Burger King restaurants are franchises. The company leaves decisions about hiring and benefits very much up to the franchisees.

This may account for some discrepancies in reports when it comes to benefits. it seems likely that some locations may not offer the same benefits as others.

When applying to work here, it may be advisable to get clarification on what the particular franchisee offers.

So if you do get to enjoy these benefits, how does one secure a job?

Hiring Process at Burger King

does burger king hire the felon

There are two main ways through which to apply for a job at Burger King. You can visit any of the locations to check if they have a vacancy and apply. Alternatively, you can go online.

Burger King has a careers page through which to make an online application. Here you can find a listing of available positions. You can check on the responsibilities and requirements for each role.

If you find a good fit, simply click on the apply button. You will be taken to a new page where you will need to fill out personal info. This can include your name, address, phone number, and availability.

Certain jobs may require the applicant to complete an assessment test. The test will cover mathematical ability and reasoning skills. If one passes this test, they will be contacted for an in-person interview.

The interview will typically be conducted by the location manager. Remember that hiring decisions are left to the franchisees.

Most entry-level jobs will have not have a lengthy interview. Chances are it will last less than an hour. You will likely be questioned on work ethic, communication skills, and what you know of the company.

The final hiring decision may be communicated immediately after the interview or up to two weeks later. It will mostly depend on how good an impression is made and the urgency of the hire. This will however be all conditional as background checks are run.

Does Burger King Hire Felons?

Yes. Burger King does run background checks on new hires. This is standard operating practice for most major companies.

It is more so important when you consider employee exposure to customers. Restaurants are a retail business and need to be concerned about who they have representing them publicly.

While most franchises will require applicants to sign a consent form for a background check, it may not always be performed.

Many entry-level positions may not require this, based on the policies of the franchisee. Upper-level jobs may however require this check.

However, the company does ultimately leave hiring decisions to franchisees. They are under no requirement not to hire felons. They typically make their decisions on a case-to-case basis.

Based on research, Burger King does appear to have a history of hiring felons. However, certain factors may apply to making this decision.

The first is the severity of the offense. Anything involving sexual offenses, violent acts, and theft are likely to disqualify a candidate.

They will also consider how long it has been since the conviction. For some felons with old convictions, this may be helpful. This is because states tend to set reporting limits that make it possible for older convictions to disappear.

Repeat offenders may also be disqualified. This tends to indicate that one is not rehabilitated and is likely to re-offend.

Fast food restaurants already deal with high staff turnover. They would not want to hire someone likely to end up back in jail.


The reality on the ground is that fast-food chains have a high need for employees. Their staff often move on to better jobs, leaving vacancies that must be urgently filled.

This tends to make many restaurants willing to take a risk. Many felons make for good employees as they are eager to prove themselves. They need money and to build a steady work history.

To improve your chances of securing a job here, it is best, to be honest. Use the interview as a chance to open up about your past. When your employer knows the truth and has heard your explanation, they may be more willing to hire.

Dress in business casual to fit the part. Also, be polite and enthusiastic during your interview. This will let them know you are eager to join their workforce and adapt to the work culture.

Practice your interviewing skills with a friend or family member. This will help make you more confident during your interview. The better you are at communicating, the more qualified it makes you to work at a restaurant.

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