Does C.R. England Hire Felons?

Have you always dreamed about living life on the road? A job that requires extensive amounts of driving may be an awesome option for you.

After exploring truck driving careers, you may come across the company called C. R. England. This company is family owned and has strong core values in which they stand by strongly.

does c r england hire felons

Of course, you want to work for a company where you are treated like family. This may leave you wondering if C. R. England does hire felons?

Keep reading to learn more.

C. R. England

In 1920 Chester R. (C. R.) England started his company after he made the purchase of his first Model T truck. He made this purchase in a Northern Utah farming community.  Once he made the purchase from the small farm town he decided there had to be a different way to make a living than farming. With an idea and his truck, his plan was conceived.

C.R. England is now the most reliable refrigerated carrier in the nation. The company also has played a leading role amongst transportation companies in testing tractor and trailer aerodynamics, overall weight reduction and optimizing fuel economy and route selection. The headquarters remain in Utah and the company has also been family owned for four generations

Core Values

At C. R England, they have strong values that they stand by without leeway. Striving for nothing except for excellence is not a one-time act, it is one of their main values. Holding this value and making a habit of hard work provides amazing results. Working for a company with strong core values can be extremely rewarding. Let’s take a closer look at some of the company’s values.


Safety is one of the company’s top priorities. They are committed to keeping not only team members and customers safe but also the general public safe. Ensuring that every element of the company has proper safety procedures and precautions. This way their team members and the public always return home safely to their loved ones.

does c r england hire felon


In the simplest terms, integrity is one commiting to do the right thing. Integrity is one of the main core values of the company. At E. R. England, they put priority on acting honestly and ethically. This helps to ensure that there is absolute transparency in all business matters.


As previously mentioned, since 1920 C. R. England has remained a family-owned company. Standing by the core value of family helps to create an experience for both their employees and their customers that set the company apart from others.

They set up an environment that consists of mutual respect and caring for others. Each employee is valued and recognized. Let’s go over a bit more information in regard to being an employee at C. R. England.

Being an Employee

Building a team consisting only of the best of the best has been a foundation for the company from the beginning. The leadership team is aware that each team member is crucial in the process of the business so successful.

They reward their employees with benefits and perks. For instance, they offer health benefits, retirement plans, and other awesome perks. You can expect competitive pay and the chance to work with the industry’s best equipment.

It is easy to apply for a position, it can begin directly on the website.


The application can be found directly on the website. You can begin by filling out some basic information. This basic information consists of things such as your full name, your location, and your email.

does c r england hire a felon

The application there foreword is quite simple. You will have to answer if you have been involved in any traffic violations and if so, how long ago. This can feel very discouraging for felons. Some companies have even taken part in a movement that is known as the Ban The Box Movement.

Ban the Box Movement

The Ban the Box Movement strives towards helping felons find a job without discriminating. You may have heard of this movement or the Fair Business Pledge. Both of which were created specifically to help felons.

If a company is a part of the movement they will not have any questions on their application regarding criminal history. This means you don’t have to feel intimidated by those questions. It also means you will not be judged immediately! In simple terms, your application will not be automatically disregarded because of a simple question.

does c r england hire a felon guide

A criminal history should not define your future. This is why many companies choose to be a part of this. You are not required to disclose the fact that you have a criminal history. This does not mean that you should not be honest, it just means legally, you do not have to initially relay the information to the hiring manager. As a felon, the movement gives you an opportunity to show who you have become. This gives you every opportunity to put your best foot forward when applying for a job.

Those who have chosen to be a part of the list consist of various companies across the country. All sorts of companies are on this list, a few you may recognize. Companies like Target, Starbucks, and Uber have chosen to take part in the movement.

Unfortunately, C. R. England is not a part of the Ban the Box Movement. The company will also run a background check on you if you are a potential employee.

Background Check

A background check will take place as a part of the hiring process. A drug test will also take place initially. Drug tests can also be given to you at any time over the course of your employment. This is done to ensure that the person they are hiring is who they claim to be.

A good hire differs from a bad hire in the fact that a good hire will not be a threat to the employer in any way. It is crucial to be completely honest during the application process. This is because all of your history will become known regardless.

does c r england hire felons tips

The check will go back seven years. Though your conviction may have taken place before that, you may want to disclose the information anyway.

A background check gives the employer access to some personal information. Some of this information includes but is not limited to a credit check, your driving record, and yes of course, your criminal history.

It is not clearly stated, but it seems that C. R. England will not automatically disqualify you from the running if you have a criminal history.


C.R. England is the most reliable refrigerated carrier in the nation. Over the past four decades the company has remained a family-owned company. They implement the value of family as a core foundation of the company.

If C. R. England seems like a company you want to work for, you should begin the application process. They will not automatically disqualify you as a potential candidate for having a record.

There are plenty of other companies out there that will happily hire you even if you have a criminal history. There are even companies who are a part of the Ban the Box Movement. This movement was created to better the chance of felons getting hired.

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