Does Cintas Hire Felons? [Update 2023]

Applying for a job as a former felon can be difficult. Gaining momentum to fill out applications can seem hard to come across. There are companies out there making the process easier

Some large companies like the Cintas have many jobs in various niches. Cintas is a company that provides specialized services to businesses. Since the company has the need for many employees you may be wondering-

“Does Cintas hire felons?”

Does Cintas Hire Felons

Cintas does hire felons. In fact, the company is a part of the Ban the Box Movement. Ban the Box movement strives to make the application process easier. More on this later!

There are many large companies with job opportunities for felons.

If Cintas does not interest you, I encourage you to check out

You will find many companies that hire felons on that website.


Cintas deals with uniform programs as well as maintenance designs/supplies. The company is known for their entrance mats, restroom cleaning supplies. Cintas has a line of first aid and safety products/services.

There are over 400 locations amongst the United States. Why does this Matter?

Well, Cintas employs over 30,000 people. This number includes those with felons.

Company Policies

Cintas is a great company to apply to as a former felon. The company considers all information during the hiring process. Having a record alone will not disqualify you.

Cintas will hire those with misdemeanors. It does depend on what the offense was. The job requirements of course plays a role as well.

Special programs for felons do not exist at Cintas.

Ban The Box

Does Cintas Hire Felons Banbox

It is important to know that Cintas is a part of the Ban the Box movement! You may be wondering “why does this matter?”

Ban the Box movement is a movement which makes applying easier for felons. As a felon it feels that your record is a weight holding you down.

It attempts to have companies remove the question about criminal history.

This means you will not have to initially discuss your criminal history. The company will have access to your record after a background check. More on that later!

Cintas has signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge as well! Signing this pledge means the company will abide by Ban the Box. Fair chance hiring ensures every person has an equal chance- even those with a criminal record.

This is all very encouraging information. Cintas attempts to do everything they can to provide work opportunities for those with a record.

Background Check

Cintas does require a background check. Depending on the position, additional checks may be a requirement. These checks could be a Motor Vehicle Report or Credit Check.

Background checks are for employers to ensure a sound hire. To avoid hiring someone who may pose a threat to their establishment. These checks help to confirm that a person is who they claim to be.

In some states background checks only show records of the last seven years. Some states don’t even consider cases in which one was not guilty.

It is good to know what your potential employer will have access to. You can see this by running a background check on yourself before applying. There are many online data bases where you can run a check on yourself.

A part of the hiring process is the requirement of a drug test.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving. It is important to be mindful of this. Especially if you were to pick up a shift as well as if you are on call.

Positions Available At Cintas

Does Cintas Hire Felons Job

Cintas has a variety of entry-level positions available. There are over 400 locations employing over 30,000 people.

There are many jobs in various areas. To name a few, there are entry-level jobs in sales, service and maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at some entry-level jobs that Cintas offers.

Garment Hanger/Inspector

This job requires you to inspect and repair damage on the uniforms. Putting the garments on hangers before being going out is another part.  Accuracy is important for proper inventory control.

Garment Sorter

The job of Garment Sorter entails sorting through uniforms. You also must arrange them by their I.D. number. Ensuring that customers receive the correct garments back is important. This depends on the efficiency and accuracy of the Garment Sorter.

Stockroom Utility Operator

This job has general duties in the stockroom. This includes covering for other positions as well. Accuracy and productivity are a must for inventory control.

Let’s take a look at some other positions that Cintas has to offer. These positions require a high school diploma or equivalent. You must also have a license to drive a vehicle of more than 10,000 lbs.

Assistant Service Sales Representative

This job requires you to work alone, driving a delivery truck. Cintas depends on this position to supply customers with products. Uniforms, cleaning chemicals, and other rental items are available.

Obtaining a good relationship with customers is crucial. In this position it is important to be professional and friendly.

Deep Clean Technician

A deep clean technician will provide customers with cleaning and sanitizing. Customers receive services for kitchens, restrooms, carpets and other areas.

The job can be taxing on a body. It includes heavy lifting. Having experience in customer service is beneficial as well.

These are of course not the only positions that are available through Cintas. There are numerous jobs at entry-level and beyond.

How To Get Hired At Cintas

A felon may find it hard to gain momentum to apply. Cintas does everything they can to provide jobs for felons.

The application process begins online. A few helpful tips before you apply:

Having a referral can be beneficial. If you happen to know someone who works for Cintas, get a reference from them. A reference can be in person, through the phone or in writing.

Mention any unpaid or volunteer work. Mentioning what you might have done while serving time can show a strong work ethic.

Dress properly and speak professionally.

Overall, keep a positive attitude.


Cintas is a great company to apply to as a former felon. Cintas does everything they can to provide jobs for felons.

If Cintas does not interest you, I encourage you to check out

You will find many companies that hire felons on that website.

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