Does Cracker Barrel Run Background Checks?

Serving time can lead to many negative effects, even after release. People generally have a bad impression of those that have been in prison. More so when the offense was a felony.

Felonies are more serious crimes and tend to attract harsher penalties. Because of the adverse image created, it can make trying to find a job harder.

In the restaurant business, Cracker Barrel is amongst the best-known chain establishments. So you may be wondering, does Cracker Barrel run background checks?

Does Cracker Barrel Run Background Checks?

Many felons end up applying for low-level retail and service industry jobs. There is less harsh scrutiny here. Larger companies are targeted as they tend to offer better pay and benefits.

These jobs are also a good option for felons because there are many openings. Staff turnovers can be quite high hence vacancies fall open regularly. Strong demand for workers to fill positions encourages businesses to have more relaxed hiring practices.

Background checks are used by employers like Cracker barrel to check on criminal histories. They are often a part of the job hiring process.

So the question is not just if Cracker barrel runs background checks, but how it affects hiring. Knowing this is vital for people who do not want to waste their time. Putting in time and effort in job hunting without results can be very discouraging.

This is why felons are advised to focus on employers willing to give second chances. This improves chances of securing a job based on other qualities. Hopefully without your past being held against you.

Let’s first look at what background checks entail and why they are done.

What Is a Background Check?

Background checks are investigations ordered by employers and landlords into the history of potential employees and tenants. Specialized agencies are usually hired to probe such areas as criminal past, credit history, academic, and work background.

Some employers will even do the checking themselves. These checks are based on what info can be gleaned from job applications and resumes. They are used to confirm the details given and reveal any vital yet hidden facts.

These checks are key as they help to gauge a person’s character. The results will prove if they have been honest in the details given.

It is common for those with felony or misdemeanor convictions to conceal their past. This is often in an attempt to try and secure a job. Many employers are biased against those with criminal pasts.

However, not all people react this way. Many companies will view hiding info as proof that a candidate is deceitful. Even if they are willing to give a felon a second chance, such fraud will likely disqualify a candidate.

It is advisable to always be open about your past. Interviews are a good chance to open up about this and highlight how you have changed.

Background checks are vital to employers because of the risk involved in hiring bad characters. This is especially important when dealing with violent offenders.

Companies must act in the best interests of their staff and customers. Putting them in close to a proven violent offender may put them at risk of becoming victims. Felons convicted of financial or property crimes may also prove costly if they re-offend on the job.

People with bad characters are also likely to be uncooperative, skip work, and challenge authority figures. It is up to felons to prove they have changed and can be trusted.

The Job Application Process at Cracker Barrel

Does Cracker Barrel Run Background Checks Application

Currently, Cracker Barrel only considers online job applications. This is done via the careers page on their official website.

There are three main departments you can apply to. These are in-store, home office, and distribution center jobs.

The site offers a listing of all open positions in each department. When you click on the position, you can then view its location, responsibilities, and qualifications.

Low-level positions such as servers and dishwashers have minimal academic requirements. They mostly need people able to take instruction and handle the physical requirements.

You will need to create an online profile on the website that will act as your resume. Then click on the jobs you want to apply for. You will be notified when you are invited for an interview.

Store positions typically involve an in-person interview with the manager. Be prepared for questions covering your knowledge of the brand and customer care. Take time to study up on the company.

With over 600 stores across the country, Cracker Barrel has many positions to be filled. They currently have more than 70,000 employees and are still expanding.

The company has stated its adherence to non-discriminatory practices as per state and federal laws. They make hiring decisions of qualified candidates in line with state laws.

As a major company, the benefits can be quite good, even for low-level employees. This includes health cover, paid vacation time, scholarship programs, and employee discounts.

Aside from their reputation for discouraging employees from taking breaks, they are considered good employers. Well worth the effort of applying to if you are hardworking.

Does Cracker Barrel Run Background Checks?

As said, background checks are intended to verify claims made by an applicant during the hiring process. Discrepancies indicate that the candidate lied. This typically results in disqualification.

When submitting your application on the Careers page, you will need to consent to a background check. this check will not be immediately done. it is typically part of a conditional offer of employment when you pass the in-person interview.

So making a good impression with the hiring manager is vital. Being honest is a must. If you hide that you have a criminal past and it comes up later, you will be out of luck.

Always take responsibility for your actions. But place an emphasis on how you have changed since. Focus on the positive thing you have accomplished. This can help mitigate some of the negative impression created by having a record.

More on how to create a better image of yourself later.

As mentioned, these checks are intended to help safeguard the company, its employees, and customers. they could end up losing business if they hired a felon the at reoffended in the workplace.

That does not however mean Cracker Barrel does not hire felons and misdemeanor offenders. There is evidence that they do hire people with criminal backgrounds.

Consideration will be given to the nature of the offense and how long it has been since conviction. They will also likely give some weight to what you have achieved and been involved in since your release.

Taking positive steps like acquiring academic or vocational training can help. So too can volunteering and other charity work.

How to Boost Chances of Being Hired at Cracker Barrel?

Does Cracker Barrel Run Background Checks How

During your interview, strive to make a positive impression. Dress well and conduct yourself respectfully. The manager needs to see that you have a positive attitude and can follow instructions.

Find reputable referees to back your application. They need to be upstanding members of the community that can speak to your character positively.

As said, you will need to be truthful about your background. This pertains to more than just any criminal conviction.

If you have driving offenses or bad credit, do make some mention of this. And how you are resolving them.

You can run your own background and credit checks to confirm what employers will find out beforehand. This should help you in preparing appropriate answers when being interviewed.

When it comes to your academic background and work history, adhere to the same rules. Be truthful when applying and if there are gaps, have an explanation at the ready.

Depending on the state you reside and time elapsed since your release, you may qualify for an expungement. This can seal your criminal records. Legally, you can then state you have no criminal record.

This is more easily accomplished with nonviolent felonies and misdemeanors. But is achieved, can help open more doors.


Admitting to past mistakes can be difficult. However, if you want to get ahead in this world, complete disclosure is sometimes called for.

Job interviews often hinge on how honestly you present yourself. Sometimes even the worst confessions can result in a job offer because you simply told the truth. Combining this with the other tips above can help boost your chances of success.

Do however note that there are no assurances in life. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. As much as Cracker Barrel would make a good employer, there are other options available.

Apply to as many viable job opportunities as you can. Be patient and take advice from those already in the job market. In time you will likely find that gainful employment that will help get your life back on track.

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