Does CVS Hire Felons?

As a convicted felon filling out applications for jobs can be discouraging. Especially, once you arrive at that one question. That question regarding your criminal history.

Your record can feel like a weight that is only holding you back. Some companies unfortunately, will refuse your application solely based on having a record.

does cvs hire felons

When you are looking to apply to jobs, you may be thinking of places that you often frequent. CVS may have been a place you have stopped for either convenience or for the use of the pharmacy. This may have let you to wonder, does CVS hire felons?

Keep reading to find out.


CVS is the largest pharmacy-store chain in the United States.  It was known as, and originally named, the Consumer Value Store when it was founded in Massachusetts. The company operates more than 9,000 stores around the United States and is known as the short abbreviation of “CVS”. This has now come to be the name of the pharmacy and convenience store.

CVS fills prescriptions and offers health-related information. You can expect to find health and wellness products in the store. You can also find your favorite snacks,  beverages, and convenient store needs. The store also offers photo services.

does cvs hire felon

The company offers a rewards program known as ExtraCare. This is the step they take to ensure that customers know they are valued and heard. As an ExtraCare card member you receive various perks and discounts. CVS provides programs and tools to improve financial, emotional and physical wellbeing to all customers, not just those enrolled as ExtraCare members. They truly go the extra mile when it comes to their customers.

Speaking of perks, as an employee of CVS, the perks and benefits are a great added bonus to the job. At CVS they believe benefits and compensation come in many forms. This is why they also invest in wellness programs, as well as employee recognition. Some benefit offerings are as follows: medical, prescription, dental, vision, paid time off, and at times, tuition reimbursement. There is an awesome employee discount that is also included.

Does CVS still sound like an establishment you may want to apply to? Let’s take a closer look at the application process.

Application Process

The application to become an employee begins online. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply to CVS. You can begin by searching keywords that are applicable to the job you want. You can also search by location to see what jobs are available near you.

You will then need to create an account in order to apply. Creating an account will require some basic information. It will ask you your name, email address, location, and what position you are applying for.

does the cvs hire felon

Some positions available from CVS are as follows:

  • Customer Store Associate
  • Photo Specialist
  • Beauty consultant
  • Beauty Advisor
  • Management
  • Distribution Center Worker

More on these positions later.

Further along the application process, you will be asked that dreaded question regarding your criminal history. This should not discourage you because even if you have a criminal history CVS will still hire you on for certain positions.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these roles.


Though there are various positions that may interest you, let’s take a closer look at those that may be more available to those with a criminal history.

Retail Store Associate

As a Retail Store Associate, you will be the main contact with customers. This sets the tone for how CVS as a company presents itself. In this position you can provide customers with the right information at the right time to help aid to the best experience possible. You must always give the customer a warm and friendly greeting, maintain eye contact throughout all conversations and offer any possible help when applicable.

This position requires someone who can work in a fast-paced and driven environment. There are constantly customers entering the store. Each of which may enter the store requiring your attention. This requires detail and the ability to multitask. For instance, you may find yourself working at the cash register while a customer needs you in an aisle.

You must be able to work in a team-oriented environment. This is crucial so that not only do you and your coworkers effectively work together but also so that you work well under your superiors. Being able to work as a team member is crucial in many positions available from CVS.

There are some required qualifications. A few requirements are as follows:

  • At least 16 years of age
  • You must meet physical requirements. Such as remaining upright on the feet, for sustained periods of time and lifting and exerting up to 35 lbs occasionally.
  • Visual Acuity – Having close visual acuity is important. This is due to the need of performing activities such as viewing a computer for long periods of time.
  • A position in store beyond a retail store associate would be a management position.


If the opportunity for a General Manager position is available near you, this can be very exciting. A management position can be very rewarding.

Most store locations require a minimum of 5 years operations experience. A high school diploma or that equivalent is required and any form of an associates or bachelor’s degree.

does cvs hire a felon

A manager needs to be someone who is strong when it comes to leadership. This is because the main focus of the position is to lead all other employees and develop a strong team at your CVS location. You must set the proper tone for all other employees. This is done by following any guidelines and having a strong work ethic for everything you do when in store.

Overall, as a manager, you must have excellent communication skills. This is true because you must know how to speak properly with not only your employees but also with customers.


CVS operates more than 9,000 stores around the United States. Therefore, there is always a need for employees.

At CVS you will find a range of positions. Some of which may be available to you as a felon. For instance, if you apply to be a Retail Store Associate, you may increase your chances of getting the position.

As an employee at CVS you will receive an employee discount and you may even be eligible for various benefits.

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