Does CVS Run Background Checks?

There is a good chance if you needed medication you visited a CVS store. Best known for their chain of retail pharmacies, they are found countrywide. There are almost 10,000 locations in the U.S. alone.

For anyone wanting to work in healthcare, this is a good employer to consider. Besides pharmacy jobs, they also have positions in customer care, deliveries, nursing, IT, and cosmetics.

About a third of the adult population has a criminal record. This often means difficulty in finding work. So for those considering this employer, the question is, does CVS run background checks?

does cvs run background checks

A criminal record does not mean just a conviction. It can also mean an arrest that led nowhere. In some states, arrest records can make their way into background check reports.

The element of human error can also factor here. Credit reporting agencies that delve into criminal databases may come across such info and include it.

People that note such problems can ask for a correction to be done to their report. Others may not and this could lead to discrimination when looking for work. This is because many employers will often be biased against hiring someone with a criminal record.

They will typically discover this during background checks. These checks are done to reveal if a job applicant has a criminal past. They mostly consider just convictions, but even pending cases can be included.

The goal is to find out if a person is a risk to the business or its clients. Employers are mostly concerned about any possible violence and theft.

As a key employer, CVS must also be concerned about this. Let’s first look at why one would want to work here.

Why Work at CVS?

does cvs run background check

The large number of locations is a big plus for employees. It increases the likelihood you can find a job within a reasonable commuting distance.

As a health provider, CVS is passionate about good health. They run many wellness programs to encourage staff to remain fit, both physically and emotionally.

It is a successful organization that offers competitive salaries and benefits to its staff. Some of the benefits include medical, dental, vision, and prescription plans. They also help in financial planning through health savings accounts, life and disability insurance, 401(k)plans, and employee assistance plans.

Those that want to go back to school may also qualify for tuition reimbursement. Those that perform well also gain the benefit of performance-based compensation incentives and stock options.

The many jobs and roles mean that there are opportunities in several fields. There is also plenty of room for career growth for those looking to stay in the long term.

The company is also very supportive in offering paid vacation time and sick leave. Those with newborns also get paid parental leave.

The company is highly diverse and has policies in place to avoid discrimination in hiring. They are an equal opportunity employer and enforce any applicable federal, state, and local laws.

With all these perks, let’s now move on to how to join the workforce.

How to Apply to CVS?

does the cvs run background check

Although CVS has many locations, they only consider job applications that are processed online. The company has a dedicated careers page when you can register and upload your resume.

Another option would be to check on any job fairs at your school. CVS regularly participates and has recruiters present you can talk to.

When you arrive on the careers page, you can search for open jobs. You can search by narrowing down according to job title, category, or location.

When you click on a job, it will list the job title, location, and category. It will also indicate an overview of the job, responsibilities, and required qualifications. Some jobs will also have preferred qualifications that can give you an added advantage.

They will list academic requirements and other similar open positions. If you find a job that suits you, then click on the apply now button.

If you have not already logged in you will be asked to do so. You will then be taken to the application page which you must complete in full. Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation email.

Some positions attract a high number of applicants. Thus, you may find yourself routed to the Virtual Job tryout (VJT) page. This is an online assessment used to narrow down to the best candidates.

Those chosen are contacted by a recruiter. If not chosen you will receive a notification email encouraging you to apply for future or other open positions.

The recruiter will arrange with you for an interview. The first interview is normally on phone. If you pass, a video call or in-person interview with a hiring manager will be next.

Most positions are decided upon by this point so if you pass you should receive an offer.

Does CVS Run Background Checks

does the cvs run the background check

Yes, they do. According to the CVS Privacy Policy for Job Candidates, these checks are done as part of the job offer. Once a job candidate accepts the job offer, a background check will be conducted.

If a candidate does not consent and provide the necessary personal information, the check will not be done. But it also means an end to the application process.

Since these checks are done in compliance with applicable law, then reporting limits will apply. This means that depending on the state laws. There may be a limit on how far back they can go. Most states restrict these reports to within 5-10 years.


CVS offers a wide variety of job opportunities. With competitive pay and benefits, and career growth chances, securing a job here is best.

But if you have a criminal record, it can be tricky. Some offenses can make it impossible to be hired here. The nature and severity of the crime may also be deciding factors.

Anything drug-related is problematic since prescription drugs are sold through outlets. A history of theft or violent offenses can also lead to rejection. It is not clear whether CVS hires felons at all.

However, since you do get a chance to talk to a recruiter, you can raise this issue. Be forthcoming and emphasize the ways you have rehabilitated. Having a good work history and strong references can also help.

Also, check on the laws in your state. If your case qualifies, do consider pursuing an expungement. This can clear your records and make it easier to secure a decent job and housing.

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