Does Delta Hire Felons?

When beginning a job search it can feel difficult to know what you are looking for. There are so many jobs out there and it is important to find a job that you are happy with.

You may be looking to find a job that goes beyond just a 9 to 5. You may have considered working for an airline. Delta is the world’s second largest airline which can lead you to believe there is a need for a lot of employees.

does delta hire felons

Does Delta hire felons? Keep reading to find out!

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is the main airline in the United States. The airline operates over 5,400 flights on a daily basis!  It doesn’t just serve the United states. It reaches 325 destinations in 52 countries on six different continents. It is the world’s second largest airline.

The air line’s largest hub is in Atlanta. This is in terms of total passengers and departures. Atlanta, Georgia is also where Delta’s headquarters are. There are eight other hubs. For instance, there are hubs in other major cities such as Detroit and Salt Lake CIty.

The company does not only support transportation, it strives to better the world around us.  Delta is committing $100 Billion towards specific investments. The investments will work towards innovation, advancing clean air travel, reducing carbon emissions and waste, and new projects working towards a more sustainable future.

does delta hire felon

Delta has over 90,000 employees internationally. Employees at Delta are much more than just their job description. They are people who have a passion for bringing people together and working towards a better world.

The company strives to recognize hard work. Working at Delta, your strength and commitment will not be dismissed. Each employee must work to do their part in order for every flight to run smoothly.

If working for Delta sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading. We will go over some of the awesome benefits of working for the airline and much more information.


The company offers competitive pay, health benefits, and retirement packages. There are many benefits that Delta Airlines have to offer that don’t sound so familiar.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique benefits.

Travel Perks

Let’s start with a benefit that is not common amongst other companies. Travel perks are definitely not a common benefit at most companies. It is definitely a benefit that may make you curious about working for the company.

In a position such as a flight attendant, your perk is built into your job! You are capable of seeing different amazing destinations in a week’s time! More on this later though.

If your position is not one on the plane itself, there are still travel perks involved! You will receive flights at a discounted price as well as other various travel privileges.

Growth and Development

When you work for Delta, you will not be at a stand still. The company encourages every employee to grow and develop not only professionally but also personally.

The company provides access to resource groups, online workshops, mentorship programs and much more. All of these offerings can assist employees to move upward and even extend global mobility!

does delta hire a felon

These programs can also assist you to move up in the company. For instance, mentorship programs are offered for those in leadership positions to show you what their position requires.

Regardless of where you begin in the company, there are often opportunities to move up to a higher position. Let’s take a closer look at some of the positions you may be interested in.


We will take a look at one specific position. Being a flight attendant can be a very exciting position. In the position of flight attendant you will be able to always be on the move! Let’s take a closer look at what being a flight attendant consists of.

Flight Attendant

At Delta, as a flight attendant, your job is truly rewarding and exciting. Every shift you can experience working with new walks of life. Alongside your coworkers you can share your energy and high standards every day. Your views from your “office” will honestly never get boring.

In order to become a flight attendant there are many requirements that must be met. They are as follows:

First, you must be at least 20 years old. This is because they want their employees to have a bit of experience working. Experience working with the public like having a position in customer service for a few years in particular. Prior airline experience is not a requirement.

does delta hire felon guide

To become a flight attendant you must also have at least a high school diploma or a GED. A college degree or some college courses is favorable but not a requirement.

You must have a valid US or Foreign Passport. This is a requirement in order to travel to the various destinations.

The last main requirement is that there are physical requirements that must be met. For instance, you must be between 5 and 5’11. This is because you must be able to properly reach the overhead bins. You also must have vision that can be corrected to at least 20/40.

If you meet all of the requirements you can begin the application online.

Beyond the positions that are in the plane, there are positions that you can find on the website just in terms of working for the company.

Working at Delta

Working for Delta is more than just having a career. It is being a part of something more.

The company is committed to shared values in regard to honesty, positivity, and perseverance.

When you work for Delta Airlines you will get the chance to do more than work for an airline. The company partners with numerous non-profits in order to do more for the community.

You can learn more about the partnerships on Delta’s website.


Delta Air Lines is the main airline in the United States. The airline operates over 5,400 flights on a daily basis!  It doesn’t just serve the United states. It reaches 325 destinations in 52 countries on six different continents. It is the world’s second largest airline.

The company will not automatically disqualify you for having a felony. Each situation will be dealt with on a case to case basis. Not all crimes will carry the same weight, but some will be dismissed easier than others.

When you are applying to the airlines it is crucial that you remain honest and positive.

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