Does Dominos Hire Felons?

If you have ever ordered a pizza there is a chance that you have ordered from a Domino’s location. Domino’s operates 17,600 stores in more than 90 countries around the world!

With that many locations there is a need for many employees. This may leave you to wonder, does Domino’s hire felons? Keep reading to learn more.

does dominos hire felons


In 1960, brothers Tom and James Monaghan, took over a DomiNick’s location, an existing small pizza restaurant chain that was owned by Dominick DiVarti. The pizzeria was in Ypsilanti Michigan near Eastern Michigan University. The one brother James decided to leave the business and by 1965, Tom purchased two additional pizzerias.

Tom had then owned a total of three locations in the city. He wanted all of the locations to have the same name and branding but the original owner of DomiNicks would not let Tom use the name for other locations. One day, an employee suggested the name “Domino’s” and Monaghan stuck with the idea. He officially renamed the business Domino’s Pizza, Inc. in the year of 1965!

does dominos hire a felon

The first logo had three dots, this was to represent the three original stores. Tom had planned to add a new dot with the addition of every new store, as Domino’s experienced rapid growth this idea had to be left behind. The first franchise location was opened in 1967 and in one short year, the company expanded to 200 stores.

From the company’s humble beginning, Domino’s has now become recognized as a world leader in pizza delivery. The company does more than just work as a pioneer when it comes to delivering made-to-order pizzas. Domino’s has also been a part of innovations that have made an impact on the entire food delivery industry.

The food delivery industry is a great option for felons to look into. Let’s go over some of the positions that may be available to you at Domino’s.

Positions at Domino’s

If you are passionate and innovative Domino’s has an opportunity for you. Each position that is offered is demanding and customer-focused. Each location offers a fun atmosphere with a family-feel amongst coworkers and superior. The Dominos culture is where you want to be.

There are a few positions that may interest you in specifically. These positions have flexible hours and pay well. First, let’s go over the positions that may be available at a Domino’s store near you.

Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver you can experience freedom and excitement. In this position you will pick up the food from the Domino’s location. You will then deliver each order to the location in which they are supposed to go. When you arrive at the delivery location you will give the customer their order and ensure that they have paid. You will then go back to your store location to pick up more delivery orders.

There are certain requirements that are crucial to receive a job as a delivery driver.

does dominos hire felon

You must be at least 18 years old to apply and have a valid driver’s license. You will be using your own vehicle. This means it must be insured, safe, and have an appropriate appearance. You should have navigational skills to read a map to locate the addresses where you are making the delivery. It is important to be physically able as well. You should be physically able in case you will have to endure stairs or long walks.

As a delivery driver there are certain skills that are not necessarily required but can be very beneficial.

You are expected to have good communication skills. When you arrive at the delivery location you will have to properly greet the customer. You literally end up being the face of the company!

You will need to have time management skills. This is to ensure every delivery is made on time and you can get back to the store in order to keep every transaction on time.

You will need to have basic math skills. This is because some customers may pay in cash. You will need to properly handle the transaction to ensure that the customer pays the appropriate amount.

As a delivery driver, your work will be part time.

Customer Service Rep

As a customer service rep you will greet customers when they come into the store and you will make sure they get exactly what they need! Some tasks that you would do in this position are as follows:

  • Take customers orders
  • Handle customers form of payment whether it be with cash or with card
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the store

does the dominos hire a felon

There are a few skills in particular that you may obtain that are not required but improve your chance at getting the position.

You should be able to have excellent attendance. This is important because your position is crucial to making sure that all procedures run smoothly.

It can benefit you to be able to work in a fast-paced environment. This is especially true during the high peak times such as a lunch rush or a dinner rush.

Basic math & money skills are a requirement. This is because you will handle every transaction when a customer comes to pick up their order.


Management positions require a large amount of responsibility. Even if you don’t start in a management position Dominos wants you to move up! They offer advancement positions at all locations.

As a manager, you are responsible for everything that happens during your shift. This goes beyond just being responsible for the other employees at your location. This means every including cost controls, inventory control, cash control and customer’s experience.

You must set the example for the employees that are at your locations. You must follow policy and procedures 100% of the time. You are also responsible for expecting the same from your crew.

As a manager you will also handle staffing and scheduling. This could be a very rewarding position for you to work towards.

Chance for Felons

As you can see, dominos has some awesome positions to offer. The company has a typical hiring process. You will fill out the application with some basic information. The company is not a part of the Ban the Box Movement. This means you will have to answer that dreaded question regarding your criminal history. The company will not disregard your application just because you have a criminal record.

does the dominos hire felons

If you are a potential candidate you will get an interview. It is important to be completely honest and accurate in regards to your past. This will ensure there is complete transparency between the hiring manager and yourself.

Your past does not have to define you. It is important to highlight how far you have come from your mistakes. You can do this by expressing some of your specific skills that will heighten your chance of getting the job.


From the company’s humble beginning, Domino’s has now become recognized as a world leader in pizza delivery.

Dominos offers a family-like culture that you want to be a part of! They offer various positions in stores. You can apply for positions such as a delivery driver, customer service rep, and a manager.

The company will not automatically disqualify you for having a criminal record. If you do get an interview, it is crucial that you are honest and accurate regarding your criminal history.

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