Does Family Dollar Hire Felons?

There are various stores which offer an array of items. These items can sometimes have an extensive range or offer various simple items. There are variety stores that are exclusively inexpensive. For instance, Family Dollar is an American Variety Store chain.

You may have found yourself shopping in a Family Dollar at one point in your life. It may have left you wondering- does Family Dollar hire felons?

does family dollar hire felons

Keep reading to learn more about what working for the company would consist of as well as if they do hire felons or not.

Family Dollar

Family Dollar was created by Leon Levine, a mere 21 year-old entrepreneur. The first store was opened in North Carolina. The company now has over 8,000 locations in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington. In 2014, Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar. Though Family Dollars are still very common to come across, some of the stores turned into a Dollar Tree.

Family Dollar is known as an American Variety Store Chain. It offers an assortment of merchandise for every member of the family! From household cleaning solutions, to beauty aid, to food and much more- The Family Dollar has got you covered. Everything offered is under $10, while most items are only $1 or a few.

does family dollar hire felon

The company does more than just sell an assortment of items. Community well-being is also a commitment. The company and Dollar Tree have two funds: Dollar Tree Associate Disaster Relief Fund and FamilyHope. These funds aid and support associates in times of need and natural disaster. The company also partners with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). More on this later though.

At Family Dollar they are looking for a strong team of associates. There are many different positions that are available through corporate as well as in store positions.


Positions at Family Dollar are both challenging and rewarding. This can be a very positive aspect for your life as an ex-felon.

In store operations are the heart and soul of the whole company. There are different types of instore positions. Let’s take a closer look at in store positions that may be available to you.

Sales Associate

As a sales associate at Family Dollar, you are in a way the face of the store. You will typically be the first person a customer sees when arriving and the last person to see while checking out.

There are a few primary duties of a Family Dollar Sales Associate. They are as follows:

  • Using a cash register to check guest’s items out and process their form of payment
  • Keeping work areas and the store as clean as possible.
  • Assisting customers with any questions or concerns
  • Informing customers regarding any sales or specials

The duties are quite straight forward and the company expects each sales associate to execute them with efficiency and positivity.

does family dollar hire a felon

There are a few simple requirements that one must meet in order to get a sales associate position. They are follows:

  • An applicant must be at least 16 years old
  • The application must be filled out correctly and honestly
  • If hired, you must complete two full weeks of training for the position

There is room for advancement in regard to in store positions. If moving up in the company you would be required to complete a week long training.


If you like being in charge, this position may be the one for you! Overall, in a management position you are expected to take on a great sense of responsibility. You are in charge of all of the other employees at your store location. There are other tasks in this position. They are as follows:

  • Making employee schedules while respecting their availability
  • Delegating work tasks for the sales associates
  • In charge of making new hires as well firing
  • Solving any issues that an employee or customer brings to you

If this sounds like a position you are interested in, there are a few requirements you would have to meet.

does family dollar hire felons tips

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • The application must be filled out correctly and honestly
  • Previous management experience is not a requirement but can be very beneficial
  • If hired, you must take part in any required training

If being a sales associate or in a position of management interests you keep reading to learn more about the application process.

Application Process

The application for Family Dollar does not go beyond the ordinary. You can expect to be asked some basic information as well as describe your skill set and work experience.

It is important to be honest and proper when filling out the application. You can find the application for positions online. You can also simply go to your local Family Dollar and get a paper application. It can benefit you in a positive manner to go to your local store and get an application. This can show that you go above and beyond!

Once the application is complete and the company is interested in making a hire, a background check will take place. Let’s go over why a background check takes place.

Background Check

A company will run a background check to protect itself, its employees, and its customers. You can expect that most retail stores will run a background check. Family Dollar will run a background check on you if they plan to hire.

A background check will give Family Dollar access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

Though it may be intimidating, it should not keep you from applying.

does family dollar hire felon 2023

The purpose of a background check is to ensure a good hire. As previously mentioned, Family dollar does this to avoid hiring someone who may pose a threat or be a liability.

Family Dollar will not disregard your application just because you have a criminal history. In evaluation, the hiring manager will take into consideration the severity of the crime as well as how much time as elapsed since the offense.

In most instances, if you are honest regarding your past, no issues should arise. It is important to remember that your past does not have to define you.


Family Dollar is known as an American Variety Store Chain. It offers an assortment of merchandise for every member of the family!

If you are searching for a job that doesn’t have many hiring requirements, Family Dollar is a great option. The company does hire felons.

Just because there aren’t many initial requirements, does not mean it is an easy way out. In order to keep your position, you must remain diligent and positive on every shift.

If working for Family Dollar does not interest you, there are other stores which do not require a large amount of requirements to apply.

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