Does HEB Hire Felons?

There are certain industries that are more willing to hire felons than others. For instance, grocery stores are typically more willing to hire those with a criminal record.

This may leave you to wonder- does H-E-B hire felons? Keep reading to find out more.

does heb hire felons

The Company

H-E-B was founded on November 26, 1905. This is the day when Florence Butt opened the C.C. Butt Grocery Store on the ground floor of her family home in Texas. In 1919, Florence’s youngest son, Howard took over the store upon his return from the war.

After attempting to open various expansions, finally, in 1927, Howard launched a successful second store also in Texas. This was then followed up by the purchase of three grocery stores. The initials of Florence’s son Howard E. Butt became the name of the store after its expansion.

does heb hire felon

The letters being H-E-B have also transformed to meaning “Here, everyone belongs”. The company has crucial core values to make sure that every person feels this way. This is implemented in each and every store. This is also true on a corporate level. Since the company does believe that everyone belongs, they are willing to hire someone with a criminal history!

Keep reading to learn more about the core values of the company.

Core Values

At H-E-B they take their core values as their number one priority. As an employee at H-E-B you must uphold these values and properly represent the company.

Keep reading to learn more about the core values that the company has.


H-E-B is more than just a grocery store. They believe that people matter whether you are an employee or a customer. The company’s people are at the heart of every decision made. They believe that they care more than most.


In store, H-E-B believes grocery shopping is more than an errand. They want their customers to feel like they aren’t just running through the motions. That’s why it’s a core value of the company to always go above and beyond. When you go to a H-E-B location every employee will make sure that they can do all they can for you to have the best experience possible. The employees think like the customer and what they would expect when going into a location.

does heb hire the felon


Overall, the company upholds a commitment to everything they do. They don’t expect an audience for what they do. The company does everything with a commitment. They do this because they believe you don’t need permission to do the right thing, instead it is just expected.

If this company sounds like one that you would like to work for, keep reading to learn more about positions that may be available near you.

Positions at H-E-B

Working for a company that values their employees is a very positive aspect. This can make sure that you feel valued in your position each and every day. There are positions both in store and on a corporate level. Let’s go over some of the jobs that may be available to you at a location near you.

Customer Service Assistant

The job of a customer service assistant is solely to take care of the customers. As a Customer Service Assistant at H-E-B you will help customers bag their items, take their items to the car, and assist with anything else that a customer may need.

Hours are typically part time when it comes to this position. A shift can usually last six to eight hours. Luckily the atmosphere at H-E-B is positive and friendly, so the hours go by quickly! It is also a position that does not bore easily. Every day there is a new customer and something new to do. You can also make relations with customers who frequent the store often!

does the heb hire felons

As a bagger, you will also have the opportunity to work with other departments. Therefore you can get a good understanding of the operations of the entire store. You can also move up in the company if that is something you are interested in.


As a customer service assistant you may want to move up in the company. Luckily, at H-E-B they encourage you to do so. In this position of management you’ll be responsible for all things that go on at your location.

You must manage all tasks in order to maximize sales and the customers experience at your store location. This also means you must successfully deal with any sales mishaps and over see that everything is handled correctly.

The core values of the company are again, a very important aspect. As a manager you must show all other employees in your store that you are managing to uphold the values with the same respect. You will be a mentor, role model, and coach for your store’s team members. This is also true as a partner to associates in other branches of the organization. You will be leading your team by example, therefore, it is important to be a good example.

does the heb hire the felons

You must also remain professional at all times. By demonstrating the core values and excellent customer service with a high degree of professionalism, you will succeed in the position.

As a store manager you can also expect to be eligible for certain benefits. These benefits can range from health, dental and even retirement benefits!


Since 1927, H-E-B has remained a grocery store that offers more than just a shopping experience. You can expect to enter the store and get what you need all while keeping a smile on your face.

There are various positions offered through the company. These positions are offered both at corporate level and in store.

H-E-B will not automatically disqualify you for having a criminal history. If you would like to work for a company where they believe in their employees, you should definitely consider applying!

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