Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

We’re often asked; “Does Home Depot Hire Felons?”

We did the homework, so you don’t have to. We took a closer look to find out all about this well-known home improvement store’s hiring policies. Is it possible to get a job there if you have a criminal record? There are so many places that don’t hire felons it can be confusing.

Home Depot pride themselves on being one of the largest chain stores in the US. They are committed to supplying high-quality goods at low prices. Their main focus is home improvement materials.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

With almost 2,000 stores across America; this brand is one of the best known in the world. Does Home Depot hire convicted felons, though? The good news is that they are verified equal opportunity employers.

You’re about to learn all about whether Home Depot background check misdemeanor information. The answer may surprise you… it surprised us.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons?

The short answer to the question is yes: Home Depot does hire ex-felons but there is a catch… They operate in such a way as to make sure nobody is placed in the path of temptation at any time. Your chances of landing a good job with Home Depot are slim, however, an entry-level job is possible.

Does Home Depot hire convicted felons? Yes… but your criminal activity prevents entry to a management level position, straight away. You will need to start at the bottom and work your way up. The amount of time that has passed since your crime can also influence where you can work within the Home Depot business.

Home Depot is massive; it is one of the ten biggest chain store groups in the world. They have been in operation since 1979 and each store holds about 25k products. Their online store hosts more than 2 million products and they are a big brand with lots of opportunities.

The fact that Home Depot is felon-friendly is a huge plus. Even though you may find yourself confined to certain departments – they are still good employers.

They are an equal opportunities employer, too. This means you have the same chance at management as everyone else does. With thousands of stores across the states, Home Depot provides a second chance for hundreds of felons.

Let’s take a closer look at what role you might get if you land a job working for them.

What Type of Job Can A Felon Do at Home Depot?

As we mentioned above – there are only certain Home Depot jobs deemed suitable for felons. In most places this might mean menial labor – but not Home Depot. It simply means there is a low chance you can work in the cash office!

Similarly, Home Depot will not hire those who have been found guilty of very serious crimes. If you searched: “Does Home Depot hire sex offenders?”, the answer is no. They will not hire people they think are a danger to their staff or customers.

This means that those convicted felons guilty of violent activities will not get a job at Home Depot. If you have been caught stealing, it is unlikely that they will hire you; this is due to the nature of their business. Fraudsters are not likely to find work here.

Felons working for Home Depot can do the following jobs…

Does Home Depot Hire Felons to Be Warehouse Operatives?

Does Home Depot hire convicted felons to work in their warehouses? Yes, they do! You can work in the warehouses for Home Depot if you are hardworking and keen. Warehouse jobs will also include mastering a stock organization system.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons to Be Warehouse Operatives?

The warehouse positions involve lots of physical labor. You will use their software program to receive and complete tasks. The job will involve preparing goods for distribution and it will also cover receiving goods from the manufacturers.

Does Home Depot Drug Test for Warehouse Positions?

Yes, they drug test for every new employee. If you cause damage in the warehouse with a forklift? You may be drug tested on the spot so our advice to any felon is to stay off drugs.

If Home Depot find you with drugs in your system, they may sack you. If you have caused damage while under the influence, you may also be charged to the full amount. This also applies to alcohol so do not turn up to any job drunk.

Warehouse Operatives in Home Depot report a positive, encouraging environment. There is no public interaction here, which suits some. Those who are good with their hands will thrive. Reviews of this role can be found on Indeed.

Does Home Depot Hire Felons To Be Shop Floor Staff?

You can work in the retail end of Home Depot if you are a felon and whether or not you are suitable for the shop floor role will depend on your type of criminal conviction. Does Home Depot hire sex offenders in this role? No, but you may get other work here.

Drug testing will apply to shop floor staff as it does to other departments. Those in the retail sector are less likely to cause damages than those in the warehouse. This is because they move fewer products around.

If you would like to read about working in Home Depot’s retail section, Reddit has some answers. Current and former employees report decent training and wages. Their corporate culture is very team orientated.

Does Home Depot Hire Convicted Felons to Be Merch Associates?

Home Depot merchandisers report good vacation time, pay and job security. They make a good salary and are offered plenty of room for advancement. Reviews written by former employees say this position is fun but challenging.

Staff will be given many tasks to complete and they will work within a team, under a group manager. You can read the reviews here, if interested.

Does Home Depot Hire Convicted Felons to Be Freight Workers?

Yes, they do. The freight worker role is one of the places felons can find a job within Home Depot.

Does Home Depot Hire Convicted Felons to Be Freight Workers

Freight handlers load and unload the trucks and they work in a variety of places across the company. Felons can get an entry-level freight worker job and they will either be in the store, or in the warehouses. Your job will be to load and unload the stock and you may even be assigned to accompany the drivers between stores.

Freight handling is a very hands-on job. It is best done by those with lots of energy. It involves lifting and carrying heavy boxes, repeatedly. If you are not physically fit, it may not be for you. In addition, reviewers say it is a night/ back shift job. Former employees report close teamwork but too many janitorial type tasks. It may be that janitorial tasks are issued while you are not packing or unpacking trucks. You can see the reviews here, courtesy of Glass Door.

Home Depot Background Check Misdemeanors

Although they background check for felonies; they give people a fair shot. You might find work assigned to an individual department, on top of those positions above. Paints, timber, furniture, and other areas can have specific jobs.

How Does A Convicted Felon Apply for A Job At Home Depot?

When you apply you have multiple options and how you do it depends on both the type of job, and your location. You can apply for a job at Home Depot by visiting the relevant store and, once there, find the Customer Service desk. They will bring you an application form… but there’s a catch: these forms will be given for positions in that store – but nowhere else.

If you are a convicted felon and want to apply to Home Depot for the first job that comes up, you need to apply online. Applying online is a good way to apply for multiple departments and stores at once and the more departments and stores you apply for, the higher your chance of success will be. Visit your nearest store for an application form and you can also follow this link to apply online.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at Home Depot

Home Depot have lots of information on their website. You should read as much of it as you can before you apply. The more you know about the firm, the more you can impress them. There are other steps you can take to land a role here.

Making Yourself Employable as A Convicted Felon

A criminal record doesn’t prevent you from finding your fit with Home Depot. To give yourself the best chance, stay presentable and be honest. If you can show them you are hardworking, you have as good a chance as anyone else does.

Steps in the Store – In-store, ask the customer service desk for an application form and they will give you one. You can take it home with you, complete it, and post it back while you can also hand it back in. Remember to wear presentable clothes when you visit the store and act in a well-behaved manner. Present them with a copy of your CV if you have one and, once done, wait for them to contact you with an interview date.

Making Yourself Employable as A Convicted Felon

Steps online – If you are applying online, follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a box that offers a job search and click the button and find the jobs that interest you. You should be able to apply for each job that you are interested in.

Make sure to check the different stores and departments for your best chance of success. It may be that you are not right for one position but are perfect for another. Don’t give up.

Does Home Depot Run a Background Check?

As we have stated; Home Depot background check misdemeanor activity in your past. If you have committed a minor criminal offence you can still find work here. They carry out a full background check of all new employees who apply.

As well as a background check, you will also be tested for drugs when you apply. This test will be repeated if you are successful, but cause damage to products. IF you damage more than $250 worth of stock at any one time you will be tested on the spot.

If you worry that you are generally clumsy then stick to retail work. Freight haulers and warehouse operatives have access to exposed stock and the machinery to do serious damage. Retail workers do not. Be careful with the expensive pieces though!


People are keen to know certain specifics about Home Depot hiring. Some common questions include the following:

  1. Q) Does Home Depot hire convicted felons?
  2. A) Yes, but with conditions. The type of offence, how long ago it happened, and your time served, will all affect what jobs they will let you do.
  3. Q) Does Home Depot drug test?
  4. A) Yes – and here’s why. Home Depot background check misdemeanor data held on you. They also do a drug test on all new employees. If you damage more than $250 worth of stock in one day you will be on-the-spot tested.
  5. Q) Does Home Depot hire sex offenders?
  6. A) Evidence suggests that Home Depot will not hire those who have committed very serious crimes. This does include sex offenders, violent crimes, and those who commit fraudulent activities.

Rounding Up

Although Home Depot do hire coveted felons as part of their equal opportunities campaign; you might not be suitable for all positions. They carry opportunities for advancement regardless of what you have done in your past. Unless you were a violent criminal, you should be able to find work with Home Depot.

As well as giving former felons work; this chain offers multiple branches and outlets to choose from. If more stores in America operated in the same way, we would see fewer felons as repeat offenders. We salute you Home Depot… carry on the good work.


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