Does IHOP Run a Background Check?

Finding a job as a felon can be difficult. It can be easy to feel discouraged. It is important to remember there are many opportunities out there.

The restaurant industry is a great option for those who have been convicted of a felony. For someone who has a busy schedule but still needs a job you may find yourself looking at jobs with flexible hours.

Some restaurants stay open late or are 24 hours. This could be beneficial to someone who has many obligations during the day.

does ihop run a background check

IHOP may cross your mind when considering a job with early or night hours. As mentioned, the restaurant industry is very welcoming to those with a felony. You may wonder, does IHOP run a background check?

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what The International House of Pancakes is.

International House of Pancakes

does ihop run background checks

IHOP, short for International House of Pancakes, has been a family restaurant chain for 61 years. They happily serve world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages.

IHOP takes pride in offering an affordable, everyday dining experience with warm and friendly service. Many locations are even open 24 hours!

The franchise has over 1,650 locations. This requires having a lot of staff members, meaning it is a great option for a felon to consider.


Most IHOP locations are franchises. Let’s take a closer look at some of the possible jobs.

All jobs at IHOP will require great communication skills. Going into the application it is important that you remain positive and friendly.

does ihop run background check

Some positions at IHOP are as follows:

  • Dishwasher
  • Busser
  • Host/Hostess
  • Server

Communication skills are important for all positions, but this is especially true as a server or host. These positions are customer focused and would require certain skills. Being personable and charismatic can be very helpful.

Working in the food industry is often common for felons. IHOP does hire felons for all positions. This is especially true in a location that may be short on staff or in a location with high employment needs.

The application process is straightforward. You must be at least 16 years old.

You will start the process online. Creating a profile on their website is the first step. There are a few questions regarding work history as well as educational background.

A resume is then required. If the store would like to have an interview with you it will either be one-on-one or a few IHOP team members may sit in.

Overall, throughout the whole process it is crucial to stay positive and honest. This will increase your chance of getting a job.

Background Check

does ihop run the background check

If you consent, the background check will take place. The hiring employee will gain access to your records.

IHOP, like other companies, run background checks to protect their company. A background check informs the company regarding a person’s history in depth. Most checks will go back for seven years.

The food industry is often a felon’s choice when it comes to job hunting. IHOP happily hires on a case-by-case basis.

There are a few things that will come into consideration. The severity of the crime will be looked into. The time that has passed since the conviction will also be considered. If the applicant is only a one-time offender this may increase their opportunities.

A background check will typically take a week. It is crucial to answer all questions honestly throughout this process. This will make the background check go smoothly.

If hired, IHOP may ask to run a background check again. This is to again ensure the safety of everyone else.

You can run a background check on yourself. This may help you to know what IHOP will have access to. In addition, you can properly prepare how you will answer any question regarding the information available.

If you’re aware of all that an employer will gain access to, you can properly prepare for any questions that may come your way.


IHOP, short for International House of Pancakes, has been a family restaurant chain for 61 years. They happily serve world famous pancakes and a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner items that are loved by people of all ages.

With over 1,650 locations there are many job opportunities for felons. A background check will take place upon being hired. This should not stop you from applying, IHOP is felon friendly and deals with each applicant on a case by case basis.

The restaurant industry is a wonderful place to look for a job as a felon. If IHOP does not particularly interest you there are plenty of other opportunities out there.

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