Does Jiffy Lube Hire Felons?

As every car owner knows, preventative maintenance care is a must. This service helps keep the car running properly. It also helps avoid major repair issues later on.

Jiffy Lube is the top automotive servicing franchise in the U.S. They have over 2,000 stations and serve over 24 million customers a year. For anyone with an interest in joining the automotive industry, this is a top employer to consider.

Felons may find this an ideal employer thanks to the many decent entry-level positions. But, does Jiffy Lube hire felons?

does jiffy lube hire felons

Jiffy Lube operates as a franchise. The stores are independently owned by operators who sign on to operate under the franchise umbrella.

The company started about 50 years ago in Utah and has since expanded across the country. It is currently a subsidiary of Dutch Shell with headquarters in Texas.

Despite some scandals, the brand is still highly respected and popular. It is a highly ranked franchise by Forbes.

So what is it like working for this company?

Why Work at Jiffy Lube?

does jiffy lube hire felon

As said, Jiffy Lube has plenty of good entry-level jobs. Some do not even require a high school diploma. The ability to read, write, and speak in English can be enough.

You do not even have to have experience with cars. The company offers training programs to bring new recruits up to speed.

Their programs include mechanical training, customer care, and management courses. This is all done via their own Jiffy Lube University program.

Some of the courses can earn students’ college credits. This means you are making real contributions to your academic CV. The training can also serve you well even if you end up moving on to another employer.

The low experience and academic threshold are great for felons who often have huge gaps in their resume. They can start a career here.

Another upside is that as you take up and complete courses, your earning potential rises. You can also qualify for generous bonuses. There are also clear career paths that give the opportunity to rise to management.

Jiffy lube also has flexible working hours. These are typically 8-hour shifts. They allow workers to have a good work-life balance.

If you are pursuing higher education or have other obligations, you organize a better schedule.

Employees also enjoy good benefits such as retirement plans, health coverage, and paid vacation days.

The stability of the business cannot also be understated. Americans love their cars and constantly need servicing to keep them running. It is a steady industry that guarantees steady work.

The training is also invaluable. It can form a great basis for a career as a mechanic. These are highly marketable skills you can take with you if you decide to move on. Consider how many businesses now operate delivery fleets.

Hiring Policy On Felons

does the jiffy lube hire the felon

So, Jiffy Lube is a great potential employer for felons. The pay is decent and the training can help get you started on a great career.

But does Jiffy Lube hire felons? Do they run background checks?

According to the company, hiring policies are determined by the franchise operators. Every store is allowed to make their own hiring decisions.

With different operators at the helm, there is no universal rule on how to handle felons.

There is however some evidence that many stores do hire felons. Based on online testimonials from current and past employees, many stores do this.

According to these postings on platforms like Indeed and Glassdoor, Jiffy Lube does run background checks. Some also perform drug tests.

They do however comply with state and federal laws. They work with credit reporting agencies that abide by these laws. Depending on the jurisdiction, this can mean a reporting limit of 5, 7, or 10 years.

This is good news for those with older felonies. If the felonies are no longer being reported, they can safely claim no criminal record. To be sure of this, do run your own background report.

Jiffy Lube encourages job applicants to visit the stores to find out about vacancies. Although some jobs are listed online, many are not. Visiting a store directly is the best way to ascertain what positions are available, if any.

Visiting a store to check on available jobs is a good opportunity to make a first impression. This is because most store managers are also hiring managers.

Understand that though these stores do consider felons, they will pick the best candidate for the job. So consider how else to boost your chances of being hired.

Tips to Getting Hired

does jiffy lube hire the felon

As mentioned, you have a chance to make a good impression when visiting a store. As you make your inquiries, seek an opportunity to speak to the manager. Be polite and enthusiastic during this interaction.

Having a strong background knowledge of the company and what they do is vital. Be sure to do some research so you have ready answers when asked.

Many sites list possible interview questions. Take time to go over them and practice how to respond in a natural voice.

Having a felony record can be a handicap. Especially if the position also attracts applications from non-felons. So you need to boost other aspects of your application and resume.

Seek out strong references. People with good standing in the community can be a big help. Let them know you are putting them on your resume so they can be prepared when called upon.

Many Jiffy Lube operators are supportive of the community and will even recruit from halfway homes. They are willing to help the disenfranchised, but you need to make yourself a good prospect.

While training is not necessary, it can be an advantage. Take up related courses that will boost your resume. This can be in mechanics or customer care.

If you do not get to meet the manager when picking an application, try again when returning it. Dress decently and have a confident and calm demeanor.

Make sure to have prepped already. You may end up being interviewed on the spot.

Also, have a couple of questions to ask. This will indicate your interest in the company and a strong desire to work there.


Jiffy Lube is a great option for those that enjoy blue-collar work. And desire a job with the potential for career advancement.

With so many locations, there is a good chance there is a branch somewhere in your area. This can mean an easy commute to a job with flexible hours.

Note that newbies tend to have a tougher time with more work piled on them. But it can be a good learning experience and equip you with skills that will be beneficial.

Keep in mind that though Jiffy Lube does hire felons, the nature of the offense will likely matter. Some jobs involve handling cash and credit cards. If your offense relates to theft or fraud, you may not qualify for the positions.

However, the company offers various jobs. You may simply need to focus on those that take you away from your past.

It is vital to give yourself a chance. Take a shot at what may end up being a rewarding career decision.

Even if you do not succeed, there are other employers and career options to consider. Even felons have options and opportunities if you know where to look.

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