Does Kelly Services Hire Felons?

Looking for a job is never easy at the best of times. When you have an economic downturn and the challenge of being a felon, it’s even harder.

Despite having repaid their debt to society, felons often find it difficult to return to normal life. This is especially evident when it comes to jobs.

This is why felons tend to focus on niche industries that offer them better chances. One of the most welcoming is that of temp agencies like Kelly Services. So, does Kelly Services hire felons?

does kelly services hire felon

As a global leader in temp services, Kelly Services is a top pick for those that enjoy this line of work. Their wide variety of locations and specializations means ample opportunities.

For felons struggling to find work, securing a position in this company is a blessing. Before we delve into why this type of work would appeal to a felon, let’s look at how temp agencies work.

What is a Temp Agency?

does the kelly services hire the felon

Many businesses and government institutions have periods where they need extra staff. These situations can arise at any moment.

It could be during the holiday season when people shop more. Or when the flu goes around the office incapacitating many staff.

Whatever the cause, there is often a need to fill the gap temporarily. This is where temp agencies come in, they provide temporary staff solutions. From their roster of employees, they send in the help needed.

In some cases, temporary jobs and lead to full-time positions. Hiring a temp is a good way for a company to test out a potential employee. Without the need of going through the whole hiring process.

The temp agencies negotiate with the companies that contract them to receive their commission. They also tend to handle the payment of the temporary staff.

These companies are a good source of employment for those in need. Not only can you land a good position, but you also gain training.

Many temp agencies take time to update the skills of their team members. This is helpful to felons who have been out of the workforce for a long time.

They may also offer good benefits, though the salary will mainly depend on the particular work.

Why Work for Kelly Services?

does kelly services hire the felons

As said, this company is a top player in the industry. In 2019 alone Kelly Services provided temporary employment for over 440,000 workers. This is a strong indication of their ability to provide gainful work opportunities to employees.

For anyone in need of an income, being under the umbrella of such a company is beneficial. You can expect strong demand for your services thanks to the strong demand and reputation of the firm.

For felons leaving prison after a long stretch, there is often the challenge of having to adapt. New technologies and changing workplace culture are tough. It helps when employers offer training opportunities to bring you up to speed.

Kelly Services offers this type of training. They ensure their employees are equipped with the right skills to execute their assignments.

Whatever skills you have or add, the company makes a concerted effort to find a good match. They do not just want you to do a good job but thrive.

Another great benefit of working for this company is that they offer healthcare cover. Medical expenses can be incredibly expensive. Having to pay out-of-pocket is unrealistic for many. From consultations to scans, and prescriptions to surgeries, few people can afford this.

With healthcare cover, however, the costs are much lower and affordable for many.

Also, because of a global presence, work opportunities are available at many locations. Even remotely. This means you can easily find jobs that you can work at home.

It also means that if you need to relocate, you can likely find other jobs at your new location. This flexibility is highly appreciated by those who would like to travel more and still work.

With all these reasons, the next concern should be how to apply for a job here.

Applying for A Job at Kelly Services

does kelly services hire the felon

Like many other modern companies today, the best place to start is online. Kelly services have an official website with a dedicated Careers Page.

Here you can easily start your search on available opportunities in your area. You can use the postal code to designate the area.

Each posting provides helpful details. These include career level, salary, work terms, and location. they also indicate responsibilities and requirements.

The site allows you to peruse available jobs without even creating an account. If you do however spot a worthwhile job, then you need to create an account to apply.

After filling the online application, job seekers must complete several quizzes. These may involve critical reasoning and skills tests. These help to build a profile that aids in matching them to suitable jobs. It also ascertains if you have what it takes for the position being applied for.

Thereafter a phone or in-person interview may be arranged. Phone interviews have become more popular recently due to the pandemic. This assessment will gauge your interpersonal skills and hands-on ability for the job.

Even if not successful at any stage, Kelly does retain profiles and match them to future jobs. If your profile matches you may be invited to interview.

Drug screening is also carried out at many locations. Background checks also come later. If you fail the background check, your job offer may be rescinded. This is why you should be forthcoming early on.

Does Kelly Services Conduct Background Checks?

does kelly services hire the felon background checks

Yes. They conduct background checks on job candidates.

As an equal opportunity employer, Kelly Services does appear to give felons a fair shake. They may however apply a waiting period to offenders. This period may vary depending on the offense committed.

Do note that the company contracts with institutions with vulnerable clients like children. As such, they may not consider the applications of violent felons. Non-violent felons with a long gap since conviction seem to have the best chance.

Anecdotal evidence indicates that those with misdemeanors must wait five years to be considered.

Kelly Services does abide by federal, state, and county laws on hiring practices. Because these laws may vary according to jurisdiction, so too may their policies. It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with your local laws on background checks and hiring practices.

Also, keep in mind the nature of the job. Someone convicted of theft should expect to be disqualified from jobs involving cash.

Be aware that the company also conducts drug screening. This normally comes after your job offer. If you fail, you may lose the job.

Plan on how you will pass this drug test if you hope to retain this job offer.

Tips to Securing a Position at Kelly Services

does kelly services hire a felon

The first step is always to be truthful. Do not hide your criminal past. Even if not indicated on the job application, it is advisable to mention it during the interview.

Speaking up will avoid surprises when a background check is eventually done.

Another way to mitigate a negative outcome is to present a great resume. You will need to play up the positives of your life. Be sure to mention any training and work experience.

Find positive referees that are as upstanding as possible. They can help bolster your case by giving a glowing account of your character and abilities.

Also, try to be persistent. If you feel there is an unnecessary delay in considering your application, call the local branch. Sometimes systems do not work as expected and a little follow-up can do wonders.

Even if you land simple jobs, work hard. The more diligent and intelligent you prove to be, the better the opportunities you will be offered. Seek to perform your duties well and leave a good impression with employers.


Kelly Services is reputed to offer their temps good salaries, especially in specialized positions. They are a good option for anyone looking to make ends meet. You will likely find access to both part-time and full-time jobs.

This flexibility is great, particularly if you have other pursuits like going back to school. Because their services are highly sought after, you can expect steady work.

The more experience you gain and the skills you acquire, the better jobs you will be matched to. You may eventually make it to a coveted position in a field you desire.

Whatever your ambition, Kelly Services may be the best way to achieve what you want. They work with employers in all fields and across many countries.

Even with a felony record, you can still make a trial. Go through the interview process and if you do fail, try to find out why.

Some crimes may be too severe for them to hire, but many non-violent felons have succeeded. The longer it has been since the conviction, the better.

Be realistic, but hopeful. If this fails, there are other great careers and companies to pursue.

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