Does KFC Drug Test?

Applying for jobs is stressful enough. This is especially true when you do not know what to expect. The hiring process will vary from each establishment. For instance, some establishments chose to drug test potential employees.

Does KFC drug test?

Keep reading to learn more about the restaurant, their hiring process, and if they do indeed drug test.

does kfc drug test guide

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders. In Corbin, Kentucky, Sanders was a 40 year old entrepreneur who began selling fried chicken from a roadside motel during the Great Depression. Sanders strives to perfect his unique blend of herbs and spices to make his fried chicken stand apart from others.

The colonel’s fried chicken began to be well known just like his white suit he would wear whenever in public. After realising the potential for the restaurant, the concept of franchise came to mind. The first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchise opened in Utah in 1952 and Sanders hit the road to open even more. There are now over 24,000 KFC locations across The United States. There are also KFC locations in other countries around the globe.

does kfc drug test

Like the blend of 11 herbs and spices that are top secret and still used today, there are other factors of KFC that have been in place since the very beginning. For instance, the original chicken bucket has been the form of packaging since the beginning. The logo is also still an outline of Colonel Harland Sanders in his white suit!

The values of the restaurant have also remained the same since KFC’s humble beginnings. Let’s take a closer look at what those values are.

KFC Values

The values that the colonel built the restaurant are still significant and at the forefront of the company.

The Food

Kentucky Fried Chicken was the first fast dining restaurant to offer fried chicken. In order to remain relevant the restaurant is always being innovative. Whether it’s a twist on their iconic recipes, different ways to serve their food, or new items on the menu everything remains unique and fresh. They proudly serve wholesome and hot meals prepared fresh every time. Their iconic fried chicken is made with highest-quality fresh chicken meat.

does the kfc drug test


At every KFC restaurant they use natural, high-quality materials and are equipped to make each guest feel welcome and comfortable. From the table designs to the lay out of the restaurant they strive to create a friendly and upbeat experience. The company is constantly creating new restaurant formats and unique ways for you to order your meal. Therefore, you can feel comfortable and excited to enjoy your meal with your family, friend, or by oneself!


At every KFC, every employee has a passion for the food, and they serve it with pride. Each employee strives to treat every guest like a friend. This helps to make sure every customer’s experience is the best possible.

Every employee will quickly and efficiently answer any questions or concerns that a customer may have. Furthermore, they will do it with a smile!

House Rules

People join the KFC family for a wide variety of reasons, but whatever the reason is, you can’t go wrong. Whether it be their awesome training programs, the family atmosphere or the pride of serving Sander’s fried chicken, KFC sets each employee for success.

At every restaurant they look for ways to recognize their employees for their achievements. All team members help and support each other to achieve more and benefit from it.

At KFC they believe that you should come to work as the best version of yourself. Keep reading to learn more about the application process.

Hiring Process

KFC strives to make the application process as easy as possible for you.

You can begin by finding locations near you. Once you find the closest location you can begin your application online. The application will be straightforward and ask you to cover basic information. Some of the information will include your address, your work history, and you will have to disclose the fact that you have a criminal record.

If your application is deemed qualified you will get contacted for an interview. It is important to properly prepare for your interview.

does kfc drug test tip

You can prepare for your interview by practicing potential questions. For instance, you can think of times when you have successfully helped or served someone to their benefit. This way, you will be prepared with your most beneficial answer!

You should dress appropriately and be on time for your interview. This will show the hiring manager that you are responsible. Overall, when preparing for your interview, it is important to remain positive.

During this you should be completely honest and forward with all of your answers. This is especially true regarding your criminal history.

If the hiring manager thinks you will make a good addition to the team, they will offer you a position! Background check may take place but you will not have to take a drug test prior or during your employment.


Like the blend of 11 herbs and spices that are top secret and still used today, there are other factors of KFC that have been in place since the very beginning. The company remains loyal to Colonel Sanders values. The company values each and every employee.

You will find that the hiring process is as simple as it can be. You will not have to take a drug test at any part of the hiring process.

If working at KFC does not interest you, there are other establishments that do not make potential employees take a drug test.

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