Does Kohl’s Run Background Checks?

Kohl’s is best known for being one of the biggest retail department stores in the US. It is popular for its wide range of clothing brands. The company also offers furniture, furnishings, electronics, toys, and more.

It is a one-stop-shop for anything clothing and household-related. Established well over half a century ago, it is a major employer. As of 2018, they had 1,158 locations with over 122,000 associates.

For those with criminal convictions looking to join this firm, there may one key concern. Does Kohl’s run background checks?

does kohls run background checks

When you have a criminal history, it will likely affect your employability. Employers are not inclined to hire those that have been convicted of crimes. This is because they worry about safety and liability issues.

When the crimes are of a nature likely to affect work, then these concerns intensify. Some may also be worried about reputation. They fear customers and investors being repulsed by employees with this blemish on their record.

It is through background checks that employers will discover a criminal past. These reports are generated through research into criminal databases and court records.

Sometimes, depending on the type and seniority of the job, the employer may probe further. They may also want to verify DMV records, work history, academics, and more.

Before we dig deeper into the hiring policies at Kohl’s, let’s consider the kind of employer they make.

Why Work at Kohl’s?

does kohls run the background checks

With well over 1,000 locations, Kohl’s is well situated across the country. This means ample work opportunities when the stores are in service. Currently, some stores are still shut down due to Covid-19 concerns.

When it comes to pay, Kohl’s offers a competitive salary. Employees get to enjoy considerable associate merchandise discounts on quality products. They also get good medical and dental cover.

Another benefit is the wellness centers at all major offices. Those at locations without this can still enjoy fitness center and gym discounts.

Again on the financial side, they do assist with retirement planning. They offer a 401(k) plan with company match contributions.

They also offer paid vacation time and further support families with adoption assistance.

For those inclined towards volunteerism, Kohl’s is a big supporter. They offer monetary contributions towards charitable organizations that staff contribute time to. They also have dedicated products whose entire profit goes towards supporting families in need in the community.

Even for those that join as seasonal workers, there are good perks. Besides the steady weekly paycheck, they also get to enjoy a 15% associate discount. This can rise to 35% on select shop days.

Extra discounts can also apply to other purchases like movie tickets, visits to amusement parks, and more. Those that work over 30 hours a week also get medical cover.

Seasonal jobs can be found at stores and distribution centers.

So how does one join this wonderful company?

Hiring Process at Kohl’s

does kohls run the background check

Thanks to recent health and safety concerns, the hiring process at Kohl’s is predominantly undertaken remotely. This means little chance of an in-person interview where a video call will do.

The company has a careers page where all available jobs are listed. You can peruse open positions, or search by job title or location.

Each job indicates the duties and accountabilities of the role. They also indicate the location, with a handy map feature to figure out the commuting distance.

They also indicate the benefits of each job. On the side of the screen, you will find a listing of similar positions at other locations.

Should you decide to apply, you will need to log in or create an account on the site. You can then fill out the application form.

Kohl’s gets back to applicants within a week. This is typically through email to arrange an interview. It should take you to an online scheduler to book your interview date and time.

As said, interviews are now done remotely. Once concluded, you should have a final answer within a couple of days.

If an offer is extended, you will be asked to complete certain forms. Part of these are for pre-employment check processing. This means a background check and a possible drug test.

This check may take up to a week. Once cleared you will be advised of when orientation will take place.

Does Kohl’s Run Background Checks?

does kohls run a background check

Yes. Kohl’s runs background checks. They typically make it part of a conditional offer of employment. You are sent pre-employment screening forms that include consent for this.

The company policy is to comply with all required state and federal requirements. this means they likely adhere to stare reporting limits.

Each state has its own rules when it comes to how far back background checks should go. They can also define if it will only divulge convictions, or include arrests and not guilty verdicts.

Conducting a background check does not mean you must lose out on the job offer. Kohl’s reportedly considers multiple factors in arriving at a final decision. They look at the nature of the offense, how long since the conviction, and if a repeat offender.

They make decisions on a case-to-case basis. Some past and current employees have confirmed having been hired with misdemeanor and felony convictions. It is up to the applicant to make an effort to impress during the interview process.

Being forthcoming with this past may also help. You get to control more of the narrative by explaining the circumstances.


Kohl’s is a great employer for anyone with an interest in joining the retail sector. They offer good pay and benefits. They foster a generous work culture and support a good work-life balance.

And they are known to give some with criminal pasts a second chance. It is advisable to present a good resume and strive to make a positive impression during interviews. Speaking confidently yet politely is ideal.

Being forthcoming with the truth of your past is also good to avoid unpleasant surprises. Seek to briefly explain without making excuses. Also, consider ways to impress through volunteering and updating your academic qualifications.

If, however, you do not succeed, do not give up. Many other retailers are willing to hire those with a criminal history. Or, you could opt to start your own business.

Be flexible and open to new possibilities. Even if one door shuts there are many more willing to let you through if only you try.

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