Does Macy’s Run Background Checks?

Big name department stores such as Macy’s have opportunities galore. However, if you are a felon you may feel like the opportunities will not be as galore for you. As a felon, you may be in luck when trying to work at Macy’s because they are a bit more lenient.

As a company, Macy’s does not believe that a criminal record makes someone a bad employee. They deal with every applicant on a case-by-case basis. This may leave you to wonder- does Macy’s run a background check?

Keep reading to learn more about Macy’s, their application process, and your possible future!

does macys run background checks


Macy’s can be commonly recognized by its red star logo. The company became established in America in 1858. It quickly became the largest U.S department store in sales. As of 2017, the company had annual revenue of $24.8 billion.

At Macy’s, you can expect to find a very broad range of products. From home goods to general merchandise, you will find whatever it is you are looking for!

does macys run background check

The company has stores all over the country. These stores differ, some being core stores while some only sell furniture, and so on. The Macy’s store in Herald Square New York City is one of the largest department stores in the world. Covering almost an entire New York City block.

Macy’s is also known for its annual Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade takes place in New York City. The company has put the parade on since 1924.

With many stores and such a large event, there is a need for many employees. Having stores in 45 states they employ over 100,000 employees.

As a Macy’s employee you may receive some benefits. These can include discounts, health insurance, retirement benefits, and more. They are also known for having very flexible scheduling.

The hiring process is quite similar to that of most department stores. The difference being Macy’s is known for being lenient when it comes to felons.

Let’s take a closer look at the application process.

Application Process

does macys run a background check

The process will begin online. You can find the application right on Macy’s website.

The application will require some basic information to begin. This information will include things such as full name, your address, and contact information.

Macy’s is not a part of the Ban the Box Movement. This is a movement that encourages the company to remove the question regarding one’s criminal history on their application. Many companies have chosen to be a part of this movement.

You will have to answer that dreaded question regarding your criminal history. You should not let this discourage you from applying. As previously mentioned, the company has been known to hire felons in the past!

Macy’s will request to run a background check. A drug test will also be given with consent. More information on this later though!

The application also includes a section called a Position Questionnaire. This section has a series of questions regarding personality. It will take up to 35 to 40 minutes to complete.

does macys run a background checks

Questions regarding your work ethic and character will be asked. Also questions regarding how you work with others and how you would respond to problems.

While completing the position questionnaire it is important that you answer all questions honestly. This may be your time to shine! You can highlight all of your positive attributes!

You must be 18 to apply to Macy’s. There are various positions available. Most entry level positions will be a sales or merchandise associate. Customer service is another position available.

Once the application is complete Macy’s will contact you if they would like to conduct an interview!

Background Checks

does macys run a background checks

You will be asked to take a background check. If you consent, the background check will move along. The employer will gain access to your records.

Macy’s, like other companies, run background checks to protect their company. A background check informs the company regarding a person’s history in depth. Most checks will go back for seven years.

In regard to having a record, Macy’s happily hires on a case-by-case basis. There are a few things that will come into consideration. The severity of the crime will be looked into. The time that has passed since the conviction will also be considered. If the applicant is only a one-time offender this may increase their opportunities.

The severity is a main factor. More severe crimes such as a violent or sexual offense may disqualify you from receiving a job. A crime in relation to financial matters may disqualify you as well.

A background check turnaround will typically take a week. It is crucial to answer all questions honestly throughout this process. This will make the background check go smoothly.

You can run a background check on yourself. This may help you to know what Macy’s will have access to. In addition, you can properly prepare how you will answer any question regarding the information available.

There are various types of checks you can run on yourself. There are background checks, credit checks, and driving records. Though you may think you know everything on your records it can help to have it laid out in front of you.

If you’re aware of all that an employer will gain access to, you can properly prepare for any questions that may come your way.


Macy’s can be commonly recognized by its red star logo. They are the largest U.S department store when it comes to sales. Having stores in 45 states they employ over 100,000 employees.

Macy’s is very forgiving when it comes to having a criminal history. They deal with every applicant on a case-by-case basis. A background check will take place as a part of the application process.

A background check should not discourage you from applying. Many companies run them just as an extra precaution.

If you’re interested in working retail or for a different department store, keep looking! There are many opportunities at big name stores for felons.

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