Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

McDonald’s is one of the best known fast-food chain restaurants in the world. It is famous for its range of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and other combo meals.

With 13,792 locations and about 210,000 employees in the U.S. alone, it is a major employer. Globally they have over 1.7 million employees and over 37,000 outlets. Some are franchises, while others are operated by McDonald’s.

For anyone looking to join the fast-food industry, this is a key employer to consider. However, if you are a user, you may be wondering, does McDonalds drug test?

does the mcdonalds drug test

This query has become increasingly common since more states have legalized cannabis. Currently, 1 in 3 Americans lives in a state that has legalized pot. While for some this is a win for civil liberties, for employers it has become a headache.

At a federal level, cannabis continues to be classed as a schedule I narcotic. This is alongside other hardcore drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, codeine, GHB, LSD, and peyote.

For employers like McDonald’s, the consumption of any such drugs is a problem. Let’s discuss this further.

Why Drug Test?

does the mcdonalds the drug test

To help weed out drug users, employers use drug tests. They can be undertaken as part of pre-employment screening. Many will make them part of a conditional offer of employment.

Due to the cost involved, which is borne by the employer, they wait till the end of the hiring process. This is when they have narrowed down to the top few candidates.

Drug testing can however also happen randomly while employed. Many employers do this to discourage employees from risking drug use. If they think they may be randomly selected, they may be less inclined to risk their jobs.

It is also a common request when a workplace accident occurs. Due to liability issues and compensation, testing is done to affirm if the employee was responsible.

Drugs have become a problem in the workplace. Some can cause people to hallucinate, while others can make them depressed. Others can make people hyperactive and uncontrolled.

All these reactions can make drug users a danger to themselves and others. Safety concerns often make it necessary for employers to insist on drug testing.

Employers also have to be concerned about drug use because of its effects on work. Illicit drugs can badly affect a person’s ability to perform their duties. It can reduce their ability to focus, take orders, and coordinate.

So while the consumption of certain drugs, like cannabis, is legal in some places, it can still affect work. Employees have to choose between this recreational use and maintaining their jobs. Many companies, like McDonald’s, have policies against drug use that interferes with work ability.

Hiring Process at McDonald’s

does the mcdonalds drug test g

The McDonalds’ hiring process is fairly simple. You can apply for a job online, or directly at an outlet. The application forms can be found online or at restaurants.

Once you complete the online application, you will need to complete a personality test. This should take no more than half an hour.

Online applications are forwarded to the locations applied to. From here the store manager will decide if you fit their needs. If you do, he will contact you to arrange for an interview.

This interview is your chance to make a good impression. Most restaurant jobs are entry-level so they may not expect you to have experience. Being enthusiastic and confident can help make your case.

Normally, one interview is enough for the manager to make a decision. As a condition of employment, employees are asked to sign a consent form for a background check. Do not worry much about this as McDonald’s is known as a felon- friendly employer.

You will also sign documents that inform you that McDonald’s reserves the right to random drug testing. This means you may or may not be drug tested as pre-employment screening. Some locations do test all new hires, while others decide on a case-to-case basis.

Does McDonald’s Drug Test?

does the mcdonalds drug test

McDonald’s company policy and code of conduct discourage the possession or use of illicit drugs. McDonald’s employees are not permitted this or any other substance that makes them unable to work safely and effectively. Anyone found doing so may be subject to disciplinary measures.

Random or scheduled drug tests may be done. Those being promoted to senior positions are also required to be drug tested.

At the time of hiring, employees sign a contract that says they may be subject to random drug testing. Some stores also put up notices indicating that they test all job applicants.

However, employee testimonials seem to differ. Many current and former employees indicate that they have never been drug tested. Including some that claim to have worked for the company for several years.

It appears that the contract and notices are designed to discourage drug-using applicants. On the ground, the company may decide on a case-to-case basis. A few do reportedly undertake full pre-employment screening.

Drug testing can be a costly affair. Especially when you have high staff turnover and so many employees. And since franchise owners are typically small business owners, they may be more flexible.

Online testimonials suggest that McDonald’s mainly does drug testing for workplace accidents. Before any compensation, the employee involved must be tested. Failing the test can mean no compensation, no medical bill coverage, and being fired.

Reports indicate they utilize the 5-panel urine drug test. This tests for the presence of cocaine, THC, opiates, PCP, and methamphetamines.


Working in a fast food joint can be a good way to cover your bills and get regular meals. Though you will not get rich, you may be able to meet the needs of your family.

So in the interests of that steady paycheck, you may want to be careful about any illicit drug use.

While there are some ways to switch out urine samples, the techniques may be difficult to master. Especially if you are already high. Plus, these days’ clinics are careful about supervising the collection of samples.

Where you know you are to be tested, the best option may be to detox. There are many products in the market to help speed up metabolism. This way you can provide a clean sample.

Learn how long the particular drug you take lasts in your system. Known that the effect is magnified if you are a heavy rather than casual user.

If you do end up testing positive, do not despair. There are many other jobs you can pursue that do not feature this obligation. Consider these alternatives while still looking at ways to manage any addiction problems.

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