Does Menards Hire Felons?

Whether you are venturing into a new home improvement hobby or you are an experienced contractor, you may have found yourself in a Menards.

After being greeted by positive employees and getting through checkout with ease, you could have left the store wondering, does Menards hire felons?

does menards hire felons

Keep reading to learn more about the Midwest company and if there is a chance for those with a record.


Menards is one of the most well-known home improvement stores in the Midwest. Menards is a family-owned company that began in 1958. Now, the company has more than 300 stores located across the Midwest. You will find Menards in states such as Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin and Wyoming. The company’s headquarters are in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The company is known as being a leader in low prices for the home improvement industry. You may be familiar with the catchy jingle- “Save big money at Menards”. Their prices remain low and can even be compared to other home-improvement stores.

does menards hire felon

At the stocked and maintained store locations you will find yourself having an experience like no other home-improvement store can offer. Each store is built with customer convenience in mind. This is true whether you are a first time do-it-yourselfer, or an experienced contractor. You can expect to be treated like a part of the family the second you step foot in a location. Other than their low prices, this sets Menards apart from the competition.

Not only as a customer can you find satisfaction, the company is also known for being a fantastic employer. At Menards, they hire people who are hard-working, respect Midwestern values and are happy to have a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. They offer a variety of opportunities and positions at their stores, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities. Let’s take a closer look at what it is like to work for Menards.


Proper training is crucial to ensure any employee is fully prepared. Menards offers various training to make sure that every employee can thrive in their position.

The family-owned company wants to set you up for success from the very beginning. For each department there is specific training. When someone is hired into a department they will be assigned training materials to help them become familiar with the specific department. This also helps the new team member to feel comfortable selling the products in the department. You will work alongside experienced department members

Menards also offers In-Home Training as an optional program for their current team members. This style of training is designed to help team members further their knowledge of products and the duties in their department. This in turn results in team members giving better service to guests. Though it is optional as an employee, this will benefit you greatly if you choose to participate. It will also show your dedication to the position and set you apart from others.

does menards hire the felons

As an employee at Menards there is plenty of room for growth. The company offers advancement training programs. This training is designed to review management positions, as well as possible corporate opportunities. If you are looking to move up in the company, it will provide you with training on how to apply and how to ensure you are a great fit for the position.

Menards also has recruitment program events. You can look on their website to find out when and where the next recruitment event will be held. At these events you can learn more about the company and meet with actual Menard’s employees.

Regardless of the position that you are applying for they set you up for success at Menards. Let’s look closer at some of the positions offered by the company.


With home improvement centers scattered across the Midwest, there are plenty of opportunities available. These opportunities are in various fields and they are available to those with a criminal history! Menards will not automatically disqualify your application for having a criminal history. The hiring manager will deal with every applicant on a case by case basis. This means taking into consideration the position in which you are applying for.

Let’s take a closer look at some positions that might interest you in the store division of Menards.


The store division offers both part-time and full-time positions. There are opportunities in various departments. Some of these include, but are not limited to, a cashier, stocking, and sales.


There are a few crucial things that are expected of you as a cashier. You are held accountable for maintaining an efficient and orderly flow of customer traffic in the checkout lane. You have the chance to give the customers the best quality service. You are typically the last employee that a customer will interact with. This is why it is crucial to provide fast, friendly, and accurate service at the registers!

does menards hire the felon

There are certain requirements in order to be considered for the position. As a cashier you must have good basic math skills. This is because you will have to handle payment transactions. You will also be required to have proper time management skills. This will help to efficiently keep the flow of the checkout line.

It is not a requirement to have a past job that involves customer service but it can be extremely beneficial. This will ensure that you can provide friendly service to each and every guest that comes through your checkout line.


If you are a morning person, being a stocker at Menards is a position that may be perfect for you. Stocking Team Members work a morning schedule to make sure that the store is ready for guests. The schedule is extremely flexible. You can be needed anywhere from three to five days each week. It is a great option as a part-time position.

Stockers are responsible for a few import aspects of the store. As a stocker your job is to keep shelves and displays full and faced with products for Customers. You are expected to stock merchandise on the floor in a quick and efficient manner.

Some requirements for this position are to be physically able and have a good sense of time management. Though these hours are often not long, they do require heavy lifting and a need for things to be done on time.


Sales Team Members are responsible for upholding a Fun and Friendly experience for all guests!

A Sales Team Member has multiple responsibilities. Overall, the most important is to tend to all customers. You must be able to communicate effectively with customers and answer any questions they may have. As a Sales Team Member you are also responsible for keeping a clean, organized store with all items fully stocked on the shelves.

Having experience in customer service is not a requirement but it can be extremely beneficial. It will also help your application to stand apart from others.


Menards is one of the most well-known home improvement stores in the Midwest. The company is known for being a fantastic employer. At Menards, they hire people who are hard-working, respect Midwestern values and are happy to have a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.

At Menards they will not disregard your application for having a criminal history. There are plenty of opportunities for those looking for a job. Some of the in-store positions include, but are not limited to, a cashier, stocking, and sales.

If a position at Menards does not necessarily interest you, don’t give up! There are plenty of opportunities out there for those with a record.

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