Does Nordstrom Run Background Checks?

In the retail world, you will find different types of companies. Amongst the most prestigious are luxury department stores that cater to clientele with deeper pockets.

Nordstrom’s is a widely known luxury department store. It has 100 stores across 40 states, with over 70,000 employees. For anyone looking to build a career in retail, this is a top pick as an employer.

Those with a criminal history may however find securing jobs at big retailers tougher. So, does Nordstrom run background checks? Let’s find out.

does nordstrom run background checks

The career opportunities in this company are often plentiful. They have expanded strategically, especially in the e-commerce direction. This is thanks to recent shopping trends that have seen shoppers opt to go the online route.

This means there is a demand for employees in a wide range of departments.

So what are the benefits of working at Nordstrom’s?

Why Work at Nordstrom?

does nordstrom run background check

One of the biggest perks to working here is the healthy pay package. Even entry-level positions are highly competitive thanks to the good pay offered.

The company also offers a great benefits package. It includes health care coverage and employer-matching retirement benefits.

For anyone in the retail business, there is also some prestige attached to working for such a company. Because it is so well-known and respected, people are quite proud to tell others about working there.

In some positions, working for such a luxury store often comes with travel opportunities. Not just to the various stores owned by the company, but also locations of the many brands they work with.

As part of the job involves maintaining a certain standard of style, there are steep employee discounts offered. This helps employees gain access to top fashion brands at a fraction of the retail price.

Nordstrom is quite a large company with many departments and locations. There is ample room to gain wide experience and get promoted.

So though the work can be demanding, with many long hours, it can be a rewarding career. The workplace culture is quite good. The company has consistently been listed as amongst the best companies to work for by Fortune 100.

So given all these upsides, how does one go about securing a job here?

Application Process

does the nordstrom run background check

Like many other major companies, Nordstrom has its own careers page. Job applicants must create an online profile to apply for positions.

You can peruse the available jobs and click on what you are best suited. You will need to complete the online application and upload your resume.

Applicants typically get a response from the human resource department in a matter of days. Jobs are available at their many store locations and the headquarters in Seattle.

Interviews are typically face-to-face, but recent events may result in more phone or video conference interviews.

After the interview, the company will run a thorough background check. This means it can take a few weeks to receive a final answer on your application.

What does the background check entail and how will it affect your candidacy?

How Nordstrom Background Checks Work?

As mentioned, Nordstrom conducts background checks after one passes the interview stage.

Just as with other retailers, there is significant concern about risks to the safety of customers and other staff. Therefore, the company is not inclined to hire those with violent offenses on their record.

Also, because the stores handle expensive merchandise, theft and fraud records are of concern.

As felony offenses are considered the most serious, they can cause one to lose out on a job.

However, not all felons are excluded. Those whose offenses are quite old may stand a chance. Especially if they are past state guidelines on the limits for reporting. Many states have set a seven or ten-year limit on this.

Note that personal impressions matter a lot when doing interviews. Making a strong impression on the interviewer and coming clean on your past can greatly help.

It is also advisable to run a background check on yourself. Getting this report will let you know what Nordstrom will likely discover. You can then cover your bases by mentioning all this history early on.

Proving that you have the right personality and qualifications for the job can help your case. But also consider how you can prove that you are rehabilitated and can be trusted.

Try to include strong references in your resume that have a good reputation. they can help establish that you are a changed person worthy of a second chance.

Besides criminal background checks, the company may also perform a credit check. Depending on the particular job, you may also have your DMV records and academic records verified.

Tips for Passing the Interview

does nordstrom run the background check

After a successful application, job candidates can expect to go through an interview process. This is a good opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to stay up-to-date on everything Nordstrom. Review the company history and check on recent news articles and other trending reports. Demonstrate your passion for they do by showcasing your knowledge.

There is a good chance the interviewer will bring up something recent. This is to help gauge just how interested you are in the affairs of the company. Try to discuss intelligently and informatively on the topic raised.

Go over some of the common questions they ask during interviews. They share them on their website and there are several articles on the same online. Get a friend to help you rehearse your responses.

Also, be prepared with your own questions. The interviewer will give you a chance to ask anything, so do not be silent. Feel free to even ask about the salary.

Note that the standard of etiquette in such a business can be quite high. visit one of their stores in your area and interact with staff. This should help give you an idea of the kind of demeanor expected.

Also, remember to dress well. You do not have to wear haute couture, but do give the impression that you are a good fit for the company. Speak respectfully and cheerfully.


There is no doubt that securing a job at Nordstrom’s is a big deal. They offer one of the most competitive pay and benefits packages in the industry. They are also great at rewarding good performance and offering training.

Though felons are handicapped by their criminal pasts, they still stand a chance here. This depends mainly on the severity of the offense and how long since conviction.

Your personality, intelligence, and potential also play a role in the hiring decision. While the company is cautious about hiring felons, they do value these characteristics. Hiring managers are given much autonomy in deciding who to hire based on this.

If your offenses are not serious and quite old, you may also want to consider an expungement. In some states, you may even find that some felonies can be downgraded to misdemeanors. This can help make the case that you are not that much of a risk.

Whatever your criminal background, you should still strive for your dreams. Building a solid career in a good company is the aim of many people. Put in the effort and you may be surprised by the results.

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