Does Olive Garden Hire Felons?

There are certain industries that are more welcoming to felons than others. For instance, the restaurant industry is very felon friendly.

It may be best to apply to a restaurant that you are familiar with. You may be wondering, does Olive Garden hire felons?

Keep reading to learn more about the restaurant as well as their hiring process.

does olive garden hire felons

Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a well known American restaurant chain. It is recognized for its affordable Italian-American dishes offered in a comfortable, casual setting.

The company has over 800 locations globally, with its headquarters in Florida. The first Olive Garden actually began in Florida in 1982.

does olive garden hire felon

Olive Garden recently delved into the world of smaller portions and delivery. The company is doing so to keep up with the changing times of the restaurant industry. Their logo has even adapted a more modern look.

As a company, Olive garden believes in genuinely. This refers to their recipes all the way to their employees. Olive Garden believes they have something to offer for everyone.

Does Olive Garden sound like a company you would like to work for? Keep reading to find out more about the company’s hiring process.

Positions Available

does olive garden hire the felon

The restaurant industry is one of the industries that are most welcoming to felons.

At Olive Garden, there are some things that are guaranteed. Flexible schedules are one instance. This is very beneficial if you are a person who has many other obligations in life. Olive Garden also offers job training and career advancement.

All positions include some sort of perk. This ranges from shift meals to medical/dental insurance.

Overall, the company wants to provide a great culture for every employee. This means that every employee is treated as family. Every employee’s opinion matters and is valued.

In any position at Olive Garden, you will be treated as a family member. If there are any questions or issues you run into, your coworkers will assist you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the positions available at Olive Garden.


does the olive garden hire the felon

As a server, you would take on a bit of responsibility. When it comes down to it, you are the one in charge of how much money you make.

As a server you will be the face of Olive Garden. You greet the table as they seat for their meal and you see them out once they have made their payment for their experience.

It is important to have good communication and organization skills in this position.

You will thrive from your customer reviews in this position so it is important to do a good job.


As a busser, you will play an essential role in customer satisfaction. You must work quickly and efficiently to keep the restaurant in perfect condition.

A busser’s top priority is to clean up after guests. This means while guests are still seated as well. A table should never have multiple used dirty dishes.

This role requires a good sense of time management. Having a sense of communication and people skills can also benefit you.


does olive garden hire the felons

The heart of the restaurant is in the kitchen! In this role. It is important to have a passion for cooking. This will ensure that each meal comes out the best that it possibly can.

You must have great communication skills. Being able to properly communicate with other coworkers is very important. This helps so that each meal is delivered to the guests correctly.

As a cook, safety and sanitation procedures are very important.

It is important to pay close attention to details. There will be many orders that come in with food allergies or special requests. These must be made correctly to avoid any mishaps.


A manager at an Olive Garden takes on a lot of responsibility. As a manager, you oversee everything going on at the restaurant. This means ensuring that each and every guest is satisfied with the service.

A manager will deal with any problems that may arise. It is important for a manager to have a level head as well problem solving skills.

This is the highest position at the restaurant. A manager will deal with hiring and firing employees.

Just because you do not start off as a manager does not mean you can’t move up in the company.

Let’s go over the application process for Olive Garden.

Application Process

does the olive garden hire the felons

The application process can be started online. You can find available positions near you on the website.

Once you find the position you are interested in you can begin the application.

The application will be quite simple and require basic information.

It is best to lead with all of your positive traits! You should be completely honest about all of your experience and history as well. Olive Garden does run a background check. This should not discourage a felon form applying.

A background check is run to make sure that the company makes a good hire. A background check informs the company regarding a person’s history in depth. Most checks will go back for seven years

In addition to being honest, you should be knowledgeable about your past. Knowing all of the information that will be presented can help you to adequately answer any questions that come up

Chance for Felons?

In regard to having a record, Olive Garden happily hires on a case-by-case basis. There are a few things that will come into consideration. The severity of the crime will be looked into. The time that has passed since the conviction will also be considered. If the applicant is only a one-time offender this may increase their opportunities.

As a company, Olive Garden cares more about a positive attitude and good work ethic. Olive Garden will not discriminate against. They take pride in their diversity and inclusion as a company!


The restaurant industry is very felon friendly.

Olive Garden is a great company to apply to as an ex con. It is important to be honest and positive throughout the whole process.

If working at Olive Garden does not interest you there are plenty of job opportunities out there.

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