Does Pepsi Hire Felons?

Finding a job after having been incarcerated is crucial. It may feel overwhelming when deciding where to begin with the job search.

It may be easiest to look into a job for a company that is large and well known. This helps to give yourself credibility as well as increases your chances because at large companies there are numerous opportunities.

does pepsi hire felon

Being one of the most well known brand names in The United States, you may wonder, does Pepsi hire felons?

Keep reading to find out more about Pepsi as a company as well as if they do hire felons.


Pepsi was not always known by that familiar name. The Pepsi drink was first known as “Brad’s Drink” in 1893. A drugstore owner by the name of Caleb Bradham originally had made and sold the beverage at his store.

The name soon changed. In 1898, the beverage was renamed as Pepsi. This was because it was thought to relieve symptoms of dyspepsia. Dyspepsia can also be simply known as an upset stomach. It is when the digestion system is not working properly. This is also simply known as indigestion. The original recipe was supposed to aid in digestion as well

does the pepsi hire felon

Caleb Bradham’s drugstore bottling process soon turned into a warehouse process. This was the year of 1903, when Pepsi became nation-wide. Pepsi as a company was suddenly selling gallons of the syrup to various companies.

Now, Pepsi is a world wide product. It is sold all around the globe. For example it is sold in places like India, Europe, and even South Africa.

Pepsi-Cola  paired with Frito-Lay to make what is described as a match made in heaven! Salty snacks and delicious beverages? What more could you ask for? The company as a whole has many products like bottled water known as Aquafina.

There is a rivalry existing between the two leading beverages companies  in The United States, Pepsi and Coca Cola. The two initial drinks these companies have to offer are very similar. It has even been questioned if someone can actually tell the difference between the two.

As a company they have missions regarding their customers, their shareholders, our planet, and their employees. Their mission for their employees is to create meaningful work opportunities, while building successful careers. Their mission is to also let their employees gain new skills while providing a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Pepsi is dedicated to providing the best workplace possible for their employees.

Ban the Box

does the pepsi hire felons

You may have heard about the Ban The Box Movement. The Ban the Box Movement strives towards helping felons finding a job. It is a movement that is actually purely for felons.

If a company is a part of the movement they have to remove all questions on their application regarding criminal history. This means you can say goodbye to that awful question. It also means you will not be initially judged! In simple terms, your application will not be automatically passed because of a box checked yes.

A criminal history should not have to define your future. This is why this movement is so important. You are not required to disclose the fact that you have a criminal history. This does not mean that you should not be honest, it just means you would be fine, legally, if you don’t initially state any information regarding your criminal history.

As a felon, Ban the Box gives you an opportunity to show who you have become. It lets your criminal history take a back seat! This gives you every opportunity to put your best foot forward when applying for a job.

The list consists of various companies from coast to coast. All sorts of companies are on this list. Companies like Target, Starbucks, and Uber are on the list. All of which are in different areas of business. All of which will not question you on your criminal history on the initial application!

Pepsi is on the Ban The Box List! This is a huge step in the right direction for felons. It means that Pepsi will hire you even if you are a felon! They do not discriminate against those with criminal history.

Let’s take a closer look at the application for working at Pepsi.

Application Process

does the pepsi hire a felon

At Pepsi, there are many opportunities for their employees to make a meaningful impact, gain new skills, and thoroughly enjoy their job.

There are many opportunities at Pepsi. Some are entry-level positions while some require College degrees or certain certifications and licenses.

The application can begin online. You would first start by searching the job that you are interested in as well as your location.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these positions.

A warehouse associate would be a position that may interest a convicted felon. As a warehouse worker, you would deal with loading and unloading the products that are in stock. This is loading and unloading products from trucks. It requires someone who is physically able and has good organizational skills.

A Pepsi representative is another position that might interest a felon. This job would require good communications and personal skills. Pepsi reps go to various locations to urge others to carry Pepsi products.

A delivery driver is another job that may interest you as a felon. This position would require certain licenses as well as passing certain tests. As a delivery driver you would drive the delivery vehicle, loaded with products, to the location. Once at the location the delivery driver would unload the truck and ensure the location’s order is fulfilled.

There are many other positions that are available to felons at Pepsi, those are just to mention a few.

When you decide on a position and have concluded that it is available at your location, you can begin the application online.

As previously mentioned, Pepsi is a part of  the Ban The Box Movement. The application will not require you to answer any question regarding your criminal history.

If a hiring manager deems your application as qualified, you will be contacted for an in person interview. Even though you aren’t required to check a box on the application about your criminal history does not mean you shouldn’t inform the interviewer.

There will be a background check. This is one of the reasons it is so important to be upfront about your criminal history. This is because the information will end up presenting itself regardless.


Pepsi, as a product and as a brand,  is known worldwide.

As a company, they strive to do the best by their employees. They offer many opportunities for their employees to gain new skills as well as thrive in a diverse environment.

Pepsi is a part of the Ban The Box Movement. This means you will not have to reveal your criminal history on your initial application. Pepsi does hire felons! It is important to always be honest about your criminal history though.

If a position at Pepsi does not necessarily interest you, there are plenty of other options out there for felons.

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