Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons?

As a felon, it may be overwhelming when it comes to job applications. You may feel like your criminal record is the only thing the employer will see.

There are many establishments out there that will not judge you solely on your record. These companies are not too hard to find either! Many restaurants are felon friendly.

It may leave you wondering, does Pizza Hut hire felons?

Read on to learn more about Pizza Hut and their hiring process!

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, an American restaurant chain, is known for its American Italian cuisine. Their menu offers pizza, pasta, sides, and even desserts! The logo for the chain can be easily recognized due to its resemblance to an actual hut.

Pizza Hut has over 18,500 restaurants worldwide. This makes Pizza Hut the world’s largest pizza chain when it comes to locations. The company employs over 350,000 people. As a result, there are many job positions available for those who are looking.

There are several formats of the restaurant when it comes to the locations. There is the original dine-in style locations, carry-out only locations, as well as delivery options at some. There are some locations that offer dine-in, carry-out, and delivery. Some other formats include Pizza Hut Italian Bistro as well as Pizza Hut Express.

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felon

As a company, they strive to bring the community together.

Pizza Hut has been known for donating pizzas to those who have been affected by natural disasters. They implement programs to encourage literacy. They also often run food drives to donate to those in need.

Reviews from employees show that it is a great company to work for. Pizza Hut offers benefits, flexible hours, and free meals on each shift. In particular, Pizza Hut offers education benefits.

Does Pizza Hut sound like the right fit for you? Keep reading to learn more.

If working for this company in particular does not interest you there are many job opportunities in restaurants available!

Pizza Hut Jobs

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felon

With over 18,500 restaurants worldwide, there are plenty of jobs available at Pizza Hut.

Production jobs include most of the jobs that would most likely be available to a felon. These jobs include team members and cooks.

Team Members where dine-in is offered will take on responsibilities such as hosting or serving. The job would require greeting and seating customers. Taking orders, submitting orders to the kitchen, and processing payments would be another requirement if delivery is offered.

At locations in which they provide the option for delivery, boxing orders and preparing them for the drivers in another responsibility. Having efficient communicative skills is essential. Communication skills for this position are important to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Team members can also take on the job of wait staff, this would require great customer service skills. As well as responsibility for one’s own work ethic and success.

Cooks have the job of preparing all orders that are placed while maintaining a clean and neat work environment. Another responsibility of this job is to be able to work well with others. You will have to work as a team to ensure that all food is properly made.

There are other jobs offered through Pizza Hut such as delivery drivers, and shift managers. For both of these positions, a valid license is required.

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons?

Does Pizza Hut Hire the Felons

Pizza Hut is a wonderful job for someone who is looking to start on a new path. Pizza Hut is known as an Equal Opportunity Employer. They have a policy in place against discrimination regarding previous convictions.

Different locations each have their own hiring policies but, an applicant will not be automatically disqualified due to a criminal record.

There are policies in place that depending on the crime certain positions may not be available. These positions include being a delivery driver or a shift manager.

Pizza Hut is looking to help you get back on your feet. Pizza Hut offers education and health benefits. This is a very positive aspect of working for their company.

Shift meals are also provided by the company. Meaning, once you are done working hard you can enjoy a delicious meal on the house!

Application Process

Does Pizza Hut Hire Felons

The application process begins on Pizza Hut’s official website. You will be able to choose a location and see the available positions at the location.

Once you choose a job that is available and that you would like to apply for, the rest of the process is straight forward. The application asks a few basic questions. Pizza Hut is not a part of the Ban the Box movement.

The Ban the Box movement purpose is to remove the question on applications regarding one’s criminal history.

When answering the questions on the Pizza Hut application it is important to be honest. If you are honest from the very start, the whole process will go smoothly.

Background Check

A background check and a drug test will be given before an official hire.

Franchises do have their own criteria and hiring process. This means that the background checks can be administrated through various third parties.

Background checks are done to protect the company, their other employees, and customers.

A background check should not discourage someone from applying to jobs. As long as there is honesty and positivity from the beginning, a background check is just a checkpoint!


Finding a job as a felon does not have to be so difficult. There are plenty of companies out there striving to make the process easier for you.

Pizza Hut is a great job option to consider as a felon. They are known as an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Pizza Hut offers health and education benefits. They also offer shift meals and opportunities to help out in your community.

Always stay positive and honest throughout the application process!

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