Does Postmates Run Background Checks?

The Covid pandemic has done much to change how people live their lives. Many of the things they took for granted are no longer so easily accessible. Going out to eat at your favorite restaurant is among them.

However, thanks to delivery firms like Postmates, there is a possible solution. They offer a delivery service from a variety of restaurants and stores. They operate in almost 3,000 cities and a workforce of well over 5,000.

For anyone looking to join this popular service, there is a common query. Does Postmates run background checks?

does postmates run background checks

With millions having some kind of arrest or conviction record, finding work can be difficult. This is because employers use background checks to ascertain criminal records.

Where they find such records, they are often biased against the offender. More so when the type of job clashes with the nature of the offense. The more severe the offense and recent the conviction, the less likely one is to be hired.

This discrimination often makes it hard for felons to stay on the straight and narrow. Without work to support them and their families, the risk of recidivism rises.

Second chance initiatives Ban-the-Box and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are designed to help with this. They encourage employers to give felons a fair job evaluation. That is before bringing in the issue of background checks at the end of the hiring process.

Before we discuss if Postmates supports such initiatives, let’s look at the merits of working here.

Why Work for Postmates?

does postmates run background check

This delivery service has a pretty high standard. They assure deliveries of all sorts within an hour. To fulfill this, they need a substantial workforce.

They recruit independent contractors, or Postmates, with a variety of vehicles. You can work using anything from a bike to a mini-van. So if you have some vehicle, you can likely join in this gig economy.

During peak demand hours, Postmates can earn very good tips. They are entitled to 100% of these tips. Which can make for good money on a good day with timely deliveries.

The company reports that some can make as much as $25 an hour. The hours are flexible so this can be a good side hustle for when you are free. It also means making an income while attending to other obligations.

As long as you can make deliveries, they do not have any set academic standards. This means you can start young and not have to worry about rigid qualifications.

For those that have been in prison and lack work history or academic qualifications, this is helpful. They can get to earning money immediately. Without worrying about competing with other better-educated candidates.

Mastering the job is also fairly easy so little time is wasted on orientation or training.

With all these benefits, you may be wondering how does one sign-on?

How to Join Postmates?

does the postmates run background check

You will need to complete an online application. This should take just a few minutes. Some details requested include names, address, type of vehicle, and model of your mobile device.

If using a motorized vehicle, you will need to submit your driver’s license number. You also need to provide social security. You will also be asked to consent to a background check.

Besides completing this application, you will also need to meet other requirements. These include:

  • Being at least 18 years’ old
  • Residing at or near one of the Postmates markets
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Own a functioning bike, scooter, motorcycle, or car
  • Have valid insurance
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Own a suitable smartphone

Once you meet the requirements and clear the background check, they will request that you upload a current photo. You will then be sent a branded Postmates bag. You will also be sent a debit card you will be using to make payments on purchases for clients.

Income is made off certain variable charges applied to deliveries. This can be completed pickups, drop-offs, and waiting time on either.

Additional fees are earned for covering the delivery distance at a per-mile rate. And Postmates get to keep 100% of their tips. Postmates are paid weekly via linked accounts.

Does Postmates Run Background Checks?

does the postmates run background checks

Yes. They do run background checks. They ask for consent to perform these checks on the application form.

This includes both criminal background checks and driving history checks. The latter applies to those that will be using a motorized vehicle.

The company abides by state reporting limits. Most will set a 5-10-year limit, after which the records no longer appear in reports.

Since deliveries have to be timely, chances are they are not going to accept someone with many driving violations.

Frequent accidents, DUIs, or license suspensions may be cause for concern. You may not get orders fulfilled in good time.

When it comes to the criminal background check they likely factor in how recent the conviction is. They will also consider the severity of the offense and if it relates to the job role.

Chances are offenses that relate to sexual assault, violence, theft, and drugs are disqualifiers.

Postmates has to factor in the reliability of their service and the safety of customers and vendors.


Postmates can be a great gig for those in need of extra cash. With some earning highs of up to $25 an hour. Many jobs that pay that much require a four-year degree.

For someone with a criminal record and difficulty finding work, this can be a good opportunity. You do not have to even invest much to join up. If you are fit, you can even use a bike to make deliveries.

The more deliveries and the greater the distance covered, the more money you make.

Since the application process is free and simple, do make a trial. If you can seek an expungement of your records. This can help here and in other job applications.

Also, note that sometimes errors occur. It helps to run your own background check and see what pops up. If there are mistakes, request corrections to avoid missed opportunities.

If your application falls through anyway, consider these great alternative jobs.

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