Does Precision Castparts Hire Felons?

Some companies are not widely known, but their products serve us regularly. One such company is Precision Castparts. They manufacture engines and other components used in aerospace, automotive, and general industries.

You may be familiar with some of their clients. These include General Electric and Boeing.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, the company is over 60 years old. It also employs over 20,000 staff and operates more than 150 facilities.

For anyone interested in engineering and manufacturing this is a worthwhile employer to consider. This includes felons with the right skills. But does Precision Castparts hire felons?

does precision castparts hire felons

It is quite common to see ex-cons in retail jobs. From Costco to Goodwill, they tend to gravitate towards seasonal jobs. This hopefully allows them to transition to something more permanent

Such jobs are not usually their top choice. It is just that most employers are reluctant to hire felons. So they have to go where there is a strong demand for employees. Especially around the holiday seasons.

Many big retailers lack enough staff and are willing to lower the bar to secure recruits. Because second chance employers are so tough to come by, felons are often discouraged. Even if qualified for better jobs, they go where they have the best chances.

For those with more technical skills like engineering, a job at Precision Castparts would be ideal. Let’s look at what such an employer has to offer.

Why Work for Precision Castparts?

does precision castparts hire felon

The company offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package. Benefits include health and life insurance cover. They also offer flexible spending accounts and employee assistance programs.

Paid vacation time and sick leave are also standard. To aid with retirement plans the company also offers an employer matching 401(k) plan. Those looking to pursue higher education also get some level of tuition assistance funding.

The nature of work they do can very challenging. This can be appealing to certain personalities that thrive in such fast-paced environments.

There are ample chances for career growth along diverse paths. With good performance and improved skills, there is greater access to new opportunities. Performance is often used as the benchmark when it comes to promotions and getting bonuses.

The widespread nature of the company also gives a chance for transfers. Those that would like to relocate to new places get to plenty of locations to choose from.

This level of exposure and support can be of big benefit to those that eventually choose to move on. They get to network and boost their skills such that they make an attractive recruit for other firms.

With all these upsides, how does one join this workforce?

Hiring Process at Precision Castparts

does precision castparts hire a felons

The company has a careers page on its website. Applications are made through this portal.

You can immediately browse through the various positions available. The general list indicates the job title and application deadline.

Refining this search is possible by location, division, function, or position type. Position type refers to whether the job is permanent, full-time, part-time, or an internship.

Each job listing provides a lot of helpful information. Each begins by indicating the location, division, function, and position type on offer. They also indicate the expected start date for the job.

They then give a profile of the company. And a summary of the duties and responsibilities of the job. Thereafter are the qualifications and required skills.

If you meet the requirements, then you can click on the ‘Apply’ button at the end. You are then taken to a new page where you can either upload your resume or complete an online form.

You will be requested to register an account with the site to perform these actions. Know that the email you provide will be the main channel of communication with the company. You can also set up your account to receive job alerts if you do not find a suitable listing.

After completing all the fields, you may need to undertake an online assessment. A pop-up window will appear to allow you do this. It is best to make your application while on a laptop or desktop computer.

Be aware that Precision Castparts does undertake comprehensive background checks. They verify all information. This includes your identity, employment history, qualifications, and bank details.

They may also undertake credit reference checks. Criminal background reports will only be requested if relevant to the nature of the job. Written consent will be sought from the applicant for this.

Does Precision Castparts Hire Felons?

does precision castparts hire a felon

The company has confirmed that they do not have any policies that prohibit them from hiring felons. They may however conduct background checks. These checks can be quite extensive and include criminal and credit investigations.

The company also indicates that they may ask about criminal history during the interview process.

Precision Castparts has also confirmed that they have previously hired felons. Online testimonials from past and current employees also seem to confirm this.

The company appears to place more emphasis on talent than history. It would seem that unless the crime conflicts with the role, a felon can be hired.

They may also consider hiring felons to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This is a federal tax benefit granted to companies that take on certain target groups.

Felons are amongst these groups. The companies can claim around $9,600 per employee in tax credits per year.

However, given the highly specialized nature of these jobs, you will need to have the skills and qualifications. They may also have a threshold for experience unless joining as a new graduate.

If you have these, then do consider applying to this company. If not, you may want to build up your resume elsewhere. These are highly competitive jobs with many requirements.

Tips to Getting Hired

Ensure that you have the requisite skills and requirements to suit the role. Try to find strong references that can support your application.

Be entirely honest when applying. They expect you to give details without going overboard.

If you manage to secure an interview, be ready for it. Practice your interview skills and study up on the firm and what they do.

They need to know you are passionate about the business and can communicate well.

Be sure to keep checking your email and account to remain up-to-date. You can use this to schedule your interviews and check on any new listings.


Precision Castparts is a lucrative employer. There are many great benefits for those that desire to work in manufacturing and engineering.

It is a tough field to join. You have to have certain skills, training, and experience. If you do, then this is a great company to target.

There are also a few entry-level positions that have lower requirements. Jobs such as cable technician and machinist. However, even these are highly competitive as many non-offenders do apply to them.

You would have to prove yourself an exceptional candidate otherwise. They are willing to give felons a chance if the crime does not conflict with the job.

They will also have to abide by whatever federal, state, and local laws that apply. This means that certain issues like reporting limits may be to your benefit. If the criminal record is quite old, then the company may receive a report that excludes it.

It is advisable to request your own background check report to be aware of what they will discover. If the reporting limit has kicked in, you can look at how to have your record updated.

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