Does Safeway Hire Felons?

There are certain industries that are more likely to hire felons those with a past conviction than others. For instance, grocery stores and retailers are more likely to give someone a second chance.

So, does Safeway hire felons?

Keep reading to learn more about the positions offered through Safeway, and if they do indeed, hire felons.

Jobs at Safeway

Safeway has many positions to offer in various areas of the company.  For instance, they have positions available at the store, as a delivery driver, or warehouse workers and much more! Today we are going to take a look at a few positions that may be available near you!


The supermarket chain has stores that are in 19 various states. In stores they provide grocery items, food and general merchandise. They also  feature a variety of specialty departments, such as bakery, delicatessen, floral and pharmacy. In some select stores you will even happen upon a Starbucks!

does safeway hire a felon

When you begin browsing for positions at a location near you, you will find a variety of jobs. They offer part-time, full-time or management positions at all stores.

One position in particular is the “Person In Charge”. Let’s take a closer look at what this position would happen to consist of.

Person in Charge

This position is similar to that of being a manager. In the absence of any managers, the other employees would look to the person in charge.

To be in this position of authority you must execute friendly, courteous, and helpful service. You will take the responsibility for any decisions made as well as properly answer any other employee’s questions. You would have to maintain a high level of familiarity with all company policies and procedures.

You would also have to be familiar with each and every department at your store. This means being qualified to work in any department. For instance, you would have to know how to help at the deli counter while also knowing how to run the cash register to check customers out.

Prior experience as a cashier clerk or manager can be beneficial but it is not a requirement.

Now that you are aware of a position in-store. Let’s take a look at positions that are a bit more on the go.

Delivery Driver

Working for Safeway as a delivery driver is an awesome opportunity to experience life on the go. This position is exciting as you are constantly on the move.

The delivery drivers for Safeway do not have to use their own vehicle! Yes, this means no wear and tear on your vehicle. Safeway provides the delivery truck for you! This is not a CDL driving position. It is required that you have a valid license in the state in which you are applying in.

does the safeway hire a felon

A sense of time management and customer service is crucial in this position. You must be able to provide extraordinary service because as a delivery driver, you end up being the face of the company.

You also must be trustworthy and responsible due to the fact that you are bringing groceries to other people’s personal residences.

A few other qualifications are you must be at least 21 years of age and you must be able to work independently.

There are also positions in the warehouse where you may find yourself working independently.

Warehouse Jobs

There are many positions available through the company as a whole in warehouse settings. Albertsons’ Safeway has 19 manufacturing plants and 27 distribution centers. These warehouses deal with all of the 2,300 stores and of course with Safeway stores in particular.

Though there are multiple positions that would be available to you at a warehouse, being a janitor or in a maintenance position would give you the opportunity to work more independently.


In the position of a janitor you would perform all sanitation duties at the warehouse building. This includes offices, lunchroom, restrooms, and surrounding property.

You must be physically able to perform certain tasks. For instance, the job requires constant lifting, walking, bending, and standing. You must pass a pre-employment physical abilities to ensure you will be capable of the tasks at hand.

Safety is a priority at Safeway! As a janitor, you need to be able to properly use cleaning chemicals. This is crucial to avoid any incidents.

You must have open availability to become a janitor at one of the warehouses. It is a 24 – 7 operation with shifts happening throughout all 24 hours of the day.

Keep reading to learn about the application process for any of the previously mentioned positions.

Application Process

Candidates can apply for Safeway jobs online and in person. The company makes the process easy online. You can simply search your location and find all of the existing opportunities available. If you do not find one that interests you, don’t fret! You can go to the store’s location to apply and meet with a manager.

Applying online does give potential employees the option to include a resume. This can be a very beneficial time to highlight your best skills and any reputable experience.

does the safeway hire a felon tips

While filling out the application, you should do so carefully and make sure no sections are left without answers. Unfortunately, Safeway is not a part of the Ban The Box movement. Don’t let this discourage you though, the company will not automatically disqualify you for having a criminal history.

Every applicant will be dealt with on a case by case basis. This means it is important to be honest and positive throughout the process. Be truthful regarding any past convictions and show how far you have come.

It is important to be honest also due to the fact that a background check will take place.

Background Check

Employers run a background check to ensure that the company is making a sound hire. This means avoiding someone who may pose a possible threat to the establishment. A background check will help to confirm that a person is who they claim to be.

does the safeway hire a felon tip

Once a background check has been done an employer will gain access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

You may feel intimidated by a background check.  This is especially true if you have bettered yourself from your past mistakes; or have been denied by other establishments based on being an ex-convict. Safeway will not automatically discredit your application due to having a criminal history. You should be honest and upfront before the background check takes place.

A background check shows all convictions and non-convictions. Running a check on yourself can show what the hiring manager will have access to.

Some establishments have more extensive checks than others. Some companies choose to drug test their employees.

Safeway does run a background check in order to keep their employees, and customers as safe as possible


Safeway is an American supermarket chain that was founded in 1915. At a Safeway store you can expect to find all of your grocery needs and more.

One position that may interest you at a Safeway store is “person in charge”. If you are interested in any position at Safeway you should apply. The company will not automatically disqualify you for having a criminal history.

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