Does Sears Hire Felons?

Sears has had a long and enviable run. It is one of the oldest department store brands. It has been in operation since 1893.

At the height of its popularity, it had over 1,500 stores. The one-time largest U.S. retailer has sadly suffered much decline in recent years.

The holiday season does however offer some hope. The brand is offering more full-time and part-time positions.

For those with criminal records looking to get hired, there is some concern. Does Sears hire felons?

Does the Sears Hire a Felons

There are millions of people with blemished criminal records, across the U.S. While this does not make them bad workers, it does affect their employability.

Employers are instinctively biased against those with criminal records. Especially if felony records. Felonies are considered the most serious of offenses.

They will normally uncover these offenses via background checks. These are reports gleaned from criminal databases and court records. They list a person’s history of offenses.

Thanks to credit reporting limits, this history is limited. Depending on the state, most reports will only go back anywhere between 5-10 years.

Before we consider the hiring policies of Sears, let’s look at why they remain a good employer.

Why Work at Sears?

Despite the hardship the brand has suffered, it is still a prestigious one. Working here means you are employed by a highly respected company that was once an industry leader.

Management is well trained. They try hard to ensure employees enjoy a good work-life balance.

The company offers competitive salaries and good benefits. These include health care coverage that includes medical, dental, and vision plans.

They assist with financial planning through healthcare and dependent care flexible spending accounts. Retirement plans are supported by a 401(k) plan. Employees can also invest in stock purchase plans.

Sears also offers paid vacation time and has a referral bonus program.

Some offices offer extra benefits such as a fitness center, cafeteria, and daycare. There are also flexible work schedules available at some locations.

Hiring Process at Sears

Does Sears Hire a Felon

The company has a dedicated careers page. Here you will find listings of open positions. The list indicates the job title, department, location, and date posted.

You can also search for jobs by categories. Such as sales, customer service, call center, repair, and cashier. When you find a job you are interested in, just click on it.

It will open up to another page with more details. Here you find the scope, summary, and requirements for the job. It will also list the required and any preferred skills for the job.

If you feel you meet the criteria and want to apply, click on the ‘Apply’ button. You will be asked to sign up for an account to join the Talent Network.

To join you will need to provide certain details. This can include a valid email address, your location, the job title, and your names. You will also be requested to upload your resume.

Once you submit the form, you need only wait to be contacted. The HR team will review your details and resume for the job applied for.

If you fit their requirements, you will be contacted to arrange an interview. This will be an initial phone interview. Thereafter another in-person interview will be organized.

Depending on the position you are applying for, you may undergo several rounds of interviews. If approved, you will quickly get a conditional offer of employment.

Sears undertakes a criminal background check and drug screening of all new employees. It is mandatory and you will be requested to sign consent forms for this to be done.

Does Sears Hire Felons?

Yes. Sears has been known to hire felons. This is based on online testimonials from current and past employees.

They suggest that felons can be hired, but will depend on some factors. This can include the nature of the offense, how old the conviction, and if a repeat offender.

What you bring to the table also matters. Your skills and training will have to impress over and above other applicants to stand a chance. If they feel your talent is worth it, they will give you a chance.

This makes it critical to make a good impression on the interviewing manager. They will be the ones to have the greatest influence over whether you will be hired. So prove you truly are the best candidate for the job.

Tips to Getting Hired

Being honest about your history is vital. Because background checks are mandatory, these details will be revealed.

Make use of the in-person interview to disclose this information. You do not need to go into too much detail. Be brief but try to explain the circumstances without making excuses.

Emphasize the positive changes you have made in life. Focus on such accomplishments as going back to school or volunteering.

If you do have some helpful work experience or qualifications, be sure to indicate it. Also, try to match up these skills and qualifications to well-suited open positions. Do not feel bound to applying just for entry-level jobs.

Dress as per how other employees at your local Sears store are dressed. Adhering to their dress code should put you at ease during the interview. Be sure to be neat and clean.

When speaking be confident and polite. The retail business calls for people that can communicate effectively.

Take time to research the company. Look up current and trending news. Also, check out online resources that detail interview questions. Practice with a friend or family member on how to respond well to such questions.


Major companies like Sears can often face a downturn and still bounce back. Many are hesitant to apply here because of a lack of job security. However, when the economy has taken a nosedive, you need to grasp whatever straws.

Sears offers good pay and solid benefits. they are also now experiencing an upturn that is calling for fresh talent. If you are looking to join the retail sector, this is a good workplace to consider.

If you are a felon, try to make a positive impression. Create an appealing resume with strong references. Also, practice your interviewing skills so you can respond confidently and coherently to whatever questions.

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