Does Sheetz Run a Background Check?

When on the job search, you may be quite literally, on the lookout. While searching, you may have to stop and refuel. While stopping at a Sheetz you may wonder, does Sheetz run a background check?

Keep reading to learn more.

does sheetz run a background check


Sheetz is a family owned chain of  convenience stores that is based in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1952 by Bob Sheetz. By 1983, Bob and his brother Steve had opened 100 stores. This was just the beginning of an amazing period of growth and innovation for the company.

does sheetz run your background checks

Some of the first exciting new additions beyond self serve gas pumps included, touchscreen ordering, tobacco products, coffee and bakery products, and redefining the concept of quality food at a convenience store.

As previously mentioned, Sheetz is a family owned company. The leadership team consists of the Sheetz family tree Because this is the core of the company, this means that they stand by the idea of family in regards to their employees and the surrounding community.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what is offered when you get to a sheetz.

Offered at Sheetz

At Sheetz you can expect much more than the average convenience store experience.

The Food

At the convenient store, they go above and beyond what you are used to. You will not only find a large array of packaged snacks and treats, you can also get a fresh made meal on the go!

Whether you need breakfast, an afternoon pick me up, or a late night snack Sheetz has you covered. All of the items are available at all hours of the day!

The technology that the company uses is very advanced. The technology used to order is completely electronic. You can either order through a touchscreen at a Sheetz location or from online anywhere that you want. These meals are all made to order. For example, you can order various food items, from salads, to burgers, to delicious chicken wings!

does sheetz run background check

At all locations you will find grab and go snacks. They are constantly stocked with the best quick meals. Some of these grab and go meals consist of breakfast sandwiches, fruit cups, and sliced cheese with crackers.

You will also find delicious bakery items to grab when you are on the go, such as donuts and bagels. These items are constantly checked to ensure that they remain fresh. You will also find a self-serve espresso bar alongside the fresh bakery items.

Some locations offer tables where you can sit back and relax while you enjoy your purchase.

The Drinks

At Sheetz they pride themselves on having something for every customer. For instance they offer familiar sport drinks, juices, soda, tea, energy drinks, milk, water, and much more. Their coolers are always fully stocked, to refresh you when you need it!

does sheetz run the background check

At Sheetz locations they grind fresh coffee beans right there in-store. This is what sets the coffee apart from typical gas station coffee. They even offer an array of styles such as, a House Brew, Breakfast Blend, French Brew, Sumatra, & Decaf House Blend. You will also find a machine to make a hot cappuccino, hot chocolate, and many other self-serve coffee drinks.

At select locations you will find beer caves full of both domestic and craft beers. You will also find a selection wine available at these locations.

The Fuel

You can expect to be putting the best gasoline into your vehicle. The company uses state-of-the-art systems to insure that only the highest quality gasoline ends up in your tank. They monitor the quality of gas being 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

does sheetz run your background check

You will find three different grades of gasoline, as well as diesel fuel and K-1 kerosene.

Now that you know what the store has to offer, let’s talk about what it is like to be an employee at a Sheetz location.

Being an Employee

Since 1952, the family has made their employees and surrounding community feel as if they were a part of the kinship as well. In 2023, the company was awarded one of the best companies to work for. Sheetz knows that their employees are the most valuable asset therefore they do this by being invested in their people. They hire the best talent for each position and reward their employees for a job well done. This is true whether it’s in the distribution centers, corporate office, or one of the store locations

Employees at Sheetz receive wonderful perks and benefits.

Perks and Benefits

You can expect competitive pay with a flexible schedule. For instance, as a supervisor you get 3 days off a week with quarterly bonuses. The quarterly bonuses are based on performance and company profitability

If you start off in an entry level position, the company offers room for career development. This is extremely beneficial and encouraging, especially for someone who is just now entering back into the workforce.

does sheetz run your background checks

There are other benefits such as vacation and personal days, food and drink discounts, and potential education discounts.

If Sheetz sounds like a company you would like to work for, you can find the application directly online. A background check will take place. Keep reading to learn more.

Background Check

Companies such as Sheetz run a background check on their employees because they don’t want someone who will not succeed in the position. This is considered to be a bad hire. This is an employee who doesn’t produce quality work.

does sheetz run your background checks tips

An employer will receive access to things such as credit reports, driving records, educational records, and yes, your criminal offences. Through this information, the employer will be able to determine the character, financial fitness, and past mistakes.

This should not discourage you from applying. If you remain honest and positive throughout the process, there will be no surprises when your background check is returned.


The Sheetz company was founded in 1952 by Bob Sheetz. It is a family owned chain of convenience stores that is based in Altoona, Pennsylvania.

The company has been noticed as one of the best employers to work for. A background check will take place but this should not discourage you from applying. Sheetz will not automatically disqualify you from getting an interview.

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