Does SONIC Run Background Checks?

A job should be fun and rewarding. When applying for jobs, the applicant may want to ensure they are applying to a great company. This is especially true for those who are felons.

It can be difficult for felons who feel as though their record is on their forehead.

Sonic is a company that employees rave about working for. As an ex-convict you may wonder, does sonic run a background check?

Keep reading to learn more about background checks as well as more information about Sonic.

does sonic run background checks

Background Checks

First, let’s talk about what a background check is.

Employer’s run a background check to ensure that the company is making a sound hire. This means avoiding someone who may pose a possible threat to the establishment. A background check will help to confirm that a person is who they claim to be.

does sonic run background check

Once a background check has been done an employer will gain access to:

  • Credit reports
  • Driving records
  • Educational records
  • Criminal offenses

Some may feel intimidated by a background check.  This is especially true if they have bettered themselves from their past mistakes; or have been denied by other establishments based on being an ex-convict.

A background checks show all convictions and non-convictions. Running a check on yourself can show what the hiring manager will have access to.

Some establishments have more extensive checks than others. Some companies choose to drug test their employees.

Sonic, like many other companies, does run a background check. You can expect this as a part of the application and interview process.


does the sonic run background check

To ensure that all employees will benefit the company, Sonic does run a background check on applicants.

The fast food restaurant actually began as a walk up root beer stand. Customers could park their car on the lot and walk up to the stand to enjoy a delicious cup of root beer. The idea became a franchise which soon took on the name of Sonic.

Sonic is known for the delivery system of food by employees on roller skates. It provides a fun experience along with amazing food. Not all locations abide by this style anymore but as some locations the employees will still skate your food out to you!

Sonic began serving minimal products such as hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. As of 2020, there are over 3,000 Sonic locations across The United States. Their menu now offers a wide range of products, even a system that lets customers create their own soft drink with various flavors.

Sonic believes in the growth of their employees. They are excited to provide people with successful careers that can be extremely rewarding.

The company makes their application process stress free.

Application and Interview

does the sonic run the background check

The application process can begin online, directly on Sonic’s website. You can apply for multiple positions through their online application.

You must answer a few basic initial questions. These questions will be in regard to your work and education history. In regards to your work history, the application will ask how many years of work experience you have.

The application process will also ask you about your skills. This is your time to sine.  It is important to list all of your skills that will relate to the job that you are applying for. It can even be beneficial to list skills that won’t necessarily relate to the job.

The application will ask what location or locations you would like to apply at. Just because one location does not need you does not mean that another one doesn’t!

To assist you during your application there is a virtual assistant on Sonic’s website. The virtual assistant will help you through the whole process. It does this by asking you the questions like an actual person. It will lead with prompts that may assist you during the process.

It is beyond important to be honest on your whole application. You must be honest regarding your work and education history, your skill set, and of course, your criminal history.

Sonic appreciates applicants that have valuable skills and experience. As a company, Sonic has certain team values: “Respect, Relationships, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Surprise & Delight, and Fun.”

Sonic is not a part of the Ban the Box Movement. This movement helps dominate the stigma around felons. This does not mean that the company will not hire felons.

There are no existing rules that state that an applicant will be dismissed due to having a criminal history.

Positions at Sonic

Sonic takes pride in the fact that as a company, they have growing careers. This means that most managers at Sonic began as a cook or as a part of the drive-in crew.

Let’s go over a few of the entry-level positions.

does the sonic run the background checks


Being a part of the drive-in crew requires you to be a good communicator. It also requires you to work at a quick pace.

As a part of the drive-in crew, you would not only take orders but you would also deliver the orders to the customers. You must deliver the correct order to every guest in a positive manner.

There are flexible hours offered as well as competitive wages. You will receive employee discounts as well as shift meals in these positions. There are other benefits that an employee may be eligible for in this position.

Management Team

As previously mentioned, being a manager at Sonic is a potential for any employee who is willing to work for it. You can, of course, be hired in as a manager.

A manager at Sonic will oversee everything that goes on at that specific location. This position requires a large sense of authority. You must also be able to take proper control over all situations.

In this position you will dedicate your time to assuring that the restaurant is running properly.

There are many benefits that a manager will be eligible to receive. These include assistance in medical, dental, and vision benefits.

Sonic is also a part of a system known as Inspire Brands. Other franchises that are a part of this system are Arby’s and Jimmy John’s.

Inspire Brands

This is an organization that strives to make it easier for those applying for jobs in the restaurant industry. On the Inspire Brands website you can find many helpful tips.

The website provides helpful information such as what to wear to your Sonic interview and information regarding what to expect once you receive a job.

Various restaurants are owned by their parent company, Inspire Brands. Another well-known restaurant that is a part of Inspire Brands is Buffalo Wild Wings.


As of 2020, there are over 3,000 Sonic locations across The United States. There are plenty of job opportunities offered through the company.

Sonic does run a background check. Luckily, the company is very felon friendly.

Throughout the application process it is important to be completely honest.

If a job at Sonic does not interest you, there are many other restaurants that are felon friendly as well.

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