Does Starbucks Hire Felons?

Starbucks is a multinational company with plenty of opportunities for job seekers. They currently operate over 15,000 locations in the US alone. They also have almost 200,000 on their payroll in this country.

Their popular storefronts do make use of many staff. However, they also have headquarters, support facilities, roasters, warehouses, and distribution centers. All these locations and departments require a wide range of skillful workers to operate.

The company is also renowned for its great work culture. They focus on nurturing and rewarding local talent. The excellent quality of customer service speaks to how well they choose and train staff.

With these positive figures and job environment you might be wondering:

Does Starbucks hire felons? Does Starbucks hire sex offenders?

Does Starbucks Hire Felons?It is already established that felons have a hard time getting back to normal life. This often begins with much rejection on the job hiring front. This makes identifying viable employers so important.

Being able to secure a decent job makes reintegration back into society easier. It also eases tensions with parole officers who want their parolees busy working.

So when the odds are stacked against you, how do you manage to find a decent job?

For many felons, revealing the truth of their past is challenging. However, background checks are standard operating practice when applying for a job. This means little chance of getting away with such a secret.

Thankfully, many companies are willing to hire felons. It is ideal to focus on these as they offer the best chance of employment. The bigger the company, the wider the range of work opportunities you can find placement in.

Keep reading ahead to find out if Starbucks qualifies as such a viable employer.

Does Starbucks Hire Convicted Felons?

Being a convicted felon or sex offender does not mean denial of the chance to make a decent living. It just means you will have to work smarter to achieve your goals.

In answer to the question ‘Does Starbucks hire convicted felons?’, the answer is yes they do. As mentioned, the company focuses on talent and not on criminal history.

The company offers good salaries, healthcare benefits, and work culture. They, therefore, attract numerous applicants for every job on offer. They do not disqualify applicants based on criminal convictions.

A simple online search should provide testimonials from many who have previously and are currently employees. And this is after having been convicted and served their time.

How Does Starbucks Help Felons?

The company has signed on to the Fair Chance Business Pledge. This initiative calls for equal opportunity hiring. It seeks to end discriminatory practices against felons looking for jobs.

How Does Starbucks Help Felons?It also calls for a fight to ban the box. This refers to the box over 90% of job applicants have to tick. It questions if an applicant has a criminal record.

This coupled with job training make Starbucks a great employer of choice to pursue. Not only do they hire felons, but they also support legislation to make job-seeking fairer.

The consensus is that they do not question criminal records in the initial hiring stages. This means you do not have to feel uncomfortable or nervous about filling a job application.

They, however, run background checks. This typically comes after the issuing of a conditional letter of employment. This is in turn after an interview process during which you will need to give consent for the background check.

A previous statement issued by the company confirms that consideration is given to all felon applications on a case to case basis.

Applicants are mostly judged based on their proficiencies and potential. However, even without certain skills, the company does provide training. Adopting certain strategies can be a big help in securing these jobs.

More on this later.

Let us first look at the particular issues that can affect your chances of getting hired by Starbucks. And later, how you can mitigate them.

Factors That May Affect Getting Hired at Starbucks If You Are an Ex-Felon


Different states have different legislation, even when it comes to the same offenses. What may be a misdemeanor here could be a felony elsewhere. The penalties can also vary greatly.

So why should this matter?

Because Starbucks has a presence in multiple states, they will have to consider state law. Consideration goes towards how severely the state punishes an offense.

For instance, with sexual offenses, many states place restrictions on proximity to schools for felons. If the store you intend to apply for a job is near a school, it may disqualify you. Some stores may even have minors as employees, further restricting options.

Generally speaking, local culture may also have some impact. Some cities and states are more liberal when it comes to felons looking for jobs.

This may override even the strictest company policies. You may need to factor in local attitudes when choosing where to apply for a job.

Nature and Severity of Offense

Certain offenses can make it risky for a business such as Starbucks to hire you. Many of the positions require interaction with customers at storefronts. As such they will want people that are personable and courteous.

Those with offenses on record that include violence may not be found ideal for such posts. Liability issues are a concern where you interact with customers and colleagues. Customer experience has also been key to their success so manners matter a lot.

However, this is on a case to case basis. Explaining the circumstances surrounding your conviction during your interview may help. Any steps you can describe to better yourself may also be helpful.

Starbucks does hold some valuable stock items at stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. This may make theft convictions also to be of concern.

You should expect that with repeated convictions there is more risk attached. First-time offenders may face a better chance of having their conviction overlooked.

Lack of Work History

Factors That May Affect Getting Hired at StarbucksMany felons convicted in their youth have little or no work experience. This can be a problem when the vacancies being filled require someone with experience.

How should you handle this challenge? Read on.

Luckily, Starbucks does offer job training, especially for entry-level positions. You may need to accept such positions to get your foot in the door. This can be difficult for older felons but may be the best way to get a fresh start.

If you do have a good work history before the conviction, you stand a better chance. Try to get references that can attest to this in support of your application.

Even for those without criminal records, this problem can still occur. Take advantage of the interview to make clear your commitment. Let them know your willingness to learn and how you have changed since your criminal past.


This is a general rule of thumb. Do not hide your criminal past. While you should not advertise it, prepare to answer honestly if asked.

Because of the negative repercussions of having a criminal record, a felon may want to lie. As said, background checks will out you so you would rather tell the truth.

What can you do when you cannot hide a criminal past?

Describing how you have changed can give a more positive spin. Explaining the circumstances of the crime may also work favorably. For a better outcome, try to make a good connection with the interviewer.

What Types of Jobs Can a Felon Do at Starbucks?

Now you may be wondering what kind of work you can find available at Starbucks. As mentioned, the company has a variety of facilities. This typically means a wide range of jobs is available.

From the warehouses to storefronts, many positions continually need filling. At the retail level, you will likely find entry-level jobs like dishwasher and barista available.

What Types of Jobs Can a Felon Do at Starbucks?In the manufacturing and distribution plants and centers, there are also more opportunities. Technician and machine operator positions may be available.

Corporate level jobs in departments like IT, accounting, and legal are also worth pursuing. There is a strong emphasis on developing the talent pool.

Even without formal training, but with strong potential you may find something here. In fact, the company offers tuition coverage opportunities. This is for those wanting to pursue first-time degrees with conditions.

Being a professional outfit you can easily peruse the range of jobs available online. Their company website is easily accessible and navigable.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at Starbucks

With a good strategy in mind you better your chances of securing employment. Here are a few tips that can help get you that much-needed job at a great workplace.

Be Reasonable

When applying for jobs, focus on those you stand the best chance of getting an interview. If you have little work experience, stick to entry-level jobs. You can build up to more senior positions with time.

State that you are willing to take up any available positions. They have a lot of nightshift vacancies that could be your best bet.

If you have some experience and training you may qualify for higher-level jobs. Focus on jobs that make for the best fit with your CV.

Make The Right Impression

The interview process will be the most important step in determining if you get a job. You need to ensure you dress to impress.

Starbucks does have a dress code, so show that you can fit in. They have a look book for this that you can refer to.

Manners Maketh the Man

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at StarbucksBesides looking good, be sure to be on your best behavior. From how you greet the interviewer to asking questions about company benefits, it all matters. Ensure you engage in an open and friendly fashion, traits that they look for, especially in front line positions.

This will be a reflection of how you are likely to treat customers and workmates. Ensuring a positive interaction should work in your favor.

Explain Your Resume

If there are big gaps in your resume due to incarceration, get ready to explain this. As said, you need to be truthful about any criminal records. Even with serious offenses, you can try to demonstrate the changes you have made. You do not have to delve too deep into this, but do be honest.

Avoid Drugs

Depending on location, you may receive an order to undergo a drug test. It may be a part of your conditional employment offer. This can occur before hiring, and randomly thereafter.

You may even wonder – does Starbucks warehouse drug test? They reserve the right to do so, though it is not a frequent occurrence.

Failing such a test can definitely affect your chances of getting hired. Try to stay clean as your livelihood literally depends on it. Ensure at least 10 days before the test for any drugs to work their way out of your system.


Finding stable employment is important for any felon. Without a job that offers a decent living, many may end up re-offending. This is bad not just for the felon, but also for society in general.

Thanks to progressive thinking employers like Starbucks, many have the chance to secure that stability. Try to apply the tips to getting hired above and you stand a reasonable chance of qualifying.

Having said that it is a good idea to come prepared for the worst. Sometimes the position you are applying for will simply have better candidates. That means someone else may end up being selected.

Do not take this personally or give up. Do not put all your eggs in one Starbucks basket. Be targeted but still apply widely to enhance your chances.

There are other large and even small businesses that are willing to give an ex-con a chance. Be kind to yourself even in the face of failure but keep on pushing forward.

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