Does Steak N Shake Hire Felons?

The fast-food industry gets a lot of bad publicity due to health concerns. Many Americans prefer the convenience and cheap cost of these meals. They can quickly grab something hot and tasty while on the go.

However, despite the poor nutrient value in this food, the industry does provide a major benefit. It is one of the biggest employers in the economy. The restaurants are in constant need of employees to cook, clean, and serve.

For felons, it can be a good place to help make ends meet. So, does Steak N Shake hire felons?

does steak n shake hire felons

This is one of the biggest fast-food restaurant chains in the U.S. As the name suggests, it specializes in premium burgers and milkshakes.  Many of their locations offer 24/7 service, meaning plenty of shifts to be filled.

Not to mention their over 600 locations spread across the U.S., Europe, and West Asia.

But why would anyone consider working here?

Why Work Here?

As a highly popular chain restaurant with a classic American menu, it has plenty of loyal customers. That is good news for employees as consistent patronage means plenty of work. And that means a reliable paycheck.

Felons will appreciate knowing they can keep expecting a paycheck as long as they do their job. That means being better able to pay your bills.

Even those on the lower end like hourly associates get employee meals. This means being able to save some extra cash that would have gone to the food budget.

does steak n shake hire felon

Another benefit is that this industry has a very low threshold. You do not even need to have a high school diploma. You should however be able to read and write. Math skills are also important, especially for jobs like a cashier.

Depending on location, you may find plenty of opportunity for growth. If you are good at your job, you will likely end up training others. And climb up the career ladder.

The flexible scheduling is also appreciable. For felons hoping to supplement other incomes or study, this can be a good option. With many locations operating 24/7, there is much room for maneuvering.

Those that work shifts above 30 hours a week qualify for better benefits. this can include health insurance and retirement plans.

So how does one join this workforce?

Applying for A Job

does steak shake hire felon

Like many franchise restaurants, you can check with outlets to apply for low-level positions. They often hire for positions like hourly associates this way. The hiring decision often lies with the location manager.

Otherwise, you can apply via their careers page on their official website. Here you can look up a listing of all open positions. This is for both associates and managers.

You can also use the search functions to look up jobs according to category or location. This can help in narrowing down choices you are best qualified for. Or, that are in your vicinity.

Once you identify a position you are interested in, click through. You will be taken to a page detailing the job functions and requirements.

If you meet these requirements, then you can click to apply. This will take you through an online registration process.

It may take as much as 2 weeks to get a response to your application. If acceptable, they will call to set up an interview.

You will likely be interviewed by the location manager. Since this is a franchise, the location managers are typically the ones to decide on their employees.

So the decision to hire may be made immediately or made subject to a background check.

So what does this mean for felons looking for jobs here?

Are Felons Hired?

does steak shake hire felons

According to job sites like, some locations do perform background checks. And, they also hire felons. Some testimonials however suggest that this may be subject to certain conditions.

It often depends on such factors as the severity of the crime and how long since conviction or release. The general consensus is that less severe felonies and misdemeanors are not a barrier.

This may be due to the high demand for fast-food workers. This industry does tend to have a high employee turnover rate. So the bar may be set lower to allow for hiring.

So as long as you are capable of doing the job, they may not be so stringent.

It is also noteworthy that franchise locations tend to leave hiring decisions to the managers. Steak N Shake does make clear that franchisees are independent business owners. Thus, they make their own hiring decisions.

This means that what may apply at one location may not be the same elsewhere.

State laws may also apply. This means that where there are reporting limits, they may not be able to factor in older crimes.


This is an easily recognized brand in the chain restaurant business and a franchise. Individual locations are owned by independent business owners. And hiring decisions are left to them.

So if applying for a job here, the location manager is who you have to make an impression on. The more customers they have and fewer employees, the better your chances.

Demonstrating a good work ethic is helpful. They will want to hire someone reliable and flexible. Indicating you are willing to work whatever shifts may be encouraging.

It is also advisable, to be honest about any felonies. Since you cannot be sure if they will run a background check.

Due to demand, you may be hired immediately, but a later background check may eliminate you. If you however are forthcoming, the manager will know what to expect. And make a hiring decision that will stick.

Be polite, enthusiastic, and truthful. Practice your interview skills with family or friends. Rehearse how you will tell your story without making excuses.

Most of these low-level jobs are simple to master and provide steady pay. They are worth the effort but demand that you be forthcoming.

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