Does Subway Run Background Checks?

Job hunting is harder when you have a criminal record. Many studies have shown that felons can be exceptional workers. In fact, in the military, they often outshine their peers.

Sadly, most other employers still take a dim view of those that have been convicted of crimes. Many only get breaks when it comes to low-level retail jobs. These are at megastores like Walmart and fast food joints like Burger King.

Here we will consider the case of Subway. We will seek to answer the question, does Subway run background checks?

does subway run background checks

This fast-food restaurant specializes in submarine sandwiches. It has close to 24,000 locations in the U.S. alone. Its popularity and widespread presence thus mean plenty of opportunities for those in need.

But why work here at all?

Why Work at Subway?

does subway run background check

Like most fast-food jobs, the pay is not high, but it is a regular paycheck. On the upside, if you are at a busy location, part of your pay may be commission based. This means the higher the sales, the more income you make.

Employees at locations also get to enjoy free meals, which can be cost-saving for many. Because many of the restaurants are open for long hours, there are flexible schedules available. This is especially helpful to those with obligations like school, child, and senior care.

The restaurants are chiefly staffed by subway artists. These are the employees that assemble the sandwiches and serve other food and drink items. This is an entry-level position.

You do not need to have any special training or experience. If you secure the job, Subway will train you on how to become a subway artist.

Being able to secure a job without prior skills or experience is great. Particularly for those that have out of the job market for long.

Some locations also offer up to two weeks of paid vacation. Some of these benefits may vary depending on location. Remember that Subway is a franchise business. So franchisee owners may slightly differ in how they choose to remunerate staff.

Application Process at Subway

does subway run the background check

Like most big businesses, Subway has a careers page on its website. Here you can choose to explore jobs at either their headquarters or at franchisee restaurants. Here we will focus on the restaurant jobs.

Once you click on this, it takes you to another page where are presented with a map. You can input an address or store number. Or, you can use the map to narrow down to a desired locale.

A list of store locations in that vicinity will populate below. To check the open positions, you will need to register an email account. This will lead to an online application that you will need to fill and submit.

There is a lot of information you will be asked for. This includes names, addresses, phone number, age, schedule availability, skills, work history, and references.

However, since the restaurants are franchises, the hiring decisions are up to the owners. So you can visit a restaurant to enquire about open positions and apply on-site.

This can be a good way to apply directly to a branch you prefer. However, to increase your chances of success an online application would be better. You can easily apply to multiple locations at a go.

Does Subway Run Background Checks?

Because hiring decisions are left to franchisee owners, the answer to this may not be consistent. Some will run background checks. Especially to disqualify those with sexual, violent, and theft convictions.

Others are however small business owners who may consider this an unnecessary expense. There is no way to accurately tell which locations do run background checks and those that do not.

However, in keeping with state laws, if a background check is needed, consent will be sought. Credit reporting agencies also require this. It is a document that you sign confirming that you permit such probing.

Know that some locations may opt to run a background check and request a drug test.

Tips to Getting Hired

does subway run the background checks

Honesty is vital. If you do not know if a background check will be run, being forthcoming may be best.

Since most hiring decisions are made at the interview stage, use this one-on-one opportunity. Explain the circumstances without going into too much detail. Avoid giving excuses and focus on the positive changes you have made since.

Since the locations are local, see if you can find an upstanding community member to be your reference. Hopefully, someone that knows the owner. They can give you a leg up despite the bad history.

Also, be sure to present yourself well. Dress neatly and speak politely. Be confident and show some enthusiasm for the job and franchise.

Show up for your interview on time and carry along a copy of your resume. Be sure to have reasons in mind why you should be hired. This is a common interview question.


Subway is a good employer for anyone without job skills and experience. You can make some decent pay and enjoy free meals and drinks.

The flexible schedules also mean you can squeeze in school or other responsibilities. While not career-defining, a job here can be a good stepping stone to something better.

If you manage to secure a job, do make an effort to be a diligent worker. You will need a good reference from here later on when you decide to move on. You will want them to say positive things about your work ethic and attitude.

If you however qualify for a corporate position, then you get to enjoy more generous benefits and pay.

As a felon, you may be worried about the outcome of a background check. However, even if your application is rejected, do not despair. Many other career options welcome those with criminal pasts.

You can better your odds by applying to multiple positions across various organizations. Also, consider pursuing an expungement of your records. Do consult a lawyer to find out if your case can qualify for this relief.

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