Does T-Mobile Hire Felons?

Communications has grown to become a huge industry. T-Mobile is amongst the giants of this industry. It is the 3rd largest mobile carrier with over 100 million clients in the U.S.

It also has thousands of outlets where it sells phone plans, phones, and accessories. Overall it has about 52,000 employees. For any felon looking to join the telecom industry, this is a great employer to pursue.

But, does T-Mobile hire felons? this is a good question as it lets felons know their odds of getting hired.

does t mobile hire felons

Work is tough for many felons to secure. Many employers prefer to hire non-felons. This is due to liability issues that may cause harm to the company, its employees, or customers.

There is also the view that as hardened criminals, felons are not disciplined. They may have a problem obeying authority, which is a problem in any work situation.

Employers often discover this issue when running background checks. These are reports generated from research into criminal databases. They give employers insight into the criminal past of potential hires.

In most cases, the concern is about criminal convictions. However, in some jurisdictions, these reports can also include arrest records.

Let’s first consider the merits of working for T-Mobile.

Why Work at T-Mobile?

does t mobile hire felon

As a top provider in the wireless communication business, T-Mobile offers very competitive salaries. As such a large company, it also offers many career paths and opportunities for growth. Many that join choose not to move on thanks to the warm culture and good benefits.

When it comes to benefits, T-Mobile offers excellent healthcare coverage that includes medical, dental, and vision. It also offers wellness programs and flexible spending accounts.

These benefits are accessible to both full-time and part-time workers. There is also paid vacation time.

For employees that are still in school or returning, there is also plenty of support. T-Mobile offers full-tuition cover at 5 online universities. It also provides some reimbursement for several other schools.

Retirement planning is also support. T-Mobile offers employee 401(k) plans with company match. It also facilitates employee stock purchases.

Employees get to enjoy substantial discounts on a variety of merchandise sold by T-Mobile. The company is also dedicated to supporting families. From surrogacy to childcare, they offer wellness and financial support programs so employees enjoy a good quality of life.

With all these benefits who wouldn’t want to work here? So how does one sign up?

Hiring Process at T-Mobile

does t mobile hire a felon

T-Mobile has its own careers page. Here you can easily browse through openings to get an idea of open positions.

There are keyword and location search bars at the top of the page. You can narrow your focus using these. At a glance, the results will tell you the job title, location, department, and whether full or part-time.

Once you click through, you get more information on what the role entails. They also list responsibilities, the available training, and any skills and experience that is required.

The posting will also indicate the department, if travel is required, and other similar openings. If mass recruitment, the company updates regularly on the number of open positions left.

The page also offers a handy map so you can check on commuting.

Once you find a job that suits you, simply click on the “Apply Now” button. The site is well configured so you should be able to complete the application on either a computer or mobile. You should be able to do this within 10 minutes.

Some positions may require you to complete an assessment test. Allow for more time for this.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will be notified of a date for interviewing. Be patient as it can take up to 2 weeks to get a response.

Low-level jobs may only require one interview. More senior positions may require several. The interview portion may last anywhere between 1 week to 3 months.

When a decision is made, you will be notified. Sometimes they may like you but you are not the candidate for the job applied. In this case, they will invite you to apply for other positions.

Does T-Mobile Hire Felons?

does t mobile hire the felons

The company does list Philadelphia’s Fair Chance Hiring Law under their legal page. This notice details the Ban-the-Box law. This law requires employers to give job candidates a fair hearing before considering criminal history.

This means they go through the application and interview stages to get a conditional offer of employment. It is only thereafter that employers can run background checks and discover any issue.

While this may be the case in Philadelphia, it may not be the same in other states. Where Ban-the-Box is not law, some T-Mobile locations may run background checks as applications come in. This would allow them to weed out candidates early on.

It would also seem they adhere to state laws on reporting. Every state has a limit on how far back such reports should go. Most will limit background checks to the last 5-10 years.

So for felons with much older convictions, this can help. Check on your state’s credit reporting limits. Or run a background check on yourself to discover what a potential employer will find.

T-Mobile does run background checks. But they likely consider certain factors of the crime before making hiring decisions.

These can include the nature of the offense, how long ago it happened, and the bearing on the job. The company will also weigh this against your work history, character references, and rehabilitation efforts.


There few testaments to T-Mobile hiring felons. most seem to indicate credit reporting limits, so it may be wise to wait it out before considering a job here.

Another way to go might be to seek an expungement of your criminal record. Or a reduction in the charges. Some jurisdictions do knockdown felonies to misdemeanors if the offense was minor and not repeated.

Running a background check on yourself is also advisable. This will let you know what the company will discover. This way you can know whether to be forthcoming about your past or not.

When interviewing, make a note of the company’s interviewing tips on their website. T-Mobile advises updating your knowledge of the industry and company. They also inform you of the possibility of being put in role-play scenarios.

They will also want to know how you relate with others and overcome obstacles. Those applying for senior positions will be queried on their leadership style and how they intend to nurture teams.

Be sure to communicate effectively. Know that even if this does not work out, there are many other careers and felony friendly employers. Or, you could just start your own business.

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