Does Target Hire Felons? – Steps To Get A Job

Gainful employment is the aspiration of most people. We want to be earning enough that we can afford both the necessities and comforts of life. Ideally, everyone would be able to pursue whatever career they want and get well paid for it.

The reality is however grimmer. Even for those with clean records, it can be tough to find a job you love. For felons, the goal is often to do anything that will put food on the table.

As the eighth largest retailer in the U.S., it is not surprising that many would wonder: Does target hire felons? With over 1800 stores in North America and 350,000 employees, there are many opportunities to be had at Target.

Does Target Hire Felons

Retail shopping, coupled with deliveries has become big business. Consumers like the convenience of being able to find everything they want under one roof or platform.

The companies that offer these services offer a wide variety of job types. From sales to finance, logistics to legal, many departments are continually growing.

This makes Target a great potential employer for felons. A company this big not only has many vacancies but also opportunities for career growth.

It is also known to offer great benefits. These include medical cover, 401k plans, education assistance, and adoption assistance reimbursement. There are also full and part-time jobs, allowing for greater flexibility over your schedule.

For felons without work experience, Target is still an option. They have great training programs. They happily accept inexperienced candidates as long as they have the aptitude and attitude for the job.

Now that you have some background on the company and its benefits, let’s consider our outstanding question.

Does TARGET Hire Felons?

The consensus seems to be yes. There are multiple testimonials on many sites that confirm felons are indeed hired. While it is not a guarantee for every felon, Target does seem to give people second chances.

In line with the Ban-the-Box and Fair Chance Business Pledge, Target removed the previous conviction question when recruiting. While the company does indeed carry out background checks, this is only done as part of a conditional job offer.

If a candidate proves themselves the best qualified for the job, they stand a decent chance of securing it.

Like many other companies, Target considers many factors before making a final hiring decision. This may include aptitude, personality, type of crime committed, time since release, and references.

Target has made it clear they consider the safety of their team members and customers to be vital. Therefore, any crimes that would suggest a risk are likely to disqualify a candidate.

Some felons may have managed to have their records expunged or sealed. In such cases, Target confirms they need not make any disclosures.

As such, disclosure is important for those whose records are still accessible. During the interview, a candidate should come clean and explain the circumstances of their conviction. It also provides a chance to demonstrate the changes made since to become a better person.

Getting your foot through the door is easier with an employer like Target. Depending on how well you state your case, you stand a good chance of securing a job.

Because a background check will reveal the truth, it is necessary, to be honest. Failure to state the truth will likely work against you when the report is generated.

What Type of Job Can a Felon Do at TARGET?

Does Target Hire Felons Type

As said, Target is a huge company with many job opportunities on offer. Entry-level jobs are however the most likely for felons. This is because they do not require any experience or training.

As the company continues to grow its outlets and delivery service, they have an increased demand for new employees. Areas such as distribution centers and in-store associates are likely to have plenty of vacancies. Some of the most advertised positions at this level include:

  • Cashier
  • Cart attendant
  • Maintenance mechanic
  • Beauty consultant
  • Style consultant
  • Tech consultant
  • Food service attendant
  • Overnight inbound (stocking)
  • Fulfillment expert
  • Starbucks barista

At this level, you may find that your duties are not necessarily restricted. Your services may be called upon in different departments depending on demand. One week you are mostly stocking shelves, and the next you are advising clients on make-up choices. This is why Target prefers people who show enthusiasm and are adaptable.

A lot of these jobs are also physically demanding. Many roles in stores and distribution centers call for an ability to move up and down a ladder. You may also be required to be able to carry boxes of a certain weight.

This does not, however, disqualify those with disabilities. You can consult with the company if you need assistance with completing your application.

How to Apply

Target has its own career webpage that you can find from its official website. Here you can customize your search for positions based on related keyword and location search. You can even set up an alert system based on the same and receive notifications in your email.

Target also shares its listings of available positions on job sites like Glassdoor and Monster. They will link you back to the Target site where you will need to create an account to apply.

You can also pick up a job application form at any Target store or warehouse. We, however, recommend the online option for its easier browsing of available vacancies. Sending in your application is also easier and less wasteful.

Complete the online application and upload your resume. If you are considered a worthwhile candidate, you should be called to interview. This face to face interview is your chance to mention your criminal history and your rehabilitation.

If the interview goes well, you are offered a conditional offer of employment. You will need to sign the necessary authorizations for a background check to be carried out.

You will be provided the link to the third party website, Third Advantage, that will conduct the check. At this time, you can explain the circumstances surrounding your conviction and any mitigating factors.

Stores cannot override the recommendation of this background checker. If they recommend you not be hired, chances are your offer will be rescinded.

According to details provided by some that have worked in HR at Target, it all depends on the kind of felony.

In most instances, assault, sex crimes, and robbery are a definite no. Those with theft and fraud are also unlikely to pass. DUI and drug possession charges are more leniently considered.

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at TARGET

Does Target Hire Felons Step

As mentioned, there is no assurance that you will get a job at Target. Sometimes competition is high, while other times the nature of your crimes will work against you. If the crime or misdemeanor were not that serious, there are ways you can up the ante.

Consider Your Offence

Think of the values that Target represents. They place a lot of emphasis on being family-friendly, teamwork and a safe work environment. Any offense that contradicts this is not a good match for this employer.

A criminal history that includes offenses that are violent, sexual, or involve theft or damage to property are out. Being recently released does not provide much room to prove you have changed. You need to build up a decent work history that establishes your work ethic and reliability.

Prep for Your Interview

Put together a decent formal outfit. Even if you end up spending your days in a polo shirt, you need to make a good first impression during interviews.

Find a friend to practice your interviewing skills. Speak respectfully and clearly. Look up common interview questions asked at Target and practice your responses.

Also, practice how you will disclose your criminal past and give an explanation. Acknowledge your mistakes but place more focus on how you have turned your life around.

Apply For What Is Available

Sometimes the majority of entry-level positions are seasonal. Periods such as Black Friday and Christmas place extra pressure on stores and distribution. This can be a good time to apply for a job as retailers will be desperate for extra hands.

Still, be honest about your criminal history. As said, this will demonstrate your integrity. Seasonal jobs can also be a stepping stone towards a permanent position later.

Work well and leave a favorable impression. When you later apply for a permanent position they will already have a positive record of your conduct and potential.

Get Your Record Expunged Or Sealed

Steps That Will Help You Get Hired at UPS

Target uses a third-party firm to carry out its background checks. They only access what is publicly available.

Target has also explicitly stated that if criminal records have been sealed or expunged, disclosure is not required. If you are worried about being overlooked because of criminal history, consult a lawyer.

They should be able to tell if you qualify for this kind of relief. The terms that apply will vary from state to state.

Does Target Run a Background Check?

As confirmed earlier, the answer is yes. Standard background checks are carried out on all employees when hiring. Once you pass the initial interview stages, you will get a conditional employment offer.

This means your employment hinges on passing the background check.

This does not mean you should have a lean record. It does, however, mean that what you disclose should tally with the results. Anything new may suggest you were trying to hide something.

If your state limits how far back a background check may go, you may be in luck if an older felon. Some states, like California and Nevada, do not divulge criminal records older than seven years. If your history has aged out, you may not even need to make any disclosure about it.

Do note that even if you make full disclosure, there is no assurance of hiring. The type and severity of crime may be deemed too much a risk. You simply have to hope for the best.

Anecdotal evidence suggests even the best-qualified candidates do not always win the prize.

When it comes to the question of: does Target drug test, the policy is not clear. Some that reportedly received conditional offers of employment waited on just the results of their background check.

Others have indicated that they were required to perform a drug test after clearing the background check stage. It seems like drug tests may be necessary for all positions. Make an effort to stay off any drugs for a while to get past this stage.


In life, there are no guarantees. Target is well regarded for providing second chances to felons. However, not all felons are treated the same.

Certain factors are considered as the type of crime, severity of the offense and how long since release. Offenses like theft and armed robbery are a no-go zone.

Sex crimes will also conflict with the family-friendly persona the company cultivates. This also answers the question: does Target hire sex offenders? No, they don’t.

This general rule of thumb applies whether the crimes were felonies or misdemeanors. Either way, nature, and severity will play a part in hiring decisions.

When applying for any job, you need to take a critical look at yourself and your past. While you may have the traits and drive to succeed at Target, your earlier actions may have some bearing.

This does not mean you should give up. The interviewer and background checkers are all humans. Sometimes they may be more compassionate than you think.

Send in your applications when most opportune and do not place all your eggs in a single basket. Look up other felony friendly employers and boost your chances of success.

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